Should marijuana be legal?

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  • FreeTheWeed - 8 years ago

    Leagalize The Cannabis!

  • Kathleen B - 8 years ago

    Since legal prescription pill addiction is an epidemic & people are dying from overdoses in record numbers in the U.S. Big Pharma is benefiting with record profits,
    Marijuana is benign compared to oxy's and the rest of the narcotics. Don't know of anyone that died from an overdose of marijuana.
    We need to get rid of the fossils in Congress that are beholding to Big Pharma, THAT is the only reason marijuana is not legal. & the law & order Governors that are beholding to the prison/industrial complex.

  • Nate from Georgia - 8 years ago

    marijuana should be legal as is alcohol and tobacco which are responsible for far more deaths and tragedies than pot or hash. It would free up law enforcement to police CRIME! It would raise revenue to reduce our deficit and would reduce violent drug-related crime associated with going after users. No one breaks into your house or car because of a marijuana addiction! No one spends thier entire paycheck on a marijuana habit (as would an alcoholic or a hard drug addict). I'd hire a marijuana user over a drunk or cocaine addict any day of the week. We are manufacturing criminal out of ordinary citizens over a SOCIAL dissagreement.

  • George - 8 years ago

    marijuana should be legal!!!!!!!!!!

  • shannon - 8 years ago

    ...regarding the 'slippery slope' concern: Many believe that once you smoke marijuana you become more 'hard drug prone' ... and that is true to a degree, BUT it is NOT THE WHOLE truth.

    It's important to understand the dynamics of purchasing pot: You have to visit the 'underground'. And once you are there you discover that you have other choices. Thus by entering the underground for pot, you inadvertently gain 'accessibility to hard drugs' ... and that 'accessibility' is a big part of the slippery slope.

    By legalizing marijuana, you pretty much sidetrack the path to the underground and hence the 'accessibility to hard drugs'. Many hard drug users are so only because it happens to be available from their local pot dealer. If marijuana is available at the 7-11, how many people do you think will risk jail by going to get hard drugs in the 'underground'?

  • Zafarse - 8 years ago

    It is about time we pulled the plug on the war on drugs. As for liberals passing laws and putting white collar criminals in jail. I believe there are not enough white collars in jail. Let small time drug users go and incarcerate the white collar stiffs who prey on the working class.

  • smarine - 8 years ago

    I am all for legalizing it to get rid of drug cartels, violence associated with that reducing prisons and the private companies/individuals that make money off of it, What I am not for, is telling our citizens, young and old alike that MJ has 'no risks'. Of course it has risks, and it should be understood and looked at seriously by those who smoke it.

    Case in point:

    So for everyone thinkings its uber cool , read a bit, as its a mixed bag, so buyer/user educate yourself, and be informed about your health. You usually just get one shot at it.

    Im sure some will scoff at it, but that would be burying your head in the sand of possible deteriorating health .

  • Nick - 8 years ago

    In regards to the "laced" posts...

    this isn't Bed-Stuy Brooklyn circa 1994. BIG is not alive anymore. Nobody has smoked "wet weed" since the early 90s.

    People need to check yourself.

