Should Lou Ferrigno have been fired?

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  • patricia - 8 years ago

    Lisa should been gooooneeeee!!!, she is rude, ugly as a person and has so much envy and jeoulossy towards the young girl Dayanna. plus she has no respect or education.....

  • Menalinda - 8 years ago

    Lou should not have been fired. Trump was wrong. Lou gave his honest opinion. Lisa should have been fired. She has a foul mouth. She is negative and rude. Can't stand her. She is mean to Lou and Lou did not deserve it. He tried to get them to use different angle for commercial but they didn't listen. This was a very annoying episode! This is my honest opinion.

  • Brittney - 8 years ago

    As I look back on that comment, I had a lot of typos...and bad spelling.. excuse me, I'm still in middle school....but yeah GO CLAY :D

  • Brittney - 8 years ago

    Lous should have deffinetly NOT been fired! Trump made a HUGE mistake! Lou was honest and COMSTANTLY neglected by his team members. When ever he attempted to throw out ideas that could have given hem a better shot at winning, Lisa rolledd her eyes and Dayana isgored him. Lisa is a FOUL creature who shouldn't even be allowed on celebrety apprentice because this show is for MATURE people, not people who won't shut their dirty mouths and use insulting language towards people like "f*** loser" she had no right to loose her temper like and use such innapropriate words towards lou AND Dayana just because s she didn't agree with the person who was fired. I hate her and I hope she's the next one to be FIRED! On the other hand, team Unanimous did a great job and I'M TEAM CLAY TILL THE END

  • Jeanne - 8 years ago

    I am so pleased to see y'alls opinions that Lisa is just plain unacceptable! I would never want her to be associated with me in anyway. I don't see why Trump would want to be. I believe she is the worst of people I have seen in quite awhile. If Trump does not see her mean, deceptive person that she is and how she damages the Show, and allows her to go on as is, I predict folks will stop watching because we don't want to hear her viciousness anymore. I noticed on this website that viewership is already on the decline. I'll give it one more week. If not corrected there is no more need to watch. Lisa will destroy everyone and win. End of story.

  • tyler - 8 years ago

    Lou missed his chance to expose Lisa for the overbearing, crude boor she is.

    Lisa kissed up to Project Manager Dayana in order to manipulate and control the project. Dayana let this happen despite having been called a "F-ing loser" by Lisa the week prior. Because of Lisa, Dayana repeatedly ignored Lou's suggestion to "move the camera" to better demonstrate the product. Dayana shut out Lou and had no concept of his suggestion. As a manager she made no effort to draw the team together and instead relied on Lisa, the very person who views her as incompetent. As a "teammate" Lisa should have supported Lou's suggestion and used her strong intellect to convince Dayana of its merits. Instead she used the opportunity to further ostracize Lou. The other teammate, Penn, may have supported Lou's input but had a prior commitment and was not present for the production shooting. Lou needed him as an ally but needed to establish and maintain his support much sooner. Consequently there was no team support for Lou and it caused damage and friction.

    Dayana was the project manager but Lisa was calling the shots and setting the tone. Dayana needed to embrace Lou's fundamental film and marketing advice and draw the audience in by using better camera angles. Had she put the camera over the couples shoulders and shown how easy it was to navigate the product's website her team may have won. Unfortunately their skit looked like a high school production, single dimension and plain. Lou was right, the other team's skit was visually intriguing, narratively effective and overall just better.

    Lou understandably got frustrated because he was poorly managed by Dayana and continually neglected by his teammates. Nobody supported Lou during the entire production and he was treated like an annoyance. Worse, he was insulted and devalued by Lisa. This all makes for good TV as "The Apprentice" does not focus on exposing derelict management and instead fixates on blaming the perceived "weak link" in order to create water cooler gossip. Art imitates life as the show mirrors today's corporation and the lack of ethical standards. In the name of profits (or ratings) it is blame, blame, blame and only the strong (most vocal) survive. Tough to compete if you have a hearing disability and need an extra moment to process it all.

    Unfortunately Lou was the target of it all, it was the perfect storm. Nobody was taking time to listen or validate his input. He tried several times then lost his cool in the boardroom and was further discredited by the loudest and most discourteous person in the room, Lisa Lampanelli.

