Would You Feel Jealous About Dating An Actor / Actress on Spartacus?

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  • ProfessLCH - 8 years ago

    These ladies were fun and funny; this was my first exposure to them.

  • A Dub - 8 years ago

    Be a man about, grab your nuts and step out with pride with a 10 on your arm. If you're jealous in this situation you lack confidence and probably don't deserve to be with that caliber of woman anyway. Just because someone has seen the goods does not mean they’ve touched, tasted or felt how good it really is. And ultimately that’s all that SHOULD matter….

  • Anthony Tatum - 8 years ago

    That would be sweet. She could bring me home an outfit and I'd give her my "Trident" POW! Zing!

  • Derrick - 8 years ago

    HELL NO, I would not feel jealous about dating an actress that is on Spartacus. I'd tell everyone of my freinds that my woman is on Spartacus.

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