OK people, this the final lap! Only a few games left - everything at stake! What's it gonna be? (Poll Closed)

  • No problem dude... the Majestic Club will be up to the standards - we will conquer every city left and go directly to Bundesliga!

  • OK, shit happens...No time to catch Greuther and the DFBs but we 're in for play-offs vs HSV! It will be a ball :-)

  • Man, it's tough... Still there are chances but ground lost and we have an extremely difficult schedule coming up... it will be a thrill until the end...

  • C'mon man, don't fucking play with my agony...with this team and with such performances? Get the fuck outta here...

  • Are you talkin to me? ARE YOU FUCKIN' TALKING TO ME???

Posted 7 years.