  • Guard1an - 8 years ago

    The prohibitionist’s arguments:
    1. People will get high and drive. Response: No one is advocating driving while intoxicated. For the narrow minded prohibitionist, know that an ongoing debate has been underway regarding a uniform test and intoxication level, measuring recent use, in case you missed it.
    2. Children will have access to it. Response: Minors are the number one seller of marijuana to other minors. It is far easier for a minor to obtain marijuana than tobacco, because the dealer who is a minor isn't checking ID, all they want is cash. While minors are still able to access tobacco, the rate of access is far lower than marijuana because tobacco is regulated and taxed.
    3. The rate of use will increase after legalization. Response: At the present moment because marijuana is illegal, obtaining sound scientific data on the number of present users is unknown, therefore ESTIMATES are used. According to FY 2013 DEA Budget, an estimated 17 million Americans are presently using marijuana; add the number of Americans who have tried it or use infrequently, the number is higher. If legal, better data will be available. See other countries such as Portugal that legalized drugs to determine rate usage before and after legalization.
    4. No health benefits: The US Government has a patent on Marijuana for its health benefits. See patent number 6,630,507 and the studies that supported the patent. What Legalization advocates want is the ability to have the plant in its natural state without toxic chemicals added, or stuffed in a pill, or a synthetic form such as Marinol, which had its Schedule reduced from Class 1, but Marijuana in its natural form, remains a Class 1 narcotic? The intent of the Government becomes clear, they would rather allow a pharmaceutical company put it in a pill, with a lower Class Schedule and sell that legally, while making everyone else who has it or uses it in the natural form a criminal.
    5. The argument of morality, that it is morally wrong and that it will lead to moral decay. Prohibitionists please read history and understand that marijuana has been available since humans started walking the earth. Understand that our first president, George Washington grew it, but back then it was known as hemp or cannabis. Do you consider George Washington a criminal? One sailing ship required some 40 tons of raw hemp to outfit a single sailing ship, that's how much hemp, pot, cannabis, marijuana was grown... tons of it. Hemp was used for rope, sails, clothing, flags, paper, oils, etc. Some smoked it, but by far alcohol was the drug of choice. Understand the prohibitionist efforts back in the 1930s were rooted in racism, not science or logic and understand what industries were behind the prohibition of marijuana... Understand that President Nixon decided against the Shafer Report recommendations on Marijuana's Schedule Class and know what Nixon said about the report was rooted in racism.

    Prohibitionists please understand how much you have been brainwashed. Remember the egg in the frying pan, "This is your brain on drugs." That commercial was from Partnership for a Drug Free America, sponsored by the alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies, who have lobbyists that have poured millions of dollars into politics to keep their drugs legal, and marijuana illegal. According to a recent ABC poll, 80% of Americans support medical marijuana, and Gallop shows 50% support for full legalization. Meanwhile Congress has a 10% approval rating, the lowest in almost 40 years by Gallop. Americans want Marijuana rescheduled and the drug laws changed.

  • Samuel Watkins - 8 years ago

    Most of the older U.S. Congressional leaders with influence favor the U.S. Drug manufacturers. If the legal drug industry puts out a pill that has THC, Congress will condone it. Congress is bought out by "BIG CORPORATIONS". Drugs and prison are both the same, because corporate sponsored prisons, can tap state and govt. funds as subsides. So its economical to lock people up for possession of drugs.

  • santina murine - 8 years ago

    My comment goes beyond the legalization of pot. I believe all illegal drugs including pills, heroin etc should be legalized. Here is whhat I propose; Let the gov't control it. By this I mean as long as someone is already addicted, they should be able to get the drugs thru a licensed Doctor. This way, no more killing, no more stealing and end the mexican warlords profits. We would have very little crime and the prison's population will decrease considerably. I am sure there are some gov't sources who will be hurt by this. I mean the ones that are allowing this shit to hit our shores and borders. A lot of people will turn their noses up at this, but remember, the war on drugs is lost. Let fight this their way. No Doctor will intentionally addict some one, only control it, and help to wean these people. If we do this they will be able to hold down a decent job and care for their family. So many lost souls are out there waiting for someone in their life to come home.

  • voiceofreason - 8 years ago

    "Great idea... if you can't control it, just legalize it??"

    You can't control what people can and cannot say--that's why we have free speech. As Americans, we cannot abandon the pursuit of freedom just because of the social challenges it may pose.

  • allens - 8 years ago

    our government loves making rules, right or wrong, inforceable or not. our senators and congress people are fools. they only care about their reelection and their party, not what is best for this country. until that changes, there will not be a change in our justice system.

  • michael evridge - 8 years ago

    I think that weed,bud,dosha,marijuna what ever you want 2 call it should be legal 2 smoke for whoever is the legal age just like cig's..Ron paul is the truth and every one needs 2 vote for him..I give it 20 years and we should have seen the issues that are already here but the goverment dont seem 2 look at the moment..

  • michael evridge - 8 years ago

    I think that weed,bud,dosha,marijuna what ever you want 2 call it should be legal 2 smoke for whoever is the legal age just like cig's..Ron paul is the truth and every one needs 2 vote for him..I give it 20 years and we should have seen the issues that are already here but the goverment dont seem 2 look at the moment..

  • BLA - 8 years ago

    Great idea... if you can't control it, just legalize it??

