On an average how many times you do Sandhyavandhanam a day?


  • sanadanan - 11 years ago

    Dear sir,
    Thanks for the information on Sandhya Vandhanam. I am a SriVaishnava and my family are ardent followers of Mahaperiyava. Appa requested and got a painting of Mahaswami from his father-in-law. My upanayana was conducted @ 12 yrs of age and I had been consistent till my college end in doing my sandi at least twice a day ( some how Madhyanikam - the most important bit escaped ) - during work, due to transfers to abroad, I had failed to do Sandya vandanam. Upon returning back to India 4 yrs after the abroad trip, I happened to see your site, the poll & Sri Anantarama Deekshitar's message - I read Mahaswami's command on doing sandhi - So, started that again. As my parents are searching for a bride, many girls are now considering doing Sandhi as something 'OLD FASHION' - I am least bothered about them - I will continue to uphold my tradition come rain or shine. I have started doing sandi again twice a day regularly with all Achamana, Pranayama, Invocation to Vishwaksena, Arkya (standing in tip toe ), prasana, prokshana, avahana, mantra japa, upastana, veda recital, direction prayers, Narayana Prayer, Abivadana, Sri Krishna japa and finally ending with 'Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanam'.
    I wish to bring here the immediate effects I am experiencing after doing Sandhi -
    1) It gives a calm mind.
    2) It slows down the disturbances in mind giving clarity & focus.
    3) Cleanses my breathing with Pranayama
    4) makes me remember Gayatri mata and my ancestor rishis during Abivadanam - happy that I am upholding the sampradaya that they took pains to help reach it till me.
    I wish to bring to notice the incident that my cousin who recently got married - his wife divorced him within a week for performing Sandi - saying that he is 'OLD FASHION' - he was more than happy to get rid of her and continues performing Sandi with even more zeal than before. Brahmin boys are not the problem, its the girls who are now becoming a burden to the Brahmin community. Sending them away to earning their parents are also not ashamed enough at these arrogant attitudes of their daughters and rather do more harm by taking loans in their daughter's name or worse keeping them unmarried for long - which in turn drives them towards love marriage with some other community/religion guy. Now tell me how will brahminism survive in this situation?
    As per Mahaperiyava's order, I saw Panchami mama doing a great job by getting his daughter married at the right age.. he is the right role model for other parents to follow... or else, only Gayatri mata should protect our Brahmin community.

  • Kailas - 11 years ago

    I do Sandhyavandanam thrice with all its components - Pranayamam, argyam and Gayathri Japam. I started this a few years back [almost 10 years back] though my upanayanam was conducted more than 34 years back. Whenever I travel out of station, I carry punchapatram with me and mostly perform thrice a day [sometimes even at 8.30 pm] It still pricks me that I had stopped doing Sandhya in the interim. However, Sri Paramachaarya has somehow instilled in me the discipline and ofcourse the oft repeated advice of my [late] mother too. I do Gayathri atleast 28 times, sometimes 108 times but not 1008 times. I must somehow will myself to do 1008 Gayathris atleast once a week. Good thing is, my son is doing Sandhya thrice a day. He knows Rudram, Vishnu Sahasranamam etc but I have told him clearly that these will be much more beneficial and effective coupled with Sandhyavandanam. Nobody can call himself a Brahmin UNLESS HE REGULARLY DOES SANDHYAVANDANAM.
    I have also followed the principle that I will not travel outside India where Sandhya loses its power. This has been told by none other than our Paramachaarya himself.
    Kailas, Mangalore

  • Ramkumar - 11 years ago

    I do sandhyavandanam twice a day. On holidays I do it thrice.
    My son is doing daily sandhyavandanam with samithadhanam (praatha & saayam - Morning and evening).
    Jaya Jaya sankara

  • murthy from mayuram - 11 years ago

    Ladies also can participate in this vote. They can vote on behalf of their husb, brother

  • murthy - 11 years ago

    Thanks Sri panchanathan.

  • Ramachandran - 11 years ago

    2 times a day in working days and 3 times in holidays

  • Srigopal - 11 years ago

    Had upananyam during 8th class vacation. Performed Sandhyavandanam for maybe a year after that on weekends.

    Kalidasa wrote in Raghuvansha
    vaagarthaaviva sa.mpR^iktau vaagartha pratipattaye |
    jagataH pitarau vande paarvatiiparameshvarau || 1-1

    1-1. vaak= shabda= sound, [what is or may be heard]; arthau= sense; iva= like; sa.mpR^iktau= nitya sambandha= ever embodied [entity forming into a body]; vaak= of speech [idiom]; artha= its meaning [ideation, the process of forming and relating ideas]; pratipattaye= samyak j~naana artham= to derive [pertinent idiom and ideation, language and paralanguage]; jagataH= of universe; pitarau= parents of; vande= I adore; paarvatii= Paarvati; parama+iishvarau= supreme, ruler, Shiva.

