Should the federal government be forced to preserve data from the scrapped gun registry?

  • Brad - 10 years ago

    Why is everyone still beating a dead horse? The LGR is gone and so will all the out of date information that came along with it. Period. It's the law!!! It's seems the farmers, hunters and sport shooters have come together, voted a wasteful program out. Imagine if that $1 billion went to cleaning up the streets......they would be pretty clean right now!!! Pull your heads out of your *sses and start making some positive contributions towards your country. You might see it as that right now but you will thank the law abiding firearms community for it. Now that being said it is time to start focusing on the "REAL" criminals. Re-open up the gun ranges in Toronto so Our Police can get some target practice in. Instead of gangs practicing in back allies getting more practice in then our police force for god sakes!!!!! THIS IS JUST THE START OF THE BIG WAKE UP CALL CANADA!!!!!

  • paul - 10 years ago

    to jeff any person who believes that the police go to a residence ,not taking precautions because there is no weapons regestered there is right out of their minds.
    police ,who attend to calls enter every one ,on cautiion and saftey.
    long before the police ,go to a residence they ,most of the time know whos there and wether they ar violent.
    any domestic is extremely dangerous,you have more of a chance if getting injured with a knife than a long gun.
    if a person waants a weapon you can get one on theblack market anytime you want ,and i can guarentee it will be either stolen or a smuggled weapon from the states.
    gun smugglers dont bring in sporting arms ,they will be of the military type,hand guns which by the way have always had to be regesterd.
    and further more if the weapon is stolen its entered on cpic as such.
    so when the police run the numbers it will show up as stolen.
    its obvious you know nothing about police work nor have you ever encountered a situation involving weapons ,or dangerous people.
    the requirements to even purchase a fire arm is to have a pal or an fac,so the people are already regesterd ,like duhhhhh.
    its been a waste of time efort and money.
    the original cost was to be 85 million that is a far cry from 1 billion ,think about how much medical assistance could have been paid for.
    mmore people are killed by impaired drivers than anything else shortof war.
    if the crown and courts were not so gutless,and just enforce the laws we have ,instead of making deals ,with the criminal.
    all you bleeding heart liberals make excuses for them ,say they suffer from ads, fetal acohol
    or some other thing that its in their heritage,or they are not guilty due to their mental abilities are more guilty of putting the public at risk than any law abiding sports man.
    i was in law enforcement for 21 years and i can tell you this i was in more danger dealing with viiolent drunks and people on drugs than i ever was dealing with the people who own firearms.
    if there are hand guns in a residence the police already know as if they are legal they are regesterd anyways.
    so why dont you bleeding hearts climb back in your shell and keep believing that the regestry is keeping you safe.
    look to the guy whos pushing drugs ,child pornography and drunk looking to kill someone on the hwys.
    just think of a drunk shooting down a hwy,its only a matter of time till he kills you ,me or one of our family members.
    i know all of you will say oh the poor guy/woman has had a tough life,its not their fault.
    they suffer from some form of mental illness.
    so wake up and see where the real danger is.

  • aj - 10 years ago

    Im a soldier who served this country with many weapons in its arsenal, the long gun registry even any registration at all is foolish. its just another way for the liberals and NDP and Now Quebec based judge? last i checked the this is Canada not Quebecistan. have any of you people who are against destroying the ever been outside your cities? ever hunted for food? this is CANADA the second biggest country in the world. and yes guns dont kill people , PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. thats the first thing i was taught in the army, firearms arent weapons THE HUMAN BODY is. the North cant be proud and free if were a bunch of sissies who still operate on the "guns should be controled" idea.

    4 years canadian army.
    immigrant from 3rd world country.
    I vote and i care for this country.

  • Mike - 10 years ago

    @Al...the biggest bold faced lie was that the LGR would not be used for confiscation of legally acquired and legally registered property.

    The AG's report that you quote, you do not actually post the real name of the report. It is not called "the gun control program". Who's bold faced lying now? Or are we just fact twisting in order to serve an agenda...must be liberal.

  • Grant - 10 years ago

    Nancy! That is the most uneducated comment I have ever heard. The police will find murderers the same way they find murderers with illegally owned firearms. After all 99.9% of gun murders in canada are committed with illegally owned guns anyway. If you care any look up stats Canada and you will guns are not the REAL issue in this country. It's knives and edged sharp objects. 3 out of every 5 murders every year in Canada are with a edged weapon. 1 out of 5 is murder by blunt object. And the other 1 out of 5 is by firearm which 99.9 percent of the time is traced back to smuggled over the boarder from the US because of their lax gun control! So who wants serial numbers on kitchen knives? I think they should be registered!

  • cgn - 10 years ago

    Quebec can hardly argue the destruction of data is unconstitional when they themselves have not even signed it. The data must be destroyed as per Canadian law. If you don't agree then you are free to leave.

