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  • warren - 4 years ago

    right so im gonna put it plain and simple more viewers want a season 2 than those who don't and its completely unfair to leave everyone on a cliff hanger you at the very very least need to release a film showing what happens nice and quick to end the story its like starting a book but realizing there is no last chapter

  • Armond - 4 years ago

    I Just Got Done Watching Season 1 And When I started looking for season2 and i found out it wasnt going to be one i was sad mad mixed emotions how are you going to stop it right their that really good we dont know whats going to happen to them i really asking from my heart please keep the show and when i say this i really mean that show is and will be a top hit if you advertise it more now not to be rude in any kind of way but yah are stupid if yah cut that show cut the same boring shows such as vampire diarys and other boring shows give other people a chance make a whole new rack of new show new season this is the time to be happy that was a great show and im really about to cry because its gone i begging you please dont cancel that show please porfavor i got to know whats going to happen

  • Isael - 5 years ago

    The viewers obiosuly want more of the show.

  • Isael - 5 years ago

    You should not cancel this show. You can still make it. We haved given you a bunch of reason why you should quick it. Just imagine all the viewers you will get. So what if the budget is it enought make it work. You are really going to leave the show after everything you spent on it. Yeah it will be late but it's better than nothig. I beg of you put it on air again. The show is too good. Return it plz we all beg of you.

  • auri - 5 years ago

    they should put it also in italia uno the second serie its fantastic

  • lance - 6 years ago

    this film has been on my mind since day 1 I herd it was cut I haven't miss a single episode ive only just come across this site with comment many people have forgotten the show but many people still want to watch it so please bring it back because so many people want to see it again so PLEASE BRING IT BACK :'(

  • cola - 6 years ago

    If they cut it I will suicide.. I really mean it.. I just can't Live without it...

  • Vukasin Dajic - 6 years ago

    Peas please PLEASE keep it!!! i love this chance and i really dont have any idea why it shouldn´t been kepd!

  • Saman - 6 years ago

    hi...Keep it pleas
    this series so nice and i dont know why you decide ti cancel it.
    i am waching and wating .............
    خواهش میکنم که این سریال رو کنسل نکنید

  • pringle - 7 years ago

    This TV show brought me and my family close for the first time we actually sat down and watch a show together and laughed , so coming from a 15 teen year old I am saying KEEP IT PLEASE !
    thank u

  • vontae - 7 years ago

    keep it

  • Natasha Hill - 7 years ago

    i just started watching the serires online this year and i cam to the end of season one and then found the program had been shut down i was so let down one of the best tv serices i have ever seen its right up there with pretty little liars and the vamipre diarys defo think the secret circul show be put back on tv

  • tsc lover - 7 years ago

    I luv dis show lyk hell!!!! It has to be kept...cuz its tge best show EVER!!!!!!

  • cinderella - 7 years ago

    itz an amazing deserves a second chance...people love this show...just please..keep it..please..

  • Chelsea - 7 years ago

    Keep the secret circle it is one of the best shows ever and a lot of people will be really sad to see this show go. This show deserves a second season please keep this show going it's amazing.

  • Gaby - 7 years ago

    please keep the secret circle its really awesome and entertaining. I love the Vampire Diaries but i also love the secret circle. so please just keep the show!:)

  • alexa - 7 years ago

    ok i LOVE secret circle and i want it to stay on i dont want it to be cancelled but also everyone that is saying that all the vampire diaries fans are the people that want it cut are wrong and make me so fuckin mad cause I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES WITH ALLLL ME HEART but i also love the secret circle so ur wrong for saying that the vampire diaires are wanting it cut!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fia - 7 years ago

    You HAVE 2 keep the show! Its so good, it kept me wanting more and i still do. We need the second season, theres still so many questions needed to be answered. I will fight at nothing to make the show stay!!! FOREVER, keep the circle bound :)

  • Nikki - 7 years ago

    Please keep this show going!! It should be added to the ABC Family dramas...I love this show

  • Lizzy - 7 years ago

    WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bring it back please dont cut it!! its one my my favorite shows and i was so excited for seasson 2 and this happens!! What the actual fuck! Please Please Please

  • Kari - 7 years ago


  • mario - 7 years ago

    please keep it i love it, i love it. please dont cancel it this has been the best show i have watch in a berry long time. i really love this show!. Keep!!!!!!!!^^PLZZZZZ!!!!!