    To derive the pertinent idiom and its ideation I adore the Parents of Universe, Paarvati and Parameshvara, who are like an ever-embodied entity of sound and its sense.

    Unfortunately, in my case the meaning and word of Sandhavandana mantras only came together in 2005 after listening to Swamiji Paramarthananda talks on Sandhyavandanam. Been doing it twice daily since July 2005. I can definitely attribute Anthahkarana Shuddi and other benefits to Sandyavandanam.

  • Suresh Panchanathan - 11 years ago

    Dear Shri Murthy,

    The biggest motivation to chant Gayathri Japam 1008 times at least in the morning is,

    1) because He said so. That simple!

    2) He has told that when we do it like this, it is for the benefit of the others, the world, the universe.

    I used to go to bed after midnight and more and get up at 7 am on weekdays and at 9 am on weekends until 4 years back. From then it has been 4 am on *all* days and to bed by 9 pm. When we realize He is Parameshwaran Himself, it is easy for us to change.

    Rock solid faith helps. He will protect us.

    I appreciate your earnestness and sincerity. I have written this solely to motivate you and not to boast about myself at all.

    Please remember, if I can do it, Anyone can!

    May He bless you all.


  • krishnaswamy - 11 years ago

    I do a minimal sandhya twice a day consisting of Pranayamam, Aavahanam,21 Gayatri, Pranayamam and upastanam concluding with abhivadanam. I am aware that I ought to add atleast argyam. Shall try to include that too and progress to a full sandhya soon. I do not even do pariseshanam! Regards, krishnaswamy.

  • murthy - 11 years ago

    on average once, but i try to do 1008 once in a while to compensate.
    sometimes back i started doing 1008 daily (for 10 days).
    wish i do 1008 daily, i keep alarm dailyto get up early morning, but switch of every time and sleep.
    doing 1008 is not that difficult, just one hour we can finish.
    request someone to help me ( to push me to satrt doing 1008 daily )

  • GANESAN PICHUMANI - 11 years ago

    I am salute your intiation of Sandhaya Vandanam, / Gayatri Japam.


  • Ganapathy Viswanathan Iyer - 11 years ago

    I do Sandhayvandanam three times a day. If I happen to travel at that time I do it mentally.
    In addition to this I also do Brahma Yagnam regularly which is also a compulsory ritual to be performed after Madhyannikam. There is no known prayaschitham for non-performance of Sandhyavandanam. In fact there is a Smruthi vakyam which says: sandhaya heeno asuchi:
    nithyaha, sarva karma anarha:

  • murthy c k - 11 years ago

    there should be another option. on upakarma day and gayathri japam day.

  • K S Krithivasan - 11 years ago

    Excellent idea. I do it thrice daily. On some days during travel or when I go for some functions, fail to do that time - it may be twice or once. But I try to do it even if it is late in the evening ( say 9PM or so !! )- thinking that better late than never.

  • Baladji - 11 years ago

    "Randomly" as an option would have best described me.

  • Arunachalam, - 11 years ago

    This is a very good start for interospection also...Also on the same grounds, I feel attempts can be made as to how many are missing the conduct of the strarthams for their deceased parents..Also if there are some, then the reasons may also be collected to find out whether others can be of help in these matters..
    All along everybody connected to Hindu way of life have been preaching the importance of performing the Strarthams without fail...but still there could be many who are not able to do for some reason or the other...
    My feeling is to attend to the individual problems ..Hope this gives some better result.

  • Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan - Srirangam Swaminathan - 11 years ago

    "I don't know anyone by the name of Sandhya" is the best of all comments and the most hilarious one. I can sense the "pain" behind coming out with such a statement. Let us all pray that we keep the ember alive. At least let us all strive to perform Sandhyavandanam at least once everyday. That should help keep the spark alive. Just as a lone spark ignites our gas-stove, similarly this lone Sandhyavandanam in a day may help our body and soul burn with the desire to perform it thrice a day and encourage us to perform thousands of millions of Gayatri Japam in our lives. Only the Grace of Sri Mahaperiyavaa, the Blessings of Vedamata Gayatri, and that of Rishi Gautama to rule us out as an exception outside of his curse upon the Brahmins as written in Sri Devi Bhavatam!

  • Panchanathan Suresh - 11 years ago

    And three times in the weekends and holidays. :)


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