How often do you pay for the e-books you get for your Kindle?


  • Cheryl Clarke - 12 years ago

    Sometimes I am in the mood for a biography about a person that interests me. I watch for my favorite authors knowing their track record. "Free" doesn't carry with it those thousand intangibles such as good editing and interesting characters we have come to expect in books in general. While some books may be free, the time to read them certainly is not.

  • miki - 12 years ago

    Many of the books I read on my Kindle Touch are by authors who are well known and their publishers set pricesa. I also follow the blogs which point me to new/unknown authors where their books range free - $3.00. It is rare that I have not paid something for a book. I also feel it is fair to pay for a book since the authors deserve payment for the hard work which goes into creating the book. It is a shame that the authors do not get a larger % for their e books, considering how much less is involved to produce them. Or that we as purchasers are charged less than for a paperback, which doesn't usually happen.

  • Lavonn - 12 years ago

    Free is good....however the books that interest me are not usually free.

  • jennifer cline - 12 years ago

    i like to read the latest books.i do read free books too but not alot .

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