Has Cesar Millan's training tactics gone to far?

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  • anita - 7 years ago

    I have tried everything to be able to walk my dog without him pulling, and since watching ceaser millan i can now walk him without being pulled and drag, i have watched his shows and the end product is great.

  • Kev Stokes - 7 years ago

    I think some people need to look at the whole picture,by the time that Caesar Milan gets to work with these dogs, the owners have often tried all of the alternative methods.many of the owners featured on Caesars programs have allowed their dogs to become dominant and the only way may be to go back to basics.You cannot put Coojo in the "naughty step" and withhold his pocket money, if he was a Hyena he'd probably laugh at you.
    Get real , If you have followed all the series you would see there are many solutions to the same problems faced by all dog owners.

  • Sydney - 7 years ago

    This is a terribly irresponsible article completely misrepresenting Cesar Millan. He is extremely skilled at working with some of the most aggressive dogs I've ever seen. I absolutely do not believe in hurting an animal for any reason and the good thing is, neither does Cesar. He is NOT kicking the dogs, he is tapping them with his foot to distract them. We all know that dogs, as well as children, can make nothing look like something bad. You describe some of the dogs in this ridiculous clip montage as hurt and upset when in fact they are simply surprised by the touch of something opposite from where their attention is focused so they jump and squirm but are NOT hurt. You even go so far as to state that based on his body language alone he most likely kicked a dog in the snout so now you know what goes on when you don't even see it for yourself?! You should be ashamed of yourself. Too many ignorant people might be persuaded by your misrepresentations and you would be to blame for spreading what amounts to lies about a good man who has done amazing things for dogs and their families in helping them stay together instead of "difficult" dogs ending up on death row. And it's not the "mother's bite," it's the mother's grip. We've all seen wild animals lovingly carrying their young gently in their mouths, that's what he referring to. It doesn't hurt the dog; I've used it myself with an aggressive dog when I didn't want to get bitten and I was able to lay him down and then stroke him and talk to him calmly to the point where he relaxed and rolled over submissively - and walked away happy. I can only hope that people can tell from your whole spin on this and the way you've expressed yourself, that you are misinformed and willing to spread nothing more than cruel gossip. I urge you to learn and only speak to what you truly know.

  • rogerb - 7 years ago

    If you have a basicallysubmissive dog, whose only aim is to please you, then reward-based training is possibly all you need.
    But if you had what I have had for the past 8 years, a spirited, strong-willed dog, a Belgian Malinois(Shepherd), bred for protecting and dominating herds of animals, you would discover that there were times when the dog would be set on doing something 'inappropriate' and that SOME sort of 'correction' was essential. Mine is a 'puller' and, after many fruitless hours of attempting to 'reward' her when she walked on a slack leash, I bought and used a top-quality prong-collar, as recommended by someone with 30+ years of raising similar breeds. Before fitting it, I put it on my thigh and pulled it tight ... it hurt a bit and left slight indentations in my skin. When I put it on the dog, she, as usual, pulled ... just once! Since then her on-leash behaviour has been near-perfect ... she is clever enough to realise ... as people do (one hopes) ... that 'bad behaviour brings consequences'. She is still a happy, , lively dog, with a loving temperament, but she no longer 'takes me for walks'.
    Of course, most of her training ...Sit, Stay, Come, etc, is reward-based ..... 'good training', IMO, is what is appropriate for the situation and the personality of the dog, a mixture of (mainly)'Rewards', and occasional 'Corrections'.
    Pretty much like raising kids .... I have 3 daughters!!

  • stacy - 7 years ago

    First of all, well done to adriana for your comment!
    Cesar is absolutely brilliant and knows what he is doing, he doesn't actually kick any dogs! What , are you people like completely stupid?! Obviously some people do not have a clue what they are talking about!! If you don't understand dogs, or dog training, or cesars methods then u really should leave well alone! I read one previous comment where someone said something about dogs that had cesars methods used on them and it ruined their lives!hmm a bit OTT there maybe? That comment really did make me laugh! As an experienced dog owner,dog walker and pet sitter, and volunteer for the rspca I fully support cesar millan :)

  • Jules - 7 years ago

    I think it's a case of "sour grapes" from the author. I am an experienced dog owner and professional dog walker. I use Cesar's main principles of "calm assertive energy" and guess what - they work! Don't tell me the author has been able to control a full blown dog attack from an off lead, antisocial animal and "just ignore the bad behaviour"! Utter tosh - grow up and embrace positive methods.

    I never condone cruelty or dog abuse, but agressive, out of control behaviour has to be stopped immediately. A dog cannot rationalise after the event and recognise it was unwanted behaviour because it was "ignored". Please don't preach - a well balanced dog needs calm and confident leadership!

