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Nominate cities for BeerCity USA 2012 poll (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 6,701

  • Mark C - 11 years ago

    Another nod to Grand Rapids and West Michigan. It truly is a phenomenal place to get great beer!

  • Thirsty - 11 years ago

    WOW!!!Grand Rapids, way to go! Now I know where Bud is 'recycled'....

  • Kelli - 11 years ago

    So is Grand Rapids on the ballot?!!!

  • Newbert - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids, MI is also home to the world's first Master Cicerone, Andrew Van Til.

  • Johnny - 11 years ago

    Some of the cities on this list baffle me:

    Charlotte with so many votes??
    DFW? - well I suppose
    Chico, CA?

    Happy to see GR with so many votes. Shocked that Atlanta didn't receive more (especially if Athens is lumped in). 26 votes for an area with Sweetwater, Terrapin, Atlanta Brewing, Max Lager, Jailhouse and quite a few more. Sweetwater and Terrapin though are pretty big (recently went to Lakefront in Milwaukee, which is great, but Sweetwater is like 6x the size, and notably good).

    Then I see so many votes and comments for Tampa...I had no idea!! I'm from Jacksonville, which has had a small scene for a while, but which has exploded with several breweries in the last 5 years, and it's not even on the list...If there is going to be a beer scene in FL, then Tampa and Jacksonville are where it's going to be at, but I'll be rooting for my hometown. On 2 recent visits to Jax I really got to experience the brew scene, and it's concentrated. Nobody in the town drinks beer not brewed locally, and all restaurants and bars serve it, and all of the breweries are in old, dense commercial districts so that they also serve as part of the local neighborhood bar scenes. It's done really well for a city that can't seem to do much well at all. The beer scene has gotten to be large enough where it's a rivalry between Riverside breweries that are more popular intown and beach breweries, which are more popular at the beach (but people and establishments really don't limit themselves).

  • Sue Weaver - 11 years ago

    Madison, Wisconsin is awash with great local beers and fantastic taverns, bars and pubs to enjoy them in. Madison is also home to the Great Taste of the Midwest, a festival that sells out damn near immediately every year because it's so amazing. The local homebrew movement is strong. Folks here appreciate good beer! How else do you think we get through the winter?

  • leah mcgrath - 11 years ago

    I saw Asheville mentioned in the article but it's not on the ballot?

  • James Swann - 11 years ago

    If you haven't yet been to the Phoenix area you haven't seen a beer scene truly Exploding! Get here now and say you were here in the beginning. It's amazing to watch this community grow. New breweries, Facebook groups, home brewers societies, craft beer bars, grocery stores with craft beer bars built in! It's getting really crazy! Its amazing!

  • chicanohek - 11 years ago

    Portland, Oregon

  • Bruce K. Moss - 11 years ago

    Durango, Co is the best town to visit and do a brewery tour - Ska Brewery, Carvers Brewery, Durango Brewery & Steamworks Brewery. It really does not get any better!

  • Tirzah - 11 years ago

    Seriously, DURANGO - CO!!!!

  • Pam - 11 years ago

    visit Durango Colorado and taste for yourself!

  • Not a fan of "Not a Fan of John" - 11 years ago

    The Internet is actually a pretty cool place. Lots of minds have been opened up since it started. You should try it sometime.

  • Not a fan of John - 11 years ago

    John. You are a beer advocate snob. Get off the Internet and drink more beer.

  • Matt - 11 years ago

    Having an array of average breweries is great, but just about every state is in that position. The benefit these states and breweries have is they don't have to operate in a prohibition state like UTAH!!

    Bring the award to Utah and see how good beer is made without masking its flavor in high alcohol levels, and if its high alcohol levels you enjoy? Well, we have that to due to recent legislation allowing local breweries to brew, bottle, and distribute high point brew.

    Our breweries have fought through stupid laws, increasing State taxes/licensing fees, and battled against a dominant religion only to grow, thrive, and impress. Go Utah Brewers!

