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Which uniform is better? (Poll Closed)


  • Bo - 12 years ago

    To Hell with Iowa !!!

  • Bo - 12 years ago

    To Hell with Iowa !!!

  • Chris - 12 years ago

    @Gibby- leave it to an Iowa fan to misspell "whine." But look at the results now...think some votes were disqualified? Or does Iowa talk a better game than they play? Iowa 13-40-4 all time vs. Michigan. This one is kinda going like that...

  • Nick - 12 years ago

    Chris C, I don't know why the results surprise you. Iowa falls behind early while they get their bearings, and run the first scripted plays....then they make 1/2 time adjustments and come blow the doors off Michigan in the 2nd should be used to it....

  • Fact - 12 years ago

    Brady Hoke is fat.

  • Justin G - 12 years ago

    Oh get over yourself. If you really must accuse Iowa fans of cheating to win a uniform poll, then you are petty and need something to occupy your time. When a poll just starts, there are very few votes, so a small influx of votes will change the percentage greatly. There was not a bot rigging any poll. That isn't worth anybody's time. Iowa's jerseys are better and are definitely more intimidating than the blue jerseys Michigan has.

  • Thomas - 12 years ago

    LET'S GO HAWKS. Michigan's jerseys are fugly.

  • Justin - 12 years ago

    Iowa stole their uniforms from the steelers.

  • Scott - 12 years ago

    It has been 1,988 days since Michigan last defeated Iowa in football.

  • Chad - 12 years ago

    Chris isn't is it just hard to accept the fact that Iowa fans have sites to communicate with each other and decided to take a second and vote isn't it I mean that would just be unheard of now a days wouldn't it. haha its called loyalty to your team learn about it GO HAWKS!!

  • Jake - 12 years ago

    Somone is taking the poll WAY too seriously. Both teams have great uniforms, but Iowa's are better.

  • gibby - 12 years ago

    Leave it to a Michigan fan to wine about losing lol

  • Tanner - 12 years ago

    Actually the reasoning for the sudden spike in the Iowa percentages could be attributed to the fact that one of the Iowa Hawkeyes facebook fan pages posted a link to the voting page about an hour ago and a little over a quarter million people like that fan page sooo put two and two together all of you blaming Iowa for cheating.

  • Chris - 12 years ago

    The poll has been going on for 5 hours, and in a half hour all of Iowa decided to jump on and vote?'s funny, there wasn't but one comment on the thread till the thread suddenly tilted big time, so it's a safe bet one of you created it. And I bet if BTN did an IP check they'd find the majority of votes from one. The poll didn't get more votes in 45 minutes than it did the other 4 and a quarter hours from different people just noticing it. In fact, wow, Alex and Chad show up on here at the exact same time....coincidence I'm sure.

    Now we know how Iowa got here in the first place. Cheating.

  • Scooter - 12 years ago

    Michigans Uni's are fugly. That is why the Hawks are winning just like we beat Michigan in football and basketball.

  • Chad - 12 years ago

    Chris this is a very simple concept since there were few votes the ratio had that big gap but as more hawkeye fans showed up to vote they can close to the gap in quick since it was still early voting.

  • Alex - 12 years ago

    No bot, this poll just started so there are very few votes so far. Every vote will change the percentage by a decent amount until we get the number of votes up.

  • Chris C. - 12 years ago

    This has gone from like 72-28 in Michigan's favor to 52-48 in Iowa's favor in just over a half hour. Someone had a bot rigging the voting in the poll.

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