What Will The Mariners Do About Ichiro Beyond 2012

Posted 7 years.

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  • T Henry - 7 years ago

    Ichiro , as always, is silent and would not comment until end of the season. But he alters his stance to accomodate batting 3rd. Who knows If Figgie can last the season as leadoff or play a position on the field ( we do have a logjam, dont we?) . I have my feeling Ichiro knows this could be his last season in Seattle. Mr Yamauchi isnt attending any opening games in person and may b watching from his residence. There will b a position for Ichiro to work with Nintendo and at Goodwill events for him to b around MLB baseball nationwide and internationally.
    But as the season goes on, there may b a team like Texas Rangers who may need him in the Pennant run while we, the Mariners, are re-building with youth and veteran acquisition just as it was done back with Lou in the 90's. Thats where the Mariners should stay on its path.
    This will also give Ichiro a chance to b in the MLB World Series before he decides to retire or return to Japan for another round there.

    I just have to say "Domo arigatou gozai mashita , Ichiro-san"

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