  • Bo - 8 years ago


  • andy the kid - 8 years ago

    it should be legal

  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    Couple of points, although I encourage everyone to attempt to privately collect their own data, and look for actual sources and NUMBERS, rather than trusting someone who claims they are an expert.

    If you're worried about "lacing" or the idea of other, more dangerous drugs/chemicals ending up in Marijuana, then legalization actually will do more to fix it then anything else. Legalized leads to regulation, which means an overall cleaner product.

    People tout health benefits of Marijuana, and in some cases (mild depression, encouraging apatite in cancer patients) these claims are complete substantiated. As for it giving you general health benefits to the point where it should be consued daily by everyone, as one poster said... Yeah... I'm not so sure

    There are actually some economic bonuses from legalizing marijuana other than decreasing overall prison populations, which we all can agree would lower state costs significantly. On the national scale Dr. Jeffrey Miron (Professor of Economics at Harvard and BU) estimates that a system of regulation and taxation similar to those already in place for Alcohol and Tobacco could net 10 - 14 billion dollars in combined savings and revenue per year.

    To give a little more detail, lets take a look at the projected savings/revenues generated at a state level, in this case Massachusetts( Source: Miron, Jeffrey. "The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Legalization In Massachusetts.") This report was generated in 2005, so some discrepancies may exist due to recent economic conditions

    Law Enforcement Expenses Savings: $120.6 Million
    Tax Revenue: $16.9 Million

    I realize that most of my data comes from a single source, but I encourage everyone to give Jeffery Miron's reports a read as they approach this subject from a purely economical standpoint. If you are interested in Medical implications of Marijuana legalization/use I suggest the following source:

    Nutt, David J., Leslie A. King, and Lawerence D. Phillips. "Drug Harms in the UK: a Multicriteria Decision Analysis."

    which provides medical data about various drug use, and compares effects to currently regulated drugs such as Alcohol and Tobacco

  • Dan - 8 years ago

    Marijuana has been illegal for over 70 years and today it is America's #1 cash crop.
    It's also the #1 source of money for drug gangs and drug cartels who control the illegal black market. Today American kids can buy marijuana easier than they can buy beer!
    People with a working brain should realize drug prohibition does not work. Otherwise alcohol prohibition would have worked in the 1920's and nobody would have ever consumed alcohol ever again.

  • R.B. - 8 years ago

    As a physician, I can assure you that alcohol and tobacco are FAR more dangerous to the human body...these 2 legal substances account for a huge percentage of self induced diseases that are killing Americans and drive health care costs through the roof. The biggest gateway drug is alcohol...hands down. Violent crime leader? That's alcohol. Heart and Lung killer? That's tobacco.

    Marijuana should be dealt with as a legal, prescription drug. It should be regulated and taxed. I have never seen heart and lung disease caused by marijuana smoking, and I have over 20 years of experience in medicine. It's certainly not healthy for you, but everything is relative.

    Until it is legalized, it should no longer be associated with the egregious penalties that our legal system is currently delivering to our population. It is embarrassing that our population and its so called political leaders do not see the failure of this war on drugs. Prohibition of alcohol led to violent crime and little deterrent. We admitted the error in judgement. It is time to do the same with a less toxic drug...marijuana.

    I have no problem telling my 10 year old and 14 year old children about this issue, my observations, and my recommendations. Abuse of all legal and nonlegal drugs is a horrible mistake, and it leads to disease, judgement errors, and at times, death. That's the job of all parents...communicate the truth and try to lead by example. Sometimes it sticks.

    The only politician with the guts to tell the truth on this issue is Congressman Ron Paul. He understands the facts. He admits that the judicial system is out of control and unfairly levels these severe jail terms for nonviolent drug crimes against minorities. Others won't tell the truth for fear of losing votes and elections. You can have those "leaders".

    This concept is not so hard to understand, if you allow yourself to think about the facts, history, and the "not-so-scary" alternatives to the status quo.

  • B> E.Stiner - 8 years ago

    In Five Thousand years of recorded medical history there has not been one actuall death from inhaling cannibus smoke this information was passed on to me from my medical doctor back in 1991 who was educated in Britian's best medical university. You would need to lock yourself in a room the size of a jail cell and burn a couple of Key's to fill the room with smoke then you could die from smoke inhalation not from the amount of THC that your body would intake. Let us be real and see cannibus for what it is...A Gift From God ....the Bible even says that in Genisis 1..verse 11 God created all seed bearing grasses and they were good...poor American neighbours just think of the war dept that country has and how fast it would be paid off on the legalization and taxation of this harmless weed..those incarcerated numbers would drop so fast but then your American jails for profit would go bankrupt and they would have to lay off prison guards ....