    Uinta Brewery, Squatters Brewery, Wasatch Brewery (polygamy porter), Epic Brewery, Desert Edge Brewery, Red Rock Brewery, Bohemian Brewery, Hoppers Brewery.

    Prohibition State, home of the Iron Curtain, Provo (recently approved beer sales on Sunday)

  • John - 11 years ago

    A handful of cities GR can't touch? Ha! Maybe the ones ALREADY on the list. Out of the nominating cities, Grand Rapids is THE powerhouse. Having Founder's alone would get us the nomination. We have Hop Cat, Harmony, The Hideout, Brewery Vivant, etc... 2 of the Time magazine Top ten beers are from here.

    As well as MANY top contenders on Beer Advocate.

  • Stephen M - 11 years ago

    Milton, DE!!

    Dogfish Head Brewery. Enough said.

  • Dan - 11 years ago

    our very small town of Somerville Mass is making a name for itself with fantastic smallish craftbrews and startup brewers

    Pretty Things
    Nightshift (maybe started in somerville but brews in Everett MA)
    Mystic Brewery (i think they used to be based in Somerville but brew in Chelsea MA)

    not bad for a small blue collar town

  • alan - 11 years ago

    Wow, looks like GR folks are really on top of their social marketing. I'm sure it's a great scene there, but there are a handful of cities that it can't touch when it comes to beer

  • G-Money - 11 years ago

    GR is the Place for BEER....Founders, Shmolz, Hideout,Hopcat,Harmony,and several others

  • John Kelly - 11 years ago

    I guess there's no other city than GR, or maybe just nowhere else people have so much time on their hands. I like the Midwestern craft scene, love Bell's, love New Glarus, love Pipeworks in Chicago. I live in the PNW, and manage to get by on Ninkasi and Oakshire in Eugene, Upright, Cascade Brewing, HUB, and all the great breweries and brewpubs in Portland, and the amazing breweries and brewpubs in Bend. I was just in Atlanta and they have a great scene there. Love the Guava Grove from Cigar City in Tampa. And then there's the great beers of the NE and Kansas City. It's a good time to enjoy beer in America, I've been drinking it for 45 years and it's just gotten better.

  • Mill - 11 years ago

    Another vote for Bellingham! Hey Jason, don't forget North Fork Brewery and Beer Shrine a little to our north. OK, it's in Deming, but very close :) And the Bellingham Beer Lab brewery incubator.

  • Jason Holt - 11 years ago

    Bellingham, Washington is a great beer town.
    Boundary Bay Brewery, Chuckanut Brewery and the newest kid on the block, Kulshan Brewing Company. In addition to these find microbreweries, Bellingham just opened a new little brew mecca called Elizabeth Station on Broadway and Holly, where they have a ton of beers from around the world, both in bottle and on tap. The only place I know of where you can shop for that overseas brew, open the bottle right there and drink it while still shopping (thank you, Washington State legislators, and Governor, for the new law).
    Not only that! Homebrewers have a few options for their homebrewing needs - North Corner Brewing being my fan favorite. Cheers!

  • justi - 11 years ago

    Milwaukee is already on the list so it doesn't need to be nominated. Read the original article.

  • Jimmy V - 11 years ago

    If you haven't experienced the Grand Rapids and West Michigan brewing scene,...well, haven't experienced beer nirvana. West Michigan: Where the beer gods themselves quench their thirst.

  • Beer Me - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids!!!!!!

  • Gary kott - 11 years ago

    Gr 2012

  • Viet - 11 years ago

    You can have some of the best beers in the world in Grand Rapids, MI at Founders Brewery. They top the charts at and There's also Bell's, New Holland, and Dark Horse nearby, which are also top notch.

    Go Grand Rapids!

  • Bob - 11 years ago

    Please read the article before posting a stupid comment about how "[INSERT CITY] isn't on the list!"

    Read, and THEN post. Thank you.