    It is a good lesson for all; don't let emotions get in the way of the bottom line at work. Lou needed to speak up when it counted but was passive during production and perceived as weak. He had very good input and vision but got neglected when the team failed to work as a unit. Dayana should have had his back during production. She knew how difficult it was to get an opinion across while working with Lisa Lampanelli or Dee Snider. She unwittingly sold out to Lisa's form of manipulation.

    My biggest concern is why the Trump's could not assist Lou at any level, even when he walked into it eyes wide open. I know it is a shark tank but the show simply let him get eaten alive by Lisa . He needed reasonable accommodation so he would not get shut down verbally by his own teammates. How can anyone remain calm and patient while being berated and disrespected? Shouldn't the Trumps employ some kind of management philosophy regarding boardroom ethics or is there such a thing? It is entertaining but is it worth agitating a gentle giant with such intentional provocation?

    This is the modus operandi of corporate America, blame and fire the least productive despite their untapped talent and unsupported potential. Good management starts at the very top but we are seeing less and less of it in the workplace, the classroom or the boardroom. We want immediate im

  • neal - 8 years ago

    The hard working and cooperative women were fired one by one. Then, the day of judgment came to the bitches (Aubrey and Lisa). The men will not put up with their B.S. The men realize the worth of Dayana and Patricia. They would have also appreciated the contributions of the women who have been fired when it was men vs. women.

    Lou's contributions were too narrow, however. The men treated him with kid's gloves. He deserved to be fired.

  • Matt - 8 years ago

    Lisa can be so annoying how she points everyone else's mistakes out loud while she silences her own with a bad mouth reply or put down to whoever goes against her.

  • Chu - 8 years ago

    I will only read recaps until Lisa is fired. She is ugly, negative and a very poor team player

  • Bob - 8 years ago

    Well said Vicki

  • vicki - 8 years ago

    I believe Donald Trump was wrong with his biggest reason for firing Lou. If he wants a YES man then he was right in firing Lou. When I ask for an opinion, I want the trueth not someone that will lie to me. As an example: I am a Coke person, but yet I find Pepsi commercials better than Coke's. If I was on the BOD of Coke and while viewing our competitions commercials and I asked the other BOD's if they felt Pepsi has better commercials than Coke, I would expect an honest answer so that we could excel against our competition.
    Lisa outright lied in the boardroom stating Lou gave no input but yet Dyana admitted that Lou suggested a camera shot of the web site of Lou also stated that he suggested that someone within their team should be in the commercial.
    (It was not made public at that time commented on the fact they did not use any of their team in the commercial.)
    Episode after episode, it is hard for other team players to get a word in edge wise with loud mouth Lisa who suffocates other team players ideas. Also episode after episode Dyana always stated the "Manager" should be fired because at the end of the day, no matter what, the "Manager" is the final decision maker, but this episode, when asked if the "Manager" should be fired she said NO.

    I stand behind Lou, for being honest and not being a YES man, and that is the type of person I would want on my team.

  • liloleladi - 8 years ago

    Lisa is a royal pain and has a foul, awful mouth that never shuts up. She is extremely lacking in integrity and flips between throwing folks under the bus and/or brown-nosing them. I am surprised she suddenly proclaimed to not be as foul mouthed and folks who have shown patience with her for weeks more than most folks would. Hey, Lisa, your ego is unreal, imaginary just to you. Go home and lose weight and clean up your mouth and attitude.

  • Laeda C Parker - 8 years ago

    NEVER NEVER NEVER have I made a comment on a computer before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But now I must for the sake of everyone. NEVER PUT LOYALTY BEFORE HONESTY. You made a huge mistake Trump. I raised my family on honesty. My son is an ex navy seal, he now is a K-9 police officer. My daughter is a blood splatter expert with the CSI division of the Illinois State Police. You may lose friends from loyalty as long as they are honest WHO CARES. Will I watch next week ??????????????????????????
    Lareda Parker

    8778 Quail Dr.
    Belvidere Illinois 61008

    P.S. My husband is a police officer and a minister. HONESTY BEFORE LOYALTYY
    You taught your children wrong. MY dad said said Honesty is everything

  • mexigal - 8 years ago

    Lisa is such a big mouth. She rolls her eyes and makes such ugly faces!

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