  • Loku - 8 years ago

    i am proud of you all folk those who vote for legalization marijuna, go to your house and say your 13 year boy that you vote to legalize marijuna. you guys are spoiling your own kids. you are bringing the death of your own kids. still our nation has not legalize it but then also more than 44 percent of our kids are highly effected from it. Imagine how would be the rate if we legalize it ?
    We are abusing our own kids. We are killing our young son and daughter.

  • Grimaldas - 8 years ago

    Interesting. Not usually one to chime in on a topic that is this hotly debated, or so bipolar in nature, but I had to add couple things here.

    So, I see some rather lengthy posts here, some with intelligence behind them, but what is striking is that even they have misinformation within their posts. I know people want to make a case that MJ is evil, a gateway drug, harmful, and robs people of their interpersonal attributes, but it’s just not quite the case some make. Marijuana like any controlled or uncontrolled substance is really no different than say, tobacco from the definition of what a “drug” is. However from “societies” definition, it (marijuana) was made illegal to own or use. One could argue the differences or similarities between what drugs do and how they lead to the next thing, but it all comes down to what society will tolerate. Not what the dangers or good that comes from it. Alcohol while having no medicinal benefit is legal, so too is marijuana but it’s illegal. Why? Because society as a hole said that’s what they can tolerate. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not as clearly defined as that, and I’m aware of both the cartel’s interest in this as is the interest of the US Fed. It makes money for both sides for it to remain illegal. Until society overwhelmingly accepts marijuana as a drug of “tolerance”, it will remain illegal.

    To point out another theme here that simply is misguided, but most likely from a personal view point. You can’t blame any one single drug, legal or otherwise for how it affected you as a second party. Any drug, heck, any person with poor parenting skills, will and has caused so many bad childhood experiences. To say “marijuana” was the only factor is simply not true. There are always compounding circumstances involved.

    Personally, at a young age, I did use marijuana frequently, daily in fact for some time. Enjoyed the effects. Recovering from a hangover just does not happen when it’s used by itself. I can tell you from a personal point of view, I turned out just fine, with a fully functioning liver, and having never been “led” into harder drugs. Not that the offer was never there. I’m not an unusual case either. This happens far more frequently than one may surmise. I retired from the Military with over 20 years, and never once did I use marijuana during that time nor did I “need” to. Once I retired, I did try it out again, but didn’t really find that I enjoyed it like I used to. I liked it, but it did not have the same experience. Note too, that I don’t drink alcohol either or use tobacco. My only real “vice” is caffeine. Make that illegal and we’ve got problems!

  • Merad's Heir Dux Ducis Quinn d'Emberlynn - 8 years ago

    Cannibas shall be legal just as any plant born from nature shall be. In the ICM we have laws that protect the plant from theft, and bar other drugs entirely. All chemical drugs that are manmade are illegal (this includes Cocaine) in Emberlynn, ICM and punishable by death. "Marijuana" is just a plant, the issues that come with it are products of opponents of the medicine, and spiritual heightner. The proponents of the plant know the truth. -MHDDQd'E

  • EF - 8 years ago

    Today's marijuana, they call bud. I guess that is because it is the bud or flower which is much more potent than what we used to call marijuana. So no, it is not some lightweight drug. Another fact is the lacing. This crap often comes laced with other drugs like PCP and other things I don't know what. This can cause extreme violent behavior. My son had to be held down by 5 of his friends after that one. One of his friends commit suicide after unknowingly smoking some laced bud recently. Another has insomnia which his doctor fears may be fatal. I suspect some smoked product is the cause. What I am saying is the marijuana that people think of when older people say "legalize marijuana" is not even remotely similiar to what the kids are smoking these days. That is why I voted "depends". And no, I don't use them quite yet.

  • Zed - 8 years ago

    In a competitive world where the difference between the winners and the losers is determined by a slim margin, avocation of a stoned class doesn't seem to be the route to high confidence for maintaining competitive edge.