  • Fan of the Secret Circle & The Vampire Diares - 7 years ago

    Hi, um dosn't The Vampire Diares already have about 4 seasons? I really do like the Secret Circle and I would Even LOVE it more if you kept it.

    SUGGESTION (PLEASE READ): I think that the CW should play more of the newer shows ans slowly put the older ones later; and consider cutting them because we get so MANY GREAT new shows and see almost a NEW episode every week! While with the other shows, theres usually never any new episodes to them because the actors are done with the series (sometimes); there mainly re-runs and get kinda BORING after awhile..SO PLEASE CONSIDER KEEPING THE SECRET CIRCLE AND MY SUGGESTION! THIS IS ONLY A SUGGESTION SO DON'T GET OFFENDED AND ETC. Thanks!

  • Petra - 7 years ago

    I really love The Secret Circle! And these actors are incredible! And i Cassie and Adam wont be together anymore, i think. I just want it back. I have ever watched a show like The Secret Circle ! i hope im wont be the only one.

  • Bonnie Saffi - 7 years ago

    I no longer watch ABC because they took off my soaps. Your next CW, if you don't bring back the Secret Circle.

  • marie - 7 years ago

    Keep it I love it thanks

  • alanna - 7 years ago

    I think that you should keep it I am sick and tired of all the sappy vampire crap!

  • cheryl - 7 years ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not cut the secret circle. I love the show and right when it was really getting good just leave it on. PLEASE it would be different if you had no viewers but you do look at all the people whos trying to keep it on.

  • maxbelford - 7 years ago

    Come on we already have shows with witches in them. the secret circle is boring and really should be cut.

  • natalie - 7 years ago

    you need to reconsider the people who decide what shows to keep and what shows to cut if this show does end up being cut, clearly by 85% this show needs to stay!! by far the best sries i have watched!!! so 'on the edge of your seat' amazing, brilliant and unpredictable!!!!

  • Tita98 - 7 years ago

    The show is awsome you should keep it. You would be crazy if u cut "The Secret Circle". It would be very disapointing to loose such a great show.

  • christal - 7 years ago

    The secret circle was the best show.i love the actors if you put your mind to it and make the story lines the best it could be even more thrilling then should not cancel the show it will break alot of hearts ssoo please dont.

  • Abbie - 7 years ago

    Secret circle was my fave show and still is I really miss my nights in with a pillow and Ben and jerrys. Don't see why they stopped it. It was a great storey line and was about to get even more exiting there are so many story lines that can be done after the last eppisode Very annoyed and won't it back !!!!!

  • Abbie - 7 years ago

    Secret circle was my fave show and still is I really miss my nights in with a pillow and Ben and jerrys. Don't see why they stopped it. It was a great storey line and was about to get even more exiting there are so many story lines that can be done after the last eppisode Very annoyed and won't it back !!!!!

  • breeeee~yo - 7 years ago


  • fatima - 7 years ago

    i find the secret circle better than any other series i love it! maby its time to pay attention to the people that are asking to keep the show,i want to see what happens next...its just so amazing more episodes should be made like this, it isnt typical american series, its like so amazing!words cant describe but you should listen to all these people fighting to keep... plus you would get more views & great money involved it wont be a loss because many people have rated for it to keep also if more networks decide to keep it would be cw' s loss, like with other episodes Ringer,H8R...
    please keep the secret circle, i never watch tv shows or anything like that but this was different..

  • Tt - 7 years ago

    Please please dpnt cancell secret circle me and my family loves that show its interesting i want to see what happens next ive been waiting for the show to come back on dont let this happen

  • Jacklynn Harris - 7 years ago

    The Secret Circle is a exciting show that Me and my family love to wache

  • Ronney Harris - 7 years ago

    Secret Circle is cool and I love the show along with my family. Please we want to see season 2 please put it back on.

  • Kaysha - 7 years ago

    Please for the love of all that is interesting in this world keep the show going!!!!! There are very few things in this great big world of fiction that can leave me breathless and screaming at my television each episode. And I do not believe that there is a number for how many times I've cried. So, please, I beg of you keep this show on the air!

  • Chelsea - 7 years ago

    Keep it!!! I've read the books at least 10 times and the show is even better! I want to see more of Adam and Cassies relationship and whether Diana returns!!! Pleeeeeease keep it! Surely all these people asking to keep it is enough?!