  • Paul - 11 years ago

    Beer City is not on the list, insulting...We run the entire gamut in Milwaukee, Miller/Coors to Milwaukee brewing Co,. Lake front brewery, Big Bay, Stone Fly tavern is brewing their own beer, etc. We have bars that only serve WI craft beer (the Blackbird, they usually have about 40-50 choices) we have bars serving Belgians (The Palms). Tess a great little bistro in town that does a gourmet beer tasting almost monthly as do many other restaurants and we also have gastro pubs (The Rumpus Room being the newest). There are beer tastings monthly (weekly @ the Bomb shelter) and beer festivals all summer long and we have Summer Fest, an 11 day music festival which goes great w/ beer!

    You like Macro we got it, you like Micro and local we got it, you like imported, we got it!
    To the Original beer city and great beer (including Potosi!)

  • A.Hoser - 11 years ago

    I voted for Grand Rapids. I grew up in Colorado, went to school in the PNW, lived for a spell in da UP and am married to a GR Dutch girl. While I have never lived East Coast, I've moved around the West enough to have grown a substantial beer resume, and Grand Rapids is my favorite beer city. I'm back in Denver, but every chance I get to go to GR I'm grinning stupid about visiting Founders, Hopcat, a trip to K-Zoo for Bells (the one thing GR is missing).

    Main reason: relative density. Unlike Portland or Seattle or even Denver, GR is still small and intimate as a city. Sometimes I feel in Portland, Seattle, Denver, etc...that more breweries pop up that are "just another brewery." People, in general" in the Western cities like is definitely woven into their DNA. In GR, though, it's more than that, it's a raison d'etre! And the density is many AMAZING brews in such a tightly packed place.

    If you've never been, and you're a beer fanatic, I suggest a trip to GR to sample. Make a real trip out of it and go north to the Traverse City area (Bellaire, actually) and grab yourself some Short's. Well worth it!

  • Stuart West - 11 years ago

    Current Microbreweries in Austin:
    512, Austin
    Adelberts, Austin
    Austin Beer Works, Austin
    Circle Brewing, Austin
    Hops and Grain, Austin
    Independence, Austin
    Jester King, Austin
    Live Oak, Austin
    Thirsty Planet, Austin
    Twisted X, Austin
    South Austin, Austin
    Rogness, Austin

    Current Brewpubs in Austin:
    Draughthouse, Austin
    Uncle Billys, Austin
    Uncle Billys Oasis, Austin
    NXNW, Austin
    Lovejoys, Austin
    BlackStar Coop, Austin

    *several other micros and brewpubs wihtin a short drive from Austin and many new micros in the works and two brewpubs being built out now. Sorry Grand Rapids, but your growth isn't that impressive

  • Dirty Mastard - 11 years ago

    I've lived in downtown GR for over two decades. All buses lead to Central Station which is across the street from beer.

  • Eastown Honey Badger - 11 years ago

    Hopcat. Grand Rapids. That is all.

  • Phil d - 11 years ago

    I live in grand rapids. I like beer

  • Dan M. - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids, for the win! We have tourists on a regular basis who drive from Chicago, just for the beer. On more than one occasion I've been sitting at the bar at Brewery Vivant and spoken with people on vacation, coming to Grand Rapids, for beer. On a random Sunday night, there was an entire tour bus making the rounds of Grand Rapids breweries, all from Chicago. Founders opening day of Breakfast Stout featured people who flew in all the way from Washington, D. C. just to be there for opening day. When Kentucky Breakfast Stout is released, the lines start forming at 9:00 the night before. Beer magazine ranks HopCat as the third best beer bar in the world, and Founders makes some of the best beer in the country. The winter beer fest at Fifth Third Ball Park brings in people from all over the country to try Michigan beer. Overall, Grand Rapids is the epicenter of Michigan beer, but west Michigan is the primary corridor, beginning with Bell's in Kalamazoo, going all the way up north to Short's and Right Brain Brewery. The beer culture is so developed in Grand Rapids that patrons demand nothing but the best. On any given night we can have Short's or Jolly Pumpkin on tap, some of the best and most creative beers being made in America today. Grand Rapids is the best city in America for drinking beer, hands down!

  • Patrick - 11 years ago

    People need to read the article before they comment.

