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  • Miss Krysable - 8 years ago

    Whyyyyyyy was this the only poll I voted on this week? My brain was like "Poll on March Madness, NEXT" "Poll on some video game...whateverrr" "Poll on porn: thats more like it, my opinion needs to be expressed here. My opinion on the glory hole porn, if thats what youre into then UpTop, my official stance was neutral so I picked the last option. Now if you're going to partake in a real glory hole situation, use protection please people whether its a blow job or penetration these are strangers and have stranger germs that is all.

    Oh yeah and FYI not that it really matters I deactivated my sokrysable twitter account. The whole purpose of that account was to express my sexual frustration, and I'm not sexually frustrated any more so...yeah the wild kitty is domesticated feline now...idk...whatever.

    Oh yeah! Rod go back to the feedback show from the Saturday before last you missed the comment I posted. See now Chill doesn't even know that I appreciate her.

    Off to Zumba, class and maybe some bow chicka wow wow.

    Love you guys TTYL,

    Miss Krysable

  • jofoto - 8 years ago

    jus make sure its the right sex on the other side of the hole. are all lips and mouths the same when u cant see them only feel them?

  • Tim - 8 years ago

    That glory hole stuff gives me the creeping willies.

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