Should fireworks sales be banned in Alhambra?

  • Richard - 9 years ago

    It would be interesting to determine who the majority of the 75% who voted No on banning would be revieled & I can bet that they were members & friends of the non-profits that use fireworks to raise funds; I can bet they got together & made sure all their members & friends voted No. But I also like Mr Baltazar's idea that city council should stop charging fees for youth non-profit groups for use of city fields/schools - maybe then all would agree to stop firework sales...something worth considering

  • Karla Alvarado - 9 years ago

    I'm concerned about the use of illegal fireworks in Alhambra (and adjacent Monterey Park). This year (2012), the noise of loud explosions coming from all around the two cities was out of control, and I didn't hear police sirens rushing to stop what sounded like illegal-grade fireworks. My family stayed in this year because we didn't feel safe to go outside -- the smoke alone was irritating. The use of illegal fireworks is dangerous and their unauthorized use should be more strictly enforced. Which leads me to ask, if legal fireworks were banned in Alhambra -- and I think they should be -- what good would it do if the use of illegal fireworks is not sufficiently enforced?

  • Gilbert Baltazar jr. - 9 years ago

    Its very easy to sit behind a council table and decide the fate for non profit organizations & others who depend on non city fundraising. If the city wants to band fireworks then they should band permits & fees that youth organizations have to pay to use city fields/schools!!!!!!

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