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  • John Wilkinson - 8 years ago

    On my 2ND Twitter, the one I have a 'lock' on, you came at me and I --accepted-- but, I see you are on my list of whom I FOLLOW. Don't see you on my -followers- list. YOU DON'T THINK, since I been RUNNING for Prez. job that perhaps --some people-- toss 'monkey wrenches' into the systems I work to bring up in straight? [[ ( : "personal"]] & YOUR SUBJECT I am so "dead" to it -ALL- I have, myself, a 2 1/2 FIELDS I'm 'expert' with. Plus, am quite -well rounded- also at the "picks" --experts-in-fields-- -thanks- -this is TALK- ( : (that is --smile-- ha, /ha!)

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