  • Amy - 7 years ago

    I cant believe poeple think these methods are acceptable, I work in a dog training and dog rescue centre, in the rescue we have had a seriously vicious german shepherd, we didnt get in her kennel for 2 weeks, all we did was throw her treats and show there was nothing to be afraid of, after 2 weeks, i walked in and clipped a lead on her, then over the 3rd week introduced her to 8 other members of staff, yes she cannot be homed into an active family home but she is very happy in a security business and loves he new owner, at no point during her re-hab did we use any force or have to defend ourselves!!!! We also have a poodle and an old english sheepdog who had ceser millans methods used on then and not they are terrified of been handled, they ar living at the centre with us because his discusting methods have ruined their lives!!! I will never even thing about accepting the way he treats a dog, Maybe it is a little tab, but in the gut where obviousble it is sensitive, and pinning the dogs will only make them more afraid of humans, e.g collar shy, grooming, bathing etc. Maybe his method will solve dog agression/scared of hose pipe etc (although i dont believe they will) but will only make trust in humans worse.

  • DogLova - 8 years ago

    He uses some POSITIVE methods like feeding them after doing good. BUT he dont want to spoil the dog so he will make the dog do it VOLUNTARILY (he don't cause pain he wants the dog trust him)

    Think about your son or daughter that is spoiled if you over do things and no discipline.

    Would you hit them or you let them spoil at your blessings?

  • Adriana - 8 years ago

    HE DOES NOT KICK DOGS. He just TOUCHES them in order to distract them and stop the unwanted behaviour. The dogs are not in pain. PERIOD.

  • peppy - 8 years ago

    so wrong - humans have such large complex brains and people STILL think a kick in the groin is a solution - no wonder most of us are afraid to go out after dark. My third dog has never had a no, he has choices, and he truly is a best friend willing to work and play whenever i ask. no 2 dog had 4 years if soft leash corrections to heel and still has only 50 % trust even after 6 years of niceness, my first dog got the wrong end of the stick - my actions/responses/training/lack of knowledge meant an isolated life and it was in her twilight years when i finally found the wonderful world of great trainers like Karen Pryor, Kathy Sdao and Bob Bailey that small changes came about - I would give a limb to have our time again and give her the life she deserved. Most of us do more reading on our next holiday destination than about the 'little alien' we share our lives with and then resort to drastic measures once we've stuffed everything up. I do believe there are a few recalcitrant Killer Whales looking for new trainers Mr Millan....

  • Krille - 8 years ago

    Consider the clip, cut from several seasons with several episodes, each episode a longer period compressed to about half an hour. If Id to make a clip over the years on me shouting at the kids or them fighting each other the way the kicking clip was done, Id probably have the socialofficials paying a visit... How do dogs do? They eg. push, bump, tackle, grab when raising or correcting, fights excepted of course. Theres no need to kick behaving animals, but those redzone stuff need proper approaches, Ive got a few unbridled attacks from loose (from every point of view) dogs and at least once the only defence I had to protect my own dog was a kick to the moon - another dog came from behind, unprovoked, and just bit and hung hard in his ass.

  • Scott - 8 years ago

    It really is painfully obvious that Anna Jane Grossman is jealous of Cesar awesome success.

    I would love to see her attempt to train the very vicious and aggressive dogs such as the Korean fighting dog "Jonbee" That dog almost won the struggle with Cesar. Anna Jane Grossman would've come out of that fight shredded to pieces!

  • Sanna - 8 years ago

    "positive reinforcement" works perfectly fine when you are dealing with puppies or nice balanced dogs. Cesar treats RED ZONE CASES, the one everybody else (dog trainers, veterinarians) have given up on and suggested to be put down. I rather "kick" the dog than kill it.

    It´s not "punishement", something Cesar himself is very clear about if you have watched the shows (but of course is easier just to say "he´s kicking the dogs" - bad man). Punishment comes from frustrated, angry energy, DISCIPLINE comes from calm, assertive energy. The first does not work to rehabilitate dogs, the second one does. And by judging of the hundred, thousands of dogs that have been rehabilitated to calm, balanced dogs by Cesars or his methods IT WORKS!!!!!

  • Sandra - 8 years ago

    Cesar's way of training is correct. It is quick and to the point. DOGS ARE NOT HUMANS!!!!!!! Their mind set and way of thinking is completely different and yes they think just like WOLVES, WOW what a shock they think like a CANINE. He is just in the public eye. There is no abuse in his training. You only see him work with extreme cases of difficult dogs, the worse of the worse. For all of you that feel his way is abusive then you should take YOUR training techniques and work with these SAME dogs and put it on video for all to see you, let see how long it take you to fix the dog or what your outcome will be. I encourage ALL training types because not eveything works for everybody. But don't condem someone elses training style until you can step into the SAME situations as they are in.

  • Dr Sarah Millsopp PhD - 8 years ago

    There is no excuse to use punishment when reward-based training can do the same job. When we say "no" or "ah-ah", or tap our dogs, or kick them indeed, we are attempting to stop them doing something. This is punishment. It is much more humane to reward our dogs for what they get right. I have never had to punish any of my pets, as they learn so well through reward-based training. If you are having to resort to scaring your dog or hurting them through jabs, shock collars or kicks, then you have to ask if what you are doing is fair on the animal. To live in fear of punishment is no life at all.

  • Sidhad - 8 years ago

    He only gives a touch with his foot in order to keep his response immediate and relavent tothe dog.
    A touch with the hand would do, but be later and a consequence, less relavent to the dog!
    I strongly think that the author is way out of line in this matter!!
    I have had dogs all of my life.
    I have NEVER abused any animal!!

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