  • Thirsty - 11 years ago

    GR...Is that like PBR... Pac NW is way ahead.... Best beer with a head. No disrespect... BUT were pouring ahead!!

  • Mike P. - 11 years ago

    Breweries in GR:
    Founders Brewing Co.
    Brewery Vivant
    The Hideout
    Schmohz Brewing
    Harmony Brewing Co.
    The B.O.B.

    Coming soon :
    Grand Rapids Brewing
    Elk Brewery

    Having so many breweries doesn't make us a city of drunks. Beer is just one more thing that a lot of people here love making, like art and furniture. : )

  • growlerphil - 11 years ago

    Portland, OR? Asheville, NC? This list is a joke.

  • rachael - 11 years ago

    To the Ben who used to live long ago was that? 10 yrs ago? Even 5 yrs? Stop back sometime, GR would surprise ya! Tons of great beer growth and it's not over yet!! :)

  • Frank - 11 years ago

    Tampa Bay is quickly growing into one of the top beer areas in the southeast!

    Cigar City (Them alone...)
    Saint Somewhere Brewing
    Dunedin Brewing
    Tampa Bay Brewing Company
    Seventh Sun Brewing
    Cold Storage Brewing
    Peg's Catina

    And there are at least 3 more breweries opening up soon.

  • Drew - 11 years ago

    I think there is something to be said about Grand Rapids having the best beer and also being the number city to raise a family... Drinking beer and raising kids goes hand in hand. Perfect.

    But in all honesty, Grand Rapids kills it in this challenge.

  • kyle - 11 years ago

    *Grand Rapids*
    Harmony Brewing Company
    Hideout Brewing Company
    Schmohz Brewing Co.
    Brewery Vivant
    Founders Brewing Co.

    There is also quite a substantial homebrew scene. I really do not see this as a competition. GR for the win.

  • Travis - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids has the best there is to offer!

  • Jnix - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids! Founders, brewery vivant. That's enough right there

  • jodi - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids = beer drinkers paradise.

  • Suzy Q - 11 years ago

    I absolutely hated beer until I moved to Grand Rapids 6 years ago. Now, it's pretty much a regular part of my diet, ha! I am so proud of this city and all the awesome breweries it has to offer, especially Founders. It turned me into a beer lover, so there has to be some magic there, right? If you haven't experienced this town, stop by and we will show you a good time...and even better beer = )

  • Paula T - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids is THE place to be if you want outstanding beer!! Go GR!!

  • Pete - 11 years ago

    I've had beer from Alaska to Hawaii and all latitudes in between. Grand Rapids trumps everything. Founders is a clear standout, and the supporting cast is excellent (Vivant is a great new addition).

  • Chris - 11 years ago

    Cleveland, Ohio.

    Sure, having a number of local breweries is good reason to toot your horn, but why limit yourself? Certainly Great Lakes Brewing is among the notable regional American craft breweries, but Cleveland is also the home of the Winking Lizard Tavern!
    This amazing local restaurant chain has been delivering an ever-expanding array of beers to Northeast Ohio from around the world for the past 26 years with their "World Tour of Beers." From humble beginnings, this tour now easily exceeds 325 bottled and draft beers!

    I tip my hat to all cities on the list, especially those with established craft brewing traditions, however when it comes to beer, it is difficult to compete with the world. Where else can you enjoy a brew from Hitachino, Ayinger, Orval, Stone Brewing and Magic Hat (among a host of other notable breweries) without racking up frequent-flyer miles?

    Cleveland, Ohio: Beer Drinker's paradise!

    If you're ever in the neighborhood:

  • Long Days in a Saison Bliss - 11 years ago

    Pfff, no Boston, MA? This poll is rigged ;)

  • Sarah - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids is THE Premiere city for Beer! I work downtown. And coming into the heart of the city some mornings, greets me with the most fantastic smells coming from Founders Brewery, or one of the many others, right downtown. Not to mention all of the fine establishments that serve the local brews. All mostly within walking distance of the others. I was never a beer lover, until I was introduced to the micro brew. I have since become quite appreciative of a good beer. All thanks to Grand Rapids, and the willingness of the town, to accept the best of everything...

