Are you OK with comedians using the N-word?

  • Daniel - 8 years ago

    Who cares? A word only affects a person if they choose to let it do so. In-other-words, you would have to be a n****r for the word n****r to upset you, just a I would have to be a ch**k in order to be upset by the word, and as I am not, I don't.

    The people who get upset by these words are also the same people who want other people to help them or blame others for their failures. Time to take responsibility for one's self.

  • lance - 8 years ago

    liberals are the only ones uptight about saying nigger, so liberals just stay home and stay out of everybodys hair.

  • Ron - 8 years ago

    With so many black people using "That Word" towards each other I can't see the logic in calling it a hateful word.

  • whitey - 8 years ago

    the n word is banned in most legit standup joints.

    the only place i've seen the n word used is on television by other black comedians.

    this article is pretty bias. its always an epedemic, or a major problem.

    When i was in 2nd grade i was telling pryor jokes to my classmates. i wanted to be pryor.

    not all white comedians want to be jewish like seinfeld. we really want to be black, like tiger woods.

  • djcj - 8 years ago

    Comedy is truth. Truth can make you laugh and truth can make you hurt. It's up to everyone to manage their own feelings. Comedy should be the same for everyone. Everyone is not going to be the same for comedy. If comedy hurt you, then comedy isn't for you. You may need to work things out before you are ready for comedy. This might sound dumb but let's say that the color blue makes 4% of the worlds population sick to their stomach. Do you start an advocacy group to get the scientific community to change the color of the sky? No, you wear sunglasses or get contacts. If something in comedy bothers you, don't go. As far as the N-word, anyone, any COLOR should be able to say that if it's in jest. The same goes for any ethnic description. I'm a Mic, Redneck, Injun, Frog. Call me that in a joke and I'll laugh. Try to belittle me with it and you'll cry. I'm responsible enough to know the difference. I don't have an axe to grind.

  • Thomas Malfeasance - 8 years ago

    It should be used anywhere, at anytime, by anyone for any reason. It's a WORD! Get over it and get over yourself. How insane is it that some argue that they can use it, but others can't? Doing so feeds the cycle of discrimination by claiming that "we are different than you, so we should be judged differently and have different rights".

    Here's a good rule of thumb when trying to decide whether or not a rule is fair:
    1) Applied to everybody the same way = fair
    2) NOT applied to everybody the same way = UNFAIR

  • Tina - 8 years ago

    The N-word is just a word. The slave owners used it as a label ,back in the slavery days to label their black slaves. Today we still use it to label ourselves. If you look the word up you would find a different meaning all together. Everywhere we go we here it or say it ourselves. As people we get so quick to jump on a subject we merely know anything about. We are so fierce when someone other then black call us a N#$%! why? Why is t ok? Well If you are ready to attack Billy Bob then attack Jerome because he is wrong as well but then like I said in my opening statement it is a word that is a label. I know who I am. I am not a N99@!, I am a colorful beautiful hazelnut crazy for Christ, homegrown and raised in Mississippi(yes the Sip) living life to the fullest in the crazy world mother of two awesome bi-colorful daughters that shine each day army wife:) Love you America

  • Doc - 8 years ago

    The 'N' word is not acceptable anywhere, even on a comedy stage. Why cannot our own people in comedy stop using this most hurtful of words and follow Richard Pryor's lead once he made his trip to Africa. Why are not people as upset when someone like Bruce Bruce, or Mike Epps, use this in their comedy, but you vilify Michael Richards for using it. Double standard? It sure is!

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