  • Po - 7 years ago

    Oh please keep The Secret Circle. I can't describe how much I love this series. It is just so awesome. You know what, you cancelled it when it was getting so good! I really want to see how it continues so PLEASE PLEASE KEEP it....I am waiting forward to see a next episode, yes a new season. Thanks

  • michele moussa - 7 years ago

    two words KEEP IT i have no idead why you would cancell this show it is amazing and i am inlove without i just watch and watch this show over and over i have watched each episode like 5 times i know there diaolge off by heart please dont delete this i really like it :)

    i tip or something i want more in the series more jelousy with cassie and adam and jayke i love that triangle love jelousy thing put as much as you can please and please make the series come out soon not in like months i want it like next week PLEASE KEEP IT

  • We LOVE THE TSC - 7 years ago

    +We are love TSC please keep it

  • gaeel - 7 years ago

    keep it . i like it.

  • arjin eminoğlu - 7 years ago


  • Arjin Eminoğlu - 7 years ago

    pleeaaasseee İ love it this is greaat keeep it

  • sh - 7 years ago

    please keep it...i love it. please please please keep it

  • Megan - 7 years ago

    this show should not be canceled as i'm hooked on this show and i would stink if you cancel it at a time when most of us know there should be another season they way that the finale ended.. please keep this show going.. Thanx (a fan of the tv series)

  • ZOE - 7 years ago

    this show shouldn't be cancelled at all the thought shouldn't of come to mind it is a brilliant show and you will be letting down a lot of people if you don't renew it And you obviously don't goive a damn about you veiwers or you wouldn't of cancelled it in the first place you sooo should KEEP TSC .....!!!!!

  • Roger Carter - 7 years ago

    KEEP IT it is the best thing other than NCIS on tv and this is from a 59 year old who thinks tv has gone to the dogs

  • Lizzie - 7 years ago

    I'm so excited about the season 2! I can't wait to watch it! I LOVE The Secret Circle. Has such a good story and also great characters!
    Please keep it!

  • MINA TYLOR - 7 years ago

    Keep it, enjoyed every bit. Much better than lots of other stuff that continues.

  • mario - 7 years ago

    it must continue as tsc and the vampire diaries are the best series for me

  • KAzHOang - 7 years ago

    Please keep it ... It's amazing ... i hope see it again

  • Iftode Andreea - 7 years ago

    Please keep TSC..we love this serial and we want to continue..

  • samiam - 7 years ago

    The Secret Circle has some great ingredients, including a fine young cast of developing actors: especially Zylka and Tonkin. Blending the generations using more seasoned actors works well and the finale ended with a provocative tease of great cliffhangers. Get some Buffy writers in to finesse the scripts and this could also end up as a classic re-run series.

    To kill The Secret Circle after only one series seems like a shortsighted waste of talent and shows a lack of imagination. Fantasy series need some time to find and build an audience - even Buffy and Angel were constantly shifted around and left hanging.

    The Secret Circle is not without faults but these are all tweakable - give it another series at least.

  • abdul0529 - 7 years ago

    keep it !!!!!!!! er love it plissssssss jaaaaaa i love the secret circle

  • ann - 7 years ago

    plx keep it...dont cut it...plx is a amazing show....

  • I - 7 years ago

    They have to KEEP ITTTTT!!!!!! the show can't just end like that !! It's to many secret's and mysteries that we don't know...

  • Nina - 7 years ago

    KEEEPP!!!! ITT!!!! Need my favouriteee showww! My thursday nights wouldn't be the same anymore if it got canceled! KEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!

  • Melissa - 7 years ago

    KEEPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, I Love The Secret Circle So Much ! I Can;t Even Explain. :) Please Don't Cut It !

  • Carrie - 7 years ago

    KEEP IT!!! I Love this show. This and TVD are my two favourite shows. I practically count down the days until it is next on and will be soooo disappointed if it is cut. KEEP!!!!

  • Cake fan - 7 years ago

    Come on! Keeep iiit!!! I will be so sad if you cut it!!!

  • Effy - 7 years ago

    KEEP IT! since Nick has been shown on the TV show it has been getting way more action! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!

  • Season - 7 years ago

    Please please please keep TSC!!!!! I love this series!! It needs a second season too much still to see to end it after one season!!! Love Thomas decker!

  • georgina - 7 years ago

    i would really love it if they kept this show i look forward to watching it and finding out if people ar gonna survie and if their magic is getting better, i love this show so much they really should keep it on, its on of l.j smiths best creations i think this is better the vampire diaries for the secret circles first season :D

  • Zubair - 7 years ago

    KEEP! My favourite show on tv ! The people that are voting to cut it are MAD ! Keep it please !

