Fox's 'Fringe' on the bubble....

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  • dawne - 8 years ago

    It keeps me wanting more i always look atfringe the old and the new thats how much i love it

  • Merlynwzrd - 8 years ago

    Fringe is one of the most intelligent and innovative shows on television today. The cast is amazingly good and have developed into such a tightly knit ensemble that losing any character, even though he/she may have a counterpart, feels like a personal loss. If it's to deep for you, go watch Ringer instead. But leave me my Fringe!

  • Terri Maiore - 8 years ago

    I absolutely love Fringe and have watched it from day 1. I have never missed an episode. The writers have by far the best scripts on TV and their choice of actors are incredible. FYI, I am 68 yrs young and love and have always loved well written Sci Fi. Thanks guys and FOX, how about getting some balls and listening to the viewers for once!

  • Ronni - 8 years ago

    My partner watched the first season of Fringe in February and became instantly hooked! We caught up to Season 4 within weeks. It is by far, the best show on television today and it is up there with The X-Files. Fox needs to let it go one more season and then allow it to end gracefully and with closure. I need my Fringe fix!

  • weesy - 8 years ago

    Fringe is my favorite show and I can't believe Fox would cancel it. I also like Tera Nova which they didn't even give a chance. I believe they are out of touch with their audience.

  • James - 8 years ago

    Keep it. Fringe is my favorite show on tv today. I tell my friends, "if you want to go out, it's either after 9pm on Friday when Fringe is over, or we'll go out Saturday." I ain't missing my Fringe.

  • nancy - 8 years ago

    love this show .it is different from the regular shows.det.comedy,soaps. great cast.friday nights needs this series. definite keeper!!!

  • Kaye - 8 years ago

    Fringe is the best show on TV and should be renewed for season 5.

  • maja - 8 years ago

    fringe is the best show on tv. it gives one many things to think about and try to work out. time travel is fascinating to my husband and me. the fact that we constantly talk about what exactly is happening is a refreshing change from the utter stupidity of most shows on tv. we like things left to our imagination and it's so fun when we think something is one way, but it turns out to be not a'tall what we thought it was. i've read that john noble and anna torv want the series to end with season five. if that's true, i hope fox will at least let there be a season five so they can wrap up all the storylines to logical conclusions. that's the least they can do for the fans.

  • Larry - 8 years ago

    There are only a couple of shows worth watching on TV anymore, and Fringe is at the top of my DVR list. All of the Sitcoms are crap, and between Person of Interest and Fringe, there just isn't enough well written, creative, one hour dramas on the air. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL FOX THAT ONE LAST SEASON WILL GO A LONG WAY... Then you can take the station into reruns of cartoons and sitcoms...... Fringe is a gem and hasn't come close to losing it's lustre yet!!

  • Jayne legaspi - 8 years ago

    I consider myself fairly new to Fringe, but I heard so many good reviews I decided to netflix every episodes starting season 1. Lo and behold, I love every moment of it. I love it so much I had to watch every episodes twice! Twice! Fringe has the number one priority on my dvr.
    Just a shout- out to my favorite character Olivia. Thanks, Anna Torv.

  • Simon - 8 years ago

    Best show on tv, among my top two or three of all time. A rushed, or premature, ending would be a travesty. Deserves a full fifth season to close things out properly.

  • Jordan - 8 years ago

    Definitely keep - this show is one of the greatest on television. It would be a terrible shame to see it go, especially if a proper satisfactory end for the fans wasn't drawn up. I think a Season 5 would be a great way to end the show on a high with a satisfying ending tying up all the loose ends. Don't drop it now.

  • The Observer - 8 years ago

    Fringe needs to stay. I find myself so absorbed with the characters and their lives, and I need to see it through!

    Fringe a has a cult some of viewers, just like Supernatural, or Vampire Diaries. Just because the entire world isn't watching doesn't mean it has to be cut! Costing Fox too much money? Hullabaloo, it is!

  • Steve - 8 years ago

    one thing, 13 episodes is illogical, it will be 15 or 16 away from 100 after this season, which means it can be sold into syndication. This is the best chance it has at a renewal. I feel like if they renew it, it will be a 16 episode final season, or a full 22 episode run. They have no reason to do 13. Love the show, my favorite on TV currently, want a renewal.

  • SamLynx - 8 years ago

    Fringe is amazing! Apparently 92 percent of people see this and the other 8 percent has either not seen it, got confused so they stopped watching, or have only seen a few episodes...which isn't usual because one episode makes you want to watch as much as you can.

    I honestly believe cancelling it would be a huge mistake since there has not been anything as in depth as this show is in every category. It's a go-down-in-history kind of show!

  • Sasha Dearing - 8 years ago

    Fringe is consistently intelligent, well acted, and well written - with a loyal following of viewers. I don't understand why it is even under threat.

  • Angela Morales - 8 years ago

    what kind of question is this?! of course KEEP fringe on air!!!!!! IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!

  • Nicholas - 8 years ago

    FRINGE is an absolutely terrific show. Not only does it have an intelligent, thought-provoking story, but it's got the most realistic characters I've ever seen. Anyone with sense knows that if it gets a 5th season it'll be the last. And, as much as I like this season, I don't want the show to end on this note. Not only that, but the writers obviously aren't gearing up for a proper ending. If it gets cancelled, we'll more than likely be left with something akin to season 3's finale. In this case however, I fear that it's Olivia's death awaiting us at the end of episode 22. We don't need that.

    This show is such a moving, intelligent, and unique story that it deserves a proper ending. It doesn't need a cancellation that leads to a comic book finale. That won't give us what we need in an ending. The end won't be the end unless we can absorb the actors' performances, take in the cinematography, enjoy the direction, and hear Chris Tilton's magnificent music. A comic is no way for it to end.

    FRINGE needs a proper ending. The only real ending will be the one at the finale of season 5. I only hope that Fox understands that this show is one that transcends the Nielsens and needs to be the first of a new generation. The Nielsens should no longer dictate all; not when the show has devoted fans all over the world and so many like myself watch live in the U.S. and aren't counted.

    A 5th season is the only way for the show to end. It's defied what seemed 100% certain in the past; once more is all we ask. FRINGE is a show about breaking boundaries. It would only be fitting that our fan passion should change the way success is measured.

    Season 5: the only true ending for FRINGE.

  • Michi - 8 years ago

    Fox should KEEP Fringe for as long as the wonderful writers and cast want to tell stories. While I love the "recontextualizing" to which you refer, new universes and timelines are not necessary to make Fringe probably the best written and most compelling show on network television. The characters (both those in our universe and the ALTuniverse) have sufficient emotional depth and interesting back stories enough for several more seasons of thought-provoking episodes. I just hope the powers that be at Fox realize how rare what they have is and renew the show.

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