    Drugs are illegal and the US appetite for drug is nearly insatiable now.

    How is this going to help improve the situation ?

  • Steve - 8 years ago

    Its not dangerous at all, in fact it should probably be consumed daily given all the Health Benefits. AMERICA HAS BEEN LIED TO.

  • Carl Miller - 8 years ago

    The following is from CNN columnist as Califorian debated this in California. Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a nationally syndicated columnist, an NPR commentator and a regular contributor to
    California's most valuable export isn't fine wine, agricultural products or motion pictures.
    What California offers is ideas. Political movements and cultural trends start here and sweep across the country. Some ideas are born of genius, and they're priceless. But others come from hubris, and they're dangerous.
    It's in the second category that you'll find California's Proposition 19, an initiative on the November 2 2010 ballot that would make it legal for anyone who is 21 or older to buy small amounts of marijuana.
    A recent survey by Public Policy Polling indicates that the majority of California voters support the proposition, called the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, by 47 percent to 38 percent.
    It's official. The country's most populous state is nibbling at poison.
    One can see how this kind of measure would appeal to those who want to seem pragmatic, hip or enlightened --such as former Facebook executive Sean Parker, who is reportedly contributing $100,000 to the campaign for Proposition 19. The 30-year-old Parker -- a venture capitalist who founded the music-sharing system, Napster -- offered the donation after Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, contributed a total of $70,000. A spokesman for the pro-legalization group Drug Policy Alliance boasted, "What's interesting here is that [Parker] is a member of the generation that really gets it."
    What do supporters of Proposition 19 supposedly "get" that the rest of us are missing?
    They insist that marijuana isn't as dangerous as other products that are legal, such as alcohol and tobacco. They point to the benefits of medicinal marijuana to alleviate pain and suffering for cancer patients. And, with a drug war raging south of the border, they say the most effective way to combat the Mexican drug cartels that bring their illicit cargo into the United State is to legalize the substance, undercut the profit and put the cartels out of business. These are all perfectly fine arguments that are, to some of us, completely unconvincing.
    To many these are not reasons to legalize, rather good arguments to control these other substances tighter.
    If you decide that exposure to a given substance -- particularly the kind of consistent and sustained exposure that comes from a product being made readily available -- is harmful to individuals and the rest of society, then you will naturally put in place laws that make it illegal to possess the product.
    That makes sense. So does this: If you legalize any kind of undesirable behavior -- from vagrancy to prostitution to identity theft -- you'll remove the stigma and get more of that behavior.

  • Christopher - 8 years ago

    Some of you are asking why we don't make alcohol illegal since it does create so many problems and there is no doubt that it does create serious problems. To this I would answer that with alcohol, I can tell when the person has been drinking, I can't tell when the last time when the individual got high. So unless I have previous knowledge of that person, the time I can tell the person is impaired is before the accident with alcohol, not so with marijuana.

  • Mary Jane Puffengive - 8 years ago

    So wait, marijuana is a gateway drug? Lets say that is true (which it isn't). "Gateway" implies that marijuana will lead to harder drugs because it is the first taken. So by all logic, a drug taken before harder drugs is a gateway drug. Tylenol is used before people drink coffee, coffee is usually used before people start smoking,Cigarettes are usually smoked before alcohol, alcohol is consumed before people smoke marijuana. If you are actually dumb enough to buy into the gateway drug nonsense, then it is imperative you demand that alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and OTC pain medication be illegal. By all logical definitions of your nonsensical thinking, what leads to marijuana must be stopped because marijuana will make people eventually give 2 dollar handjobs behind the quick-e-mart for heroin money. Sound silly? Welcome to our world.

  • cindy - 8 years ago

    You can apply the same arguments against alcohol. Alcohol causes *far* more problems than pot. Drunk drivers, abuse, addiction - millions of broken lives. Further, alcohol is a gateway drug. Aske any heroin addict - they almost always started with drinking.

    So why isn't alcohol illegal? . Compared to alcohol, pot is a far milder drug. When is the last time you have heard of a pot-smoker assaulting someone? Happens every day with alcohol, but we are too blind to see it. So rationally (following the logic of the anti-weed posters here) we should put everyone who drinks booze into prison. That will solve the problem!

  • Steve - 8 years ago
    Read the case studies and research. People are dying because of ignorance.

