Am I Crazy?

  • Ron B. aka Branded_APA - 8 years ago

    Cut the shit! You were watching an episode of Boondocks before you fell asleep!

  • Mudslinger - 8 years ago

    Oh ok. I see how it is my Bruh-tha. Now that shit done hit the fan, now we runnin back to the brothas that are ready, willing and battle tested.
    What happened to all of the goodwill built up by the reasonable negro agenda ... Its lying in the undeserved grave of a black child. Should we stop talking about blacketty black blak now? Niggas done got too comfortable and lazy, celebrating before we reach the finish line.

  • The collegiate black kid.. - 8 years ago

    I get it.. Sometimes we do take for granted the people who came before us and helped get to us to where we are.. good post rod.. very good post..

  • The official infuriated 55 year old white guy - 8 years ago

    I get that and I'm not even black

    Please don't tell us what conservative radio over there is saying, I really don't want to hear it

  • Keith Miller - 8 years ago

    "Cut the Shit Rod!!! Some of the realest shit you ever wrote Prime!

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