What Color on the SOOPER Skin Scale are You?! (Poll Closed)

  • Vanilla and worse - I glow in the dark!

  • Alabaster - the sun hates me!

  • Bisque - this sounds like a French entree!?

  • Buff - I hate the sun!

  • Ivory - like a statue, not the soap...

  • Warm Beige - Cheech is my hero!

  • Golden Tan - 4th setting on tanning beds

  • Latte - yummy!

  • Honey Beige - the SOOPER color!

  • Chestnut - Just like our future 46th president Rubio!

  • Mocha - Frappucinos are awesome...

  • Cocoa - Don't wear a hoodie at night.

  • Hazelnut - DEFINITELT don't wear a hoodie EVER.

  • Java - "My name is Speedy Gonzalez!"

  • Espresso - Why are these all named after caffeinated drinks?! racism!

  • Other

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  • Museum - 4 years ago

    Both kinds of Irish, both kinds of German here. Can a quarter Jew, who tans real well, be a white/Hispanic?

  • Ann - 5 years ago

    I don't match any of those colors; I don't fake tan or even real tan, and yet somehow I'm naturally as naranja as Tanning Bed Boehner. Does this mean if I shoot my attacker I can't be tried since I'm technically a food product?

  • mexilicious - 8 years ago

    where is the "cajeta" option? my mom always told me i was her super handsome hijo cajetita

  • Liz - 8 years ago

    That's the thing about us Hispanics/Latinos that Leftist Race-holes in the Media have not figured out:

  • Hakem - 8 years ago

    I'm like an albino's bare ass.

  • rebecca - 8 years ago

    sorry to say but I am at the top of the white list in skin color but my parentals are as Mexican as they come-nothing gringo about them! My dad is a green card carrying Mexican and mom is from Colorado where all those Trujillo-Garcia's live.

  • jefferson101 - 8 years ago

    Hey. I'm as white as bleached rice, under the clothing. But the parts I let get exposed to the sun generally tan really well. So do I qualify as a fake Hispanic if I grow a moustache and get about four inches shorter?

    For the record, I speak Spanish. I learned it in Spain, and was taught to talk with a massive Castillian accent. (My teachers thought it was "cute". Azzholes!) But does that and a good full body tan make me a "white Hispanic", if I have an Anglo or otherwise non-Hispanic last name? And if the victim needed shooting, does that matter?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Moxie - 8 years ago

    I don't have any Hispanic blood but I tan really well so I'm trying to pass for white Hispanic...learning a little Spanish (cruz, cruz, via diablo) and maybe eventually I can ditch the white altogether. I can dream, can't I?

  • Texanne - 8 years ago

    hey, Piper--you have an aunt Juanita? Me, too. Well, I used to have an aunt Juanita. She lived to be 88 years old, which is a lot. Three cheers for the Aunt Juanitas of the world.

  • Texanne - 8 years ago

    Thanks for the chuckles, Sooper!
    Man, do you know how dangerous it's going to be for every chubby Hispanic in Florida? Damn, this is all so stupid--but it's great cover for the BIG horrors going on.
    Rock on!

  • Lavendergirl - 8 years ago

    Ya'll watch this WILL get covered in the MSM as racist and how dare MM! But not the O'Bama camp selling hoodies and not a peep about the cracker t-shirt in either! This hypocrisy is getting SO OLD!!

  • Piper - 8 years ago

    dang mispelled her name Juanita

  • Piper - 8 years ago

    Hey mama was a Blue eyed, Blond haired chica, Jaunita Marie Sophia de La Garza de Hernandez, but mi Tio es Java!

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