  • Christopher - 8 years ago

    I have noticed that all the spots and towns that had socially accepted drug use, usually turn into places of higher than normal crime, and have a much lower level of social and emotional intelligence. I have seen the children of the people that advocate the freedom of drug use, partake in very odd and illegal behavior, and lack the social knowledge when they left that particular town and went to live in another. To think that people would stop using a harder drug, because a less potent drug became legal, is not a very intelligent train of thought. Maybe we ought to focus on why these people need to have the drug to begin with, but until we figure that out, we have to have a line in the sand.

  • Freddie - 8 years ago

    And lets not forget people that weed is the gateway drug...... will lead you into meth and crack and pills so you can get that extra high. The more you would smoke it the more tolerant you would get. So meth and coke and other drugs would be in demand.

  • Will MC - 8 years ago

    Yes, make it legal. It will guarantee that we will have a nation full of pot head people who can't support their own families and need government to support them. Why don't we get rid of all laws to empty the prisons for good. For the record, I wouldn't arrest the drug dealers I would arrest the users which would mean a lot more white people in jail.

  • Corey - 8 years ago

    In my opinion i don't think it should be legalized. But that is my opinion. @ Kato - "but if you smoke weed you more then likely take care of your loved ones better an have open meaning full relationship with someone. " I find that to be false in my world. Maybe in your world but mine was not like that. Both my parents parents smoked weed and didn't give a shit about me. They neglected me to supports the habits. @ Matt - buddy i don't think she was talking about robbing for trees lol. I think she meant that since they have nothing to sell and make profit and hustle, they would probably rob.

  • Dost Khattak - 8 years ago

    The main reasons in my opinion are 1, Ignorence @, Lack of education 3 politicians more interested in their careers than country 4 Race

  • Matt - 8 years ago

    It also sucks that if you smoke weed you can fail an employment drug test because it is detectable in urine for around 30 days. But someone that does meth can get hired 1-4 days after use.

  • Matt - 8 years ago

    If you legalize Marijuana with the same laws and restrictions as alcohol then it would be less likely for kids to try it before they reach the restricted age. I tried weed for the 1st time at age 14 but I didn't have my first sip of alcohol until I was around 17 years old. I know 17 isn't legal drinking age but it delayed me from trying Alcohol for years past the first time I inhaled Marijuana for the simple reason that Weed was easier to get hold of. I didn't have to go to a store to buy it and risk getting denied because I wasn't of legal age and I didn't associate with anyone 21+ years of age. Also since the law states that you cannot drink in public then maybe the law would state that you also cannot smoke in public. Do people still drink in public? Yes. Will some people still smoke in Public? Yes. But it will limit the number of people that do. You can drink as home and you should be able to smoke Marijuana at home also without fear of prosecution. Furthermore, If you find a way to tax it then you can solve a major part of the economic crisis going on right now in America. Cutting down prison costs and opening up opportunity for employment also sounds very good to me. Employment due to Marijuana (farms, factory's, shipping, etc.) would cut down the percent of people on unemployment benefits payed by the government from our taxes. Sure you can grow your own and not have to pay for it but that would be for personal use. If you open up a big enough market by legalizing it then the commercial production of it will make street value go down and in my opinion will cut down the need for street dealers since the profit margin of the product will go down significantly. So as far as Monica is concerned I can't see anyone robbing anyone for a few plants that don't have much street value. A palm tree could be worth more than a Marijuana plant and I have never heard of anyone getting robbed for their Palm tree.

  • truth - 8 years ago

    Legalizing MJ won't make usage go up but rather go down. When you remove the stigma (of something illegal) there is less intrigue and desire to try it. This is what happened when Netherlands legalized MJ. Also, wouldn't you rather have money going to taxes (on MJ) vs. having to pay $50K a year to have someone in jail and funding drug dealers.

    As for side effects and harmful impact, study after study has shown no correlation to use of MJ and in some cases MJ actually reduces the rate of cancer.

    As for the medical benefit - many people have benefit from illness, depression, wasting syndrome, etc using MJ.

