Has History Been Fair To Jesse Jackson And His Influence In Black Media?

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  • FreeWill - 8 years ago

    Well, you know life ain't fair. Its all a game and Jesse knew what the deal was and he gets mad respect for not giving up when the media tried discredit him. Its call Cointelpro, right, just a system to shit on any social leader standing againist injustce. Everybody black leader went through, from Martin to Barack. The funny thing is the media allows them to get this much exposure, and people gotta see through the bullshit. The Media is fucking with peoples emotions, just pep all the racial issues goin right now, always seem to happen around election time too. I am crazy though I kinda analyze to much, just like everybody else though. Who really knows what the fuck is going on. All i can say is fuck it, lets build our own world, well nevermind. #FreeWill

  • Mudslinger - 8 years ago

    History has been fair to Jesse. He did some amazing things in his youth and dressed like a radical. Now he looks like any other self proclaimed "black leader" and has been marginally relevant at most.
    Black leadership is like the stock market... You get in on the ground floor, ride the hype to the top, then get out before the dummies realize they've invested in a shell company setup by another business who's short selling the stock, and waiting to tank it in the next quarter.
    The sad part is that the people who rarely if-ever benefit from this cherade, put the most time, effort, emotion, and blood into it. To quote Maximus Decimus Meridius, "Are you not Entertained! Are you Not Entertained! Is that not why you are here!?!"

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