  • Sarah - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids is THE Premiere city for Beer! I work downtown. And coming into the heart of the city some mornings, greets me with the most fantastic smells coming from Founders Brewery, or one of the many others, right downtown. Not to mention all of the fine establishments that serve the local brews. All mostly within walking distance of the others. I was never a beer lover, until I was introduced to the micro brew. I have since become quite appreciative of a good beer. All thanks to Grand Rapids, and the willingness of the town, to accept the best of everything...

  • Bob - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids has Founders (rated top 5 brewery in the world by and HopCat (rated #3 beer bar in the world by Beer Advocate and #25 by Brewery Vivant is awesome, also Harmony Brewing, the new Grand Rapids Brewing Co, The Hideout Brewing Co, Shmoz Brewing, Elk Brewing, High Five Brewing Co-op, mutiple beer bars such as Logan's Alley, Pyramid Scheme (16 Short's beers on tap at all times), The Meanwhile, Derby Station, AND has these breweries within an hour drive: Darkhorse, New Holland, Arcadia, Saugatuck Brewing, and Bell's!!! It's a beer mecca!!

  • bill burnes - 11 years ago

    Tampa bay!!!

  • Nick - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids has 9 breweries (if you include Elk Brewing which will open soon and Grand Rapids Brewing Company) plus a brewery co-op, which is the 2nd beer co-op in the nation. Founder's Brewing is a craft brew paradise.

  • Mark - 11 years ago

    Founders, Bell's, Brewery Vivant, New Holland (all within 45 minutes)... DEFINITELY GR!

  • Ben - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids? When I lived there it was near impossible to find a good place to get a craft brew. Interesting.

  • Jessie - 11 years ago

    DEF. Grand Rapids

  • jon - 11 years ago

    How could you leave Philly off the list once I saw they weren't on the list totally dismissed the survey. If you are a true craft beer drinker then you know the quality of beer that is in Philly enough said.

  • Austin McKay - 11 years ago

    I've lived all over the country and Grand Rapids has comparable beer to the best micro-brew out there.

  • J. Mad - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids, the city of a thousand beers.

  • eer3 - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids and west Michigan are a force to be reckoned with in the American craft beer world. Ye shall see!

  • Melissa - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids is the place for BEER!

  • E Seymour - 11 years ago

    I have traveled and enjoyed beers at many of these places, such as Minneapolis and Phoenix. However, Grand Rapids truly deserves this nomination with the outstanding choice of beers. Best place to be if you want a memorable brew.

  • phil evans - 11 years ago

    Grand Rapids is the place to be for a beer

  • Jerry - 11 years ago

    The Phoenix area is exploding for craft beer.

  • stephen - 11 years ago

    See alot of people for Fredrick, MD on here. Lived near there and had all those beers and can honestly say that they can't compete with what is coming out of W. Michigan (Grand Rapids / Kalamazoo) Some of the best beers I have ever had in my life.

  • Wayne - 11 years ago

    Some cities aren't listed because they already recieved enough votes from last years poll to be nominated for this year's poll. The list above is just cities that can be nominated to appear on the poll.

  • Larry - 11 years ago

    I agree with Nathan. The only way Asheville wins is because San Diego is never on the list. I think we're just content in our Craft Brew Awesomeness and don't need the affirmation from this.

  • mike willey - 11 years ago

    Kalamazoo,Mi ...come on, its not even on this list. Bells, Olde Peninsula, the new Sunset Blvd. makes some fine beer...not to mention the kalamazoo beer week festival that brings in the brewers from across the country. A couple great pubs with great micros on tap. First to mind is shakespeares which is constantly on the hunt to bring the best and most sought after beers from around the world. Cherry on top...the kalamazoo beer exchange. Amazing successful idea that really grabs people by the beer pallette and gives them the opportunity to try those out of reach brews from across the country. That is my vote if your website write-in option was not corrupted.