    We should really think about the "impact" of legalizing. Half the prison population is in for drug use and the amount of time and money we spend on the "war on drugs". I can't believe people with any bit of intelligence believe there is more harm than good in legalizing,

  • Dion - 8 years ago

    People are ALREADY using marijuana, so we are ALREADY dealing with the effects of pot, healthcare-wise- people are ALWAYS going to use it. The healthcare part of it can't be changed- people will do things to themselves and will be sick regardless of whether pot's legalized. What CAN INDEED be changed is the LEGAL SYSTEM which is burdened! Legalizing pot won't make people suddenly decide to do it.

    Pot's easy enough to come by, people can get it now if they want- legalizing it won't make people suddenly change their minds about pot!

  • The Big Enbe - 8 years ago

    The bottom line is that drug laws do nothing to prevent drug use. The laws do however create criminals.

  • The Big Enbe - 8 years ago

    This one seems very obvious. I'd bet within ten years marijuana is decriminalized is at least 9 out of 10 states, if not nationwide. One minor issues is that Humboldt County will have some harsh economic times ahead if people start growing their own crops legally. The Humboldt Gold Rush might be over soon.

  • Kato - 8 years ago

    Look weather you have kids or not! You've used marijuana in your life time. Weather your 18 or the oldest living being you've hit marijuana or second hand smoked it, either way you see it not being legalized because your dangers too you and your home and family as well. But to bullshit aside and let's say it was legalized, we'd all know the truths on slinging dope the real users of society, the real criminals, the people that want to sell drugs and all other types of chemical emphasizers, pills, powder, heroine ect... and yes we bet too see that corporations and big businesses such as federals prisons california and several other larger prison establishments in the unities states, with high conviction charges, our mixed in with a variety stoners, drug mules, ci s, and other dirty dopers, it's the facts that are blinded by unfairness and freedom, and the police officer that serve you great people here in the unified states of America, can be safe, people will start to realize there ain't nothing good out of stealing, but karma, which serves them right, cause everyone gets caught stealing. It just doesn't ever seem to click, I understand that governor Rick Scott has done a awesome job cleaning up private and public pharmacies all over Florida and handling the real criminals. It's great to see jso stepping into the action on cleaning up the break INS and the criminal stand alone ration is even. So I vote this an issue of yes, what you need to do is put that wacky mind you people got too moment of true herbal sanctions, and watch the news and the YouTube videos of how it's effected other countries with a far worst national security that live in adobe homes and sit on floors, there lives are affect by the same democracy and fascism you see in others like russia and china, Syria, Libya, Gaza Egypt, south africa, Iran, and other related searches of real crime unpunished, now I believe americans have given in to be a nice American for too long, I mean we have a pushey military, and badass navy, who could beat us? But this is not a drug that could be measured in strength but also carry in numbers in a positive outlook. This country has too many ignorant Americans, and it's a vital must that we keep our youth from over looking at least one thing that can't rob there future. It just seems like everything else in life can lead to an unhappy ending to some, but if you smoke weed you more then likely take care of your loved ones better an have open meaning full relationship with someone.

  • Juan Ortega - 8 years ago

    I love how most of this people voted for (Should be Illegal), yet, most of those who voted for such, have at one point or regularly use this drug. HYPOCRITES!!!!

  • Mitch - 8 years ago

    I love how most people in America are so misinformed about Marijuana use. There is this stigma behind it, and their always has been, and that is because it is illegal. During Prohibition in the 20's, their was a stigma with Alcohol use, because it was illegal. Once people in America finally start to understand and realize that Alcohol use harms your health MUCH more than Marijuana use, it will be legalized. It will just take time. Besides, which politician wants to be the one to finally sack up and take steps towards legalization? Especially when the majority of Americans believe all the bullshit media propaganda that floods the news channels every day. The media would make that person out to be the equivalent of a terrorist who is going to ruin America because he wants to legalize a plant. Go America.

  • John - 8 years ago

    "The more laws, the less justice"

  • Monica - 8 years ago

    Also this is a open debate. To result in calling someone foul names and say they abuse drugs its rather childish and also supports why weed should not be legalized.

  • Monica - 8 years ago

    Cheyenne - wow your cool talking shit on line your a loser bet you smoke weed and collect welfare. Not judgmental i have lived that life as a child dumb ass. Sorry judge someone else and also get a education.

