Should Patricia Velasquez have been fired from "Celebrity Apprentice"?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Shirl - 7 years ago

    Aubrey's goal is to win Celebrity Appentice and marry Donald's son. The girl has goals....and fire, according to Donald's daughter.....but they are not in any way related to her charity or making the world a better place-that is-except for Aubrey's world. It's all about Aubrey. She makes American women look really BAD. And please, get rid of that potty mouth Lisa who thinks she is just so much more intelligent than everyone else. Two cut throat bitches whose self-esteem is dependent on winning. I would rather have Diana and Patricia on my team any day. They are kind, strong, and yes-Lisa and Aubrey-intelligent women. And Aubrey-please get rid of those ridiculous phony lashes. Looks like you have a bit of an insecurity issue with them on. Sorry to see Patricia leave. We know who those bitches are going to bring to the table next week. Poor Diana. And Debbie, you really ought to keep your day job cuz you can't really sing any more.

  • Barbara - 7 years ago

    Aubrey needs to put away those crocodile tears. Her ideas are speaking for themselves. How many have you lost now? See what I mean. Enough..... Time to go.

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