Do You Think Rod And @RealAnge Will Get Back Together?

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Poll posted 8 years ago.


  • FreeWill - 7 years ago

    Nigga dont you already got a wife,

  • A Dub - 7 years ago

    Is it Real Ange or Real Love?!?!? Leave that crazy chick alone...

  • Classick - 7 years ago

    If you're gonna love, make sure it's BIG LOVE!

  • D Frank - 7 years ago

    Let her polygamy is illegal. I'm on team Karen not team Ange..........Karen whats wrong wit'em????

  • DH - 8 years ago

    Dog, I could swear, a while back you asked if Real Ange was a little crazy and I replied that she is a LOT of crazy.

    Remember how you feel about dudes who have crazy girlfriends?????
    Chicks with crazy boyfriends?????

    Sounds like somebody could end up with a crazy NET stalker if they ain't careful.

  • Tim Tebow - 8 years ago

    I thought you didn't care about people you aren't screwing?

  • tacosalad - 8 years ago

    Keep hope alive.

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