  • Cheyenne - 8 years ago

    I don't think that people should have the choice to drink alcohol its way worse of a drug than marijuana i shouldn't have to have to option and have to see it in the stores when it has ruined so many peoples lives. Point is this is America you should have the choice to do what you wish regardless if some bitch and her kids don't have to "put up with" it your probably a pill pop pin drunk you judgmental bitch.

  • Cheyenne - 8 years ago

    I don't think that people should have the choice to drink alcohol its way worse of a drug than marijuana i shouldn't have to have to option and have to see it in the stores when it has ruined so many peoples lives. Point is this is America you should have the choice to do what you wish regardless if some bitch and her kids don't have to "put up with" it your probably a pill pop pin drunk you judgmental bitch.

  • Monica - 8 years ago

    I personally don't think it should be legalized. My kids and I shouldn't have to pout up with people walking around smoking it and worry about ourselves inhaling it nor should we have to keep in our homes so we wont have to worry about getting a contact buzz. As a person who grew up in a drug using home, I am firmly against it. It doesn't help with anything. More kids will go without if it is legalized because then parents wont have to hide it and the state wont have a good case to help the kids get a better life. Also it will increase robbery everywhere. The drug dealers will rob because they will lose the only job they know and the druggies will rob the store or where ever you could get it. They know most drug dealers carry guns so they tend not to rob those people.

  • BlackDynamite - 8 years ago

    There is one very good reason why weed is not only not legal, but may never become legal.
    The best weed is not made in the USA.

    The best cigarettes are. The best alcohol is. And, surprise, surprise, they have dominated American commerce.

    Marijuana won't be legal until U.S. corporations can figure out how to make money off of something they don't control the supply of.

    Good luck with that......

  • Ron - 8 years ago

    If you make it legal some kids will use it who otherwise wouldn't. Those who use marijuana are playing with fire ... no pun intended. Psychologists say that kids feel loved and know that parents care by the boundaries they set. True medical use is one thing ... but lifting general restrictions on using marijuana is sending a harmful and irresponsible message to young people and society as a whole.

  • Kuato Lives - 8 years ago

    Actually JW, scientific studies show that not only does marijuana NOT increase a person's risk for lung cancer, but in heavy tobacco smokers it actually REDUCES their risk of lung cancer. The active compounds found in marijuana have many anti-carcinogenic properties. Google it.

    Your fears are about 40 years out of date.

  • sven - 8 years ago

    Vaporize it.

  • Kato - 8 years ago

    Haha JW you got a lot of nerve saying that marijuana doesn't heal, your dumb as hell, to think marijuana is causing cancer too your lungs, is cause the facts bend when you smoke cigs behind marijuana, the lacige in cig tobacco are of 200 chemicals, I do both, cigs and Mary Jane, and I say yes, it's not like the movies unless you smoke an ounce a day, but obiviously it's not rocket science to really know that marijuana has been proven to surely cure three major health issues, including over five different kinds of cancer. Now if the government put the cannabis bud in oiled, or hashed completions, you would have an effective more ambient drug on the market putting it in it's high dosage, which meaning making it legal too buy prescriptions of this authenticity in marijuana, also the government knows we all know legalizing marijuana, let's say five years ago when aids and others serious illnesses were in effect, know that more then 14 states have given into marijuana, and the decline on drugs be used by adults and teens, were on the decline it showed that older males and females enjoy more smoking of marijuana then younger adults and teens when they smoke at partys or at home on there day off. Another amazing thing the government and a lot of people in the military with PTSD smoke marijuana to relieve the side affects of the emotional disorder. This is or might be a drug but least you can smoke it an not OD. The effects are happy hungry sleepy. But you sir or mam are willing to pop roxy or hydrocodone, methadones, or bars or some ridiculous pill, I know the idea on those drugs should be used for people with more serious injuries.

  • J.W. - 8 years ago

    Why legalize grass? So we can run into the same problems we have with cigarettes? Some people say "Oh! it comes from the earth man!" "Oh! it's medical man!, it has healing powers."
    But what they don't tell you is the long term damaging affects of marijuana. When you smoke you are inhaling SMOKE! Smoking causes cancer and other health problems. We are danmed if we do and danmed if we don't. Leagalize it, we free up the legal systems, but! leagalize it, and we will be shooting ourselves in the foot! healthcare wise. And who is going to pay for the mountain of health issues that stem from marijuana use?......... WE ARE!

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