What is your outlook on women in STEM careers? (This poll is taken yearly [since 2012]; your responses will be tabulated for the current year's results)

  • Edward S Gilbert Jr - 6 years ago

    We need more women in STEM Careers! They are a lot more fun to work with, they dress nicely, they can bring a very valuable perspective that can sometimes be missed when not part of the Engineering Team! Working at Fidelity Investments in Boston, Mass. Working for Genetic Microsystems, Inc. designing DNA Microarrays which we were bought up my Affymetrix! More women are needed in STEM Careers!

  • Michael Lilly - 6 years ago

    Women still lag behind. There is no one answer as to why. There are a number of forces at work that affect women differently from men, both inside and outside the work place. External support for women in STEM via their friends and family still lags behind. That particularly affects completion rates for STEM degrees; not so much enrollment, but completion. Next (I worked with a woman who did her thesis on this subject) internally to an enterprise, a woman's biggest speed bump sometimes comes from other women sniping at her. Then there's the odd circumstance that some STEM positions are quite open to women; Veterinarian, nursing, lab technician, programmer, where others are unchanged from decades past; systems engineer, Architect, mechanical engineer, physical engineer.

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