Should The Movie Bully Be Rated "R"?

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  • clout2k - 8 years ago

    The comment below me won.

    The only argument i could see for pg-13 is I don't think teachers would have to have waivers from the parents in order to show it to their kids in class. Could be wrong depending on the school system though.

  • E.Long - 8 years ago

    I wish it was something I could do for those poor bullied young men....I wish I could hold each and everyone of them in my strong arms. As I stoke their hair and wipe their tears and show them how a real man can care for them. Their young tender(so tender) emotions need some love and attenion.

  • Anthony Tatum - 8 years ago

    I think they should have left the rating as R instead of going with the it being unrated because it will limit the amount of screens where the movie can be played. I remember going to see Schindler's List in Jr. High even though it was rated R. The same thing could have been done in this case.

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