  • Zubair - 7 years ago

    KEEP IT!!! The people voting to cut , are just vampire diaries fans ! KEEP THE SECRET CIRCLE ! THE VAMPIRE DIARIES ALREADY HAS 3 seasons ! KEEP THE SECRET CIRCLE PLEASE !!!!!!

  • Ash - 7 years ago


  • jack - 7 years ago

    The people that are voteing for it to be cut need to fuckoff .. i love this show and so do loads more people so if u don't like it just don't watch it.. simple?

  • Rebecca - 7 years ago

    Keep, ofcourse! I love the show and I really don't want it to end! There will be no exuse if you cut the show! The Secret Circle is briliant and it will be a disaster if you cut!!!!

  • Victor - 7 years ago

    Thius is an amazing show. It's the only thing that keeps me sain in the world I live in. Honestly, I owe a lot to the show. It is the best series out there. Please don't let it be cut. Please.

  • Titus - 7 years ago

    This is one of the best series i've watched ever. Everyone who want to cut it, must be crazy. You have to keep it.

  • Taylor - 7 years ago

    The producer and executive of The Secret Circle have seen the acting ability of Joe Lando and capitalized upon it. Joe steppecd in and brought the show to life. It is amazing how many different characterizations he can play. He can add so much with a serious look or a smile. At times his eyes even sparkle.

  • Jen - 7 years ago

    I´m from Germany and we don´t have the show here. But it´s amazing and i love the secret circle. I can´t stop watching the episodes online and can´t wait until the next one will be online. So, i agree please KEEP!!

  • mike - 7 years ago

    are you fcking serious you are going to cut that amazing series .. serious keep that series in the channel i am a cinefun ,seriesfun and thats is the second amazing scifi and drama series after the ''terranova'' ... the ''vampire diairies'' is nothing vs the secret circle you could be reach only if you keep that lovly series plsss dont cut it ... you would be crazy to cut ''the secret circle'' is the moost pefrect and amazing of all the times i want to grantzz and the director for that wonderfull piece of my life ;p

  • ross - 7 years ago

    u have to keep it. Im hooked i watch it from uk. To halp with viewers i think u need to advertis it a bit more because i didn't c the ad i came across it by sitting on the control and as soon as i c it i was intrigued it was like karma i've been hooked ever since plzzzzz dont cut it

  • Rain - 7 years ago


  • Mabel - 7 years ago

    I love the secret circle. I got hooked on it since the very first episode! Cw would be crazy to ban it. This is my favorite tv show.

  • Kath - 7 years ago

    I must agree that the secret circle is one of the best shows i´ve seen in a long time. I´m hooked, just like i was with gossip girl, still are with vampire diaries and it gives me a twilight feeling. The romance between Cassie, jake and Adam really takes me back to reading the twilight books. It would be a shame to cut this program, since it really has potential!

  • Artattackher - 7 years ago

    I love the Secret Circle. CW can't cut it! You have to KEEP it!!

  • I Love The Secret Circle!! - 7 years ago

    Please keep The Secret Circle! It's my favourite show! I love all of the drama and suspense in the show! This is a very creative theme for a drama and I think that The Secret Circle could become really successful. I honestly believe that the show could be as successful as The Vampire Diaries. The CW would be insane to get rid of it!

  • Abby - 7 years ago

    You HAVE to keep The Secret Circle! It is my favorite show ever! The CW would be crazy to cancel it.

  • OMNOMNOMNOM - 7 years ago


  • Chris Dy - 7 years ago

    keep the show!!

  • kalikito - 7 years ago

    keep it to make it more consistent (more continuity) and give some more exposure to the grown ups (Gale Harold in particular) whose talents are sacrificed to please the teen audience, but who give more density to the show

  • Nat - 7 years ago

    Since John Blackwell was added to the show there has been more spark. He has been on The Secret Circle for about half of the show. His character has been able to pull the show together. Before he was added the show not not have a focal point.

  • Dawn - 7 years ago

    It would be very disappointing to loose such a great exciting show which has much more to still offer. There is a lot there for making more very interesting shows!

  • georgina - 7 years ago

    KEEP KEEP por favor es una de mis series favoritas CONTINUENLA !!!!

  • Mandy - 7 years ago


  • tessa - 7 years ago

    the show was good! i love it! you should keep it! maybe the story needs improvement.

  • vasoline - 7 years ago

    This show is a waste of time so it has to be binned.

  • vaso - 7 years ago

    you would be crazy to cut ''the secret circle'' !!it's amazing!!!

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