  • Matt Doyle - 11 years ago

    Gotta get Frederick, MD up on the list, amazing beer scene with alot of breweries, ag resources, etc. PUT THEM ON THE LIST!

  • Dora Stremble - 11 years ago

    Fredrick has several breweries, festivals for the breweries, local hop farmers, Celebrate the BEER in FREDRICK, MD!!

  • Tara Leonard - 11 years ago

    How are there no cities from Washington state on here? We have over 100 microbreweries.

    Also, where is Beervana, AKA Portland, Ore.?

  • storminspank - 11 years ago

    Nevermind, I didn't read the original article with this poll. Those areas are already well-represented on the poll from last year. I'm an idiot. Sorry for that.

  • storminspank - 11 years ago

    The lack of CA (especially San Diego) and WA/OR cities is a huge gaping hole in this poll. How are they not listed?

  • Linda - 11 years ago

    On PCs hold the left mouse button down in the write in field as you type the name of the city, that worked for me. Yay for Frederick, MD!

  • Matt Kinney - 11 years ago

    Frederick, MD has a huge home brew scene. With multiple brewery festivals, breweries and even hop and grain farms. Such an exciting time to be a Hophead in Frederick, MD.

  • Merrideth - 11 years ago

    I wasn't able to type in a city with my 'other' vote. I am voting for Frederick, MD.

  • Gerard Walen - 11 years ago

    Hey, hey, Tampa Bay, your beer knows how to shine! World-class breweries, craft beer bars out the yazoo, top-notch beer festivals and beaches where you can actually swim without freezing your buns off. Sounds like a winner!

  • Kevin Smith - 11 years ago

    Frederick, MD - the city of 65,000 is home to Flying Dog, Monocacy Brewing, Brewer's Alley, and Barley and Hops. Within 20 minutes of downtown is a Distillery Lane Ciderworks, Orchid Cellars meadery, four (soon to be five) hops farms, one farmer growing barley only for malting purposes, and two farmhouse breweries (scheduled to open this year), and two others in the planning stages. And voting ends during Frederick Beer Week.

  • Sean Nordquist - 11 years ago

    Tampa Bay is the epicenter for the exploding Florida craft beer scene. With top-tier breweries on both sides of the bay, and some of the most innovative brewers in the world, Tampa Bay - and the rest of Florida by extension - is the Next Big Thing in craft beer.

  • J.Ed Baker - 11 years ago

    Trying to nominate Rochester,NY, but your form won't accept it

  • Johnny - 11 years ago

    Greater Atlanta area. Sweetwater/ terrapin/ Atlanta brewing co/ Max lager/ park tavern/ 5 seasons/ Red hare/ Monday night brewing/ Jailhouse brewing/ plus many more in the works.

  • Luke - 11 years ago

    We have breweries/brewpubs galore; Yuengling, Dunedin Brewery, Cigar City Brewing, Saint Somewhere Brewing, Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Sarasota Brewing, Seventh Sun, Cold Storage Craft Brewery, Peg's Cantine and Brewpub, Lagerhaus, Barley Mow Brewing Company, soon to open Rapp brewing,

    Not to mention Tampa Bay has 11 homebrew clubs, yes, 11, keeping the local bars and restaurants pouring the tastiest craft and microbrew out there!

    We are Tampa Bay Hear Us Roar! Cheers =)

  • Nathan - 11 years ago

    Thanks for calling that out, Steve! I certainly don't want to be one of those trigger-happy trolls. Glad these cities are included. Viva Hair of the Dog, Port, Beer Revolution, et al.

  • Steve - 11 years ago

    Albert and Nathan made the same mistake I did. The fine beer areas of Oakland/San Francisco, Portland and San Diego already qualified as noted in the accompanying article

  • Nathan - 11 years ago

    How can this list exist without Oakland, Portland, OR, or San Diego as primary options?? Ridiculous.

  • Albert Galli - 11 years ago

    Oakland has breweries and great beer bars.

  • The Pepper - 11 years ago

    Eat Peppers, Drink Beer , Works For Me.

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