Should Lamar quit reality TV?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Sandra - 7 years ago

    Khloe and Lamar seem to make a perfect match. I hope that they don't let all of the outside influences ruin their relationship!! Kris needs to stay out of their relationship, if indeed she is interfering! Good luck to both of them!

  • Tim - 7 years ago

    Lamar brother, quit the show if it is causing stress in your marriage and career. I do like watching Khloe and you on television but would rather you be happy and play better basketball. Your family comes first and do not let her parents control your marriage. I feel you two have a great thing together and would be awful if it was to end because of some outside source. Again, I love the show when you two are happy, don't really care about the drama. I would not tune in if the show was all about you two fussing and arguing all the time. I think you are a good dude, plus you have a gorgeous and caring wife. Leave that damn show alone, if it is causing problems because you will regret losing Khloe. She is not like her sisters, she stands out. She is so much like my wife and I told my wife, if something happens to her (Lord don't let nothing happen to my wife) and you leave Khloe, I coming to LA to try and date her. So again my brother, do what is right. Also, be a man and stand up to her family and let them know what it is. Later!

  • MLH - 7 years ago

    Look Khloe, your mom has her family, you are trying to start your. Do not let your mom come between you and Lamar. You love Lamar and Lamar love you. Lamar is a strong man and you should repect that. Let this man conquer his goal, watch his back, stay in his ear, telling him, 'I am with you all the way, I will alway be there to protect your surrounding at all time'. Khloe, what I like about you is your strength. You are a woman and a lady. Every man wish they could fine a woman like you. If you would just let him do his on thing at this moment everything will work out for you two. Let this man do what he was doing when you first layed eyes on him. Khloe, this man is your soul mate, and you are his soul mate. Fight, fight for this married. I watch your show all the time and I see something I haven't seen in a long time, and this is true love. YES KHLOE, YOU ARE PART OF THIS THING THAT MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND, AND THAT IS GOD LOVE.

  • Jay - 7 years ago

    This Is insane!!! Kris leave them alone... they are the perfect couple and great to watch when they are happy but for heaven sakes.. They are a couple.. Let them draw the line in their privacy.. Not you. Khloe is amazing and would have a show with or without Lamar but it just so happens they slot well together. They are a great team! Back off.. Let them be.. Some things us viewers need to see and some things we don't!!! She has a right to happiness just as much as the next.. Don't chase Lamar away.. Khloe wont thank you and neither will the viewers!!!! and for the record I am a huge Kardashian fan.. But it's the love and fun in the family that makes it worth watching.. The girls growing.. Babies being born.. The fact your all individuals and don't conform to society.. You are who you are!! Please Khloe stick by your man, meet him half way... Your happier with him than without.. His apart of you. Clearly he loves you because he has compromised so much.... Time for you too do some compromising :).. xx

  • Gwendolyn Walker - 7 years ago

    They are duch a perfect match and ot would be a shame to riss that for reality TV

  • Gwendolyn Walker - 7 years ago

    They are duch a perfect match and ot would be a shame to riss that for reality TV

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