  • Fitz - 10 years ago

    Scrap the data. (1) It will be out of date in short order. Out of date data is worthless. A gun sold a several times that gets used in a crime will lead the police back to the old registered owner first. They will likely get a search warrant on that basis alone and tear the home apart. (2) Info was provided to Federal Govt. with certain conditions and expectations of privacy. Privacy Act. Now a group wants to grab the data and use for another purpose...maybe with the same purpose but maybe not. Once they have it, they will use as they seem fit over time. It will turn into a system that your name on an old list will make you guilty until you prove yourself otherwise. (3) The non-firearm public doesn’t understand hunters & shooters. We treat the firearm as a sporting device—like a tennis racket. The anti-gunner only sees them as “weapons”. That is a huge divide. For example, you may have a shotgun, that you don’t use anymore and a buddy has been eyeing it and simple says, “Hey Fred, how much you want for that gun?” The deal gets struck and that is that. No thoughts on either part of crime, maybe shooting some Trap or Skeet at the club, maybe some hunting. It happens all the time. (4) Criminals use unregistered and illegal guns. (5) Mandatory sentences for using a firearm during a crime are the first thing plea bargained away by prosecutors so they can get assured of a conviction of a crime.
    Go after the true criminals. Unfortunately when they get caught, the same socialist anti-gunners cry that the poor criminal didn’t eat broccoli as a kid or wasn’t hugged enough. But when it comes to hunters & competitive shooters—they are all deranged subversives that can’t be trusted with firearms. It is pretty sad how gun owners are guilty were as it’s not criminals fault.

  • Dave - 10 years ago

    You have to destroy it. You can't have out of date info that is still being used. period!!!!
    As soon as you sell a gun you don't own it anymore but the info says you do. This could be more dangerious for the police and citizens.
    The registry never did what they thought it would and was only imposed as a political agenda for voters...

  • Al - 10 years ago

    RE::Jeff - 20 hours ago

    It amazes me how little the opponents of eliminating the long gun registry, actually understand what it is. If they actually knew anything about, and what it cannot ever do, (the one thing it can do is get police killed for believing it), it is readily apparent it is an utter waste of time, energy, paper, and astronomical amounts of money.

    What it does is make you solely responsible for that long gun registered in your name!!! Without the registry you can now sell any long gun you have to anybody including a criminal without any fear of that gun being traced back to you should it end up at a crime scene.


  • Al - 10 years ago

    The biggest bareface lie that has been told over and over and over is the cost of just the long gun registry part of the gun control program.

    Here is the facts and the real truth about how much the whole program has cost!!!

    From March 1995 until March 2005 total 10 year cost for the whole gun control program was 946 million. Source A.G.'s 2005 report!!!

    This cost included start-up costs, hand gun registry, long gun registry,licensing gun owners,gun safety courses,background checks!!!!!! It was not just the cost of registering long guns!! THE LONG GUN REGISTRY WAS JUST ONE PART OF THE WHOLE GUN CONTROL PROGRAM!!!

    It wasn't cost free to register hand guns and license gun owners BUT THAT IS WHAT THEY LIED TO YOU ABOUT!!!


  • Sue - 10 years ago

    If hackers can hack into the Pentagon, they cetrtainly can hack into the long gun registry information. Honest long gun owners who complied with the registry should not
    have outdated information floating in cyberspace. Get rid of it.

  • durian - 10 years ago

    What's to be gained in destroying the Gun Registry? Nothing significant.
    Who will cheer the loudest if it is destroyed? ... the US based American Rifle Association (and its affiliates) ... Yeah! ... another victory for the rabid right.

  • Keith - 10 years ago

    In reply to Nancy:

    Nancy, if we assume for a moment that your "may have been killed" is true instead of hypothetical, why would you think the law abiding citizens who have registered their guns are the same people who would use them in illegal acts like murder?

    If there are murders using long guns (Like the Rozko shooting of the RCMP in Mayerthorpe) it is generally an unregistered weapon that is involved, in the hands of a criminal, not a law-abiding citizen.

    A registry would not and did not affect the outcome of that case.

  • Keith - 10 years ago

    There is no value in retaining out of date, incomplete, and unreliable information. Despite what the police leadership have been saying publicly, active police officers have never relied on the data, preferring the practical approach that every potential call out involves guns, and acting accordingly to safeguard officers.

    On the other hand considering the political fallout from the Marc Lepine situation (no amount of registry if in place would ever stop a determined individual bent on violence, but don't try to sell that in Quebec) I suppose it is political points they are trying to score with the Quebec voters.

    As a compromise I would say give the Quebec government what they want to make the headlines go away, and see how much they actually use the data later.

  • Eric - 10 years ago

    The government spent millions building a gun registry so police force can access it when trying to identify the owner of a gun during investigation. To not require people to update it, is one thing, to destroy it, it's another. Keeping the registry for at least a few years, it will provide relatively up-to-date information on guns to help our police force for a very little cost. It would also preserve the investment for creating it in the first place.
    The government cannot destroy emails, documents, agreements and other work related information that could be used in court in the future. The same should apply to the gun registry. It is information collected, that still has value for a few years. The government should not be allowed to destroy it.

  • Jeff - 10 years ago

    It amazes me how little the opponents of eliminating the long gun registry, actually understand what it is. If they actually knew anything about, and what it cannot ever do, (the one thing it can do is get police killed for believing it), it is readily apparent it is an utter waste of time, energy, paper, and astronomical amounts of money.

  • Peter - 10 years ago

    or they may have been killed by a let's start a knife registry. Or they may have been killed by a baseball bat so let's start a baseball bat registry.

  • Nancy - 10 years ago

    Yes because of the murdered and missing aboriginal women,they or some may have been killed by a long gun and if gone how will we find the murderers?

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