What does your quilting space look like?


  • ruthiequilts - 11 years ago

    Bwahahaha... You are a woman after my own heart!!! I must be very, very, very creative!!! LOL!

  • Connie Fowler - 11 years ago

    My quilt room is a mess! I would love for it to be organized, but it is too small - I have run out of places to put things so that they are easily accessible. I always have several projects on the go...and leave stuff for each of them in a upcycled plastic zipped bag that my sheets came in - at least that way they will be less dusty! ;)

  • Sybil - 11 years ago

    I used to be like you - but over the years, probably as I've found more time to sew, I am 'relatively' neat. About once a month I try to tidy everything up, put things away and do a good vacuuming to keep the dust bunnies under control.

    During the summer, I sometimes get a lizard or two in my little house so I keep things MORE tidy then (so they have less places to hide). I once had a possum come down the chimney - talk about scaring the crap out of me when I discovered HIM. Now.....don't you wish you lived in the bush? ha!

  • Mary - 11 years ago

    Same here. My room is a mess. I have piles of stuff everywhere. And I have projects lined up ready to go. And I have about 5-6 projects going right now. Makes no sense to clean up my UFO's and jump right back in it again. I never learn. lol

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