You Must FOREVER Give Up Either Chocolate or Butter. Which Do You Give Up?

  • Terry - 10 years ago

    I give up chocolate, because without butter you can't have MARMITE ON TOAST. And you can't have any kind of life without marmite.

  • Wafflebot - 10 years ago

    Chocolate, easy, because I don't really like it.
    Butter, OTOH, is the reason why I'm training my body to ignore it's lurch towards increasing levels of lactose intolerance.

  • Beth - 10 years ago

    I love butter and all its works. I have eaten butter more recently than I've eaten chocolte.

    However, there are ways to replace it; oil in cooking, tapenade or garlicked olive oil on bread.

    But nothing subs well for chocolate. Nothing chip cookies would NOT be an OK substitute, and anyone suggesting butterscotch chips (which have their place in the world!) or (choke, good Lord!) carob will get a sneer.

  • Pepper Thorn - 10 years ago

    That's an easy one! Chocolate is a staple in any good and sensible diet. There's no way you can give it up and continue living a normal life. Butter on the other hand I already gave up years ago. Easy.

  • evolet0680 - 10 years ago

    I choose to relinquish butter.

    For one, I hardly ever have it in my house. I noticed last night that the empty tub from a month ago is still sitting in the butter place to remind me to ...purchase butter.....oh well. Clearly we don't use it. I guess olive oil, Mrs. Dash, and fresh herbs and spices are all we use. Apparently, I don't have any salt, either. Hmmmm.... Don't misunderstand me-- I do like butter....

    Two: substitutes are usually foul, like margarine. Flavoring a plastic by-product to taste like butter to skip a few calories....a by product that was meant to fatten farm animals....icky and wrong! Even with the strides made, I'd rather skip them than add a chemically created product to my system.

    Third: I do love dark chocolate. A sprinkle here....a bite there....a dipped piece of fruit....And in small quantities the 70% plus cocoa is good for your body. I don't remember butter being all that great for you. But I could be wrong.

  • Vicky - 10 years ago

    I choose to give up butter, because chocolate tastes better. It seems kind of pointless to me, because most chocolate goodies are made with butter!

  • Simon S. - 10 years ago

    Margarine is a much better substitute for butter than carob is for chocolate.

  • Arachne Jericho - 10 years ago

    I'm allergic to dairy, so already gave up on the butter and milk chocolate. Dark chocolate without any milk I can still eat, and I must take my pleasures where I may....

  • José - 10 years ago

    I'm not sure I understand the question. I'm not sure I *want* to understand the question. Butter. No, chocolate. Butter. Definitely butter. I think. Maybe.

  • Nell - 10 years ago

    I'm a hypoglycemic, migraine and IBS sufferer. Chocolate is poison to me. It contains sugar and PEA, both of which exacerbate one or other of my conditions.

  • The G - 10 years ago

    Has to be chocolate, because of all the amazing things you can make with butter, and which just don't taste as good if you substitute olive oil or margarine...

  • James - 10 years ago

    Chocolate because I can't put it on vegetables. Or maybe chocolate-covered broccoli is a thing. Somewhere.

  • Popsiclemud - 10 years ago

    I do really like butter, but I already substitute margarine most of the time anyway, so I'd rather give it up than chocolate.

  • Sue Burke - 10 years ago

    I'm from Wisconsin. How can I give up butter?

  • Krau - 10 years ago

    I'm Spanish, we use olive oil instead of butter for pretty much everything.

    Except cake, but the cake is a lie...

  • CJH / esper - 10 years ago

    I am told that nearly all chocolate is made with butter as a significant component..
    Consider your options carefully if this is the case...

    Meanwhile, I note that I can fry with chocolate-butter, but have yet to meet anyone who has learned to fry using only butter-free chcolate. Sorry chocolate, we had some good times together, eh?

    (Young-ish child resembling me attempted to pop corn without use of any butter, oil, oleo, tranny fluid – NOTHIN' at all of the suchlike... child learned a lot during the next year's futile efforts to de-carbonize the aluminum skillet used for this misguided undertaking.)

  • V - 10 years ago

    I'm very picky about my chocolate, and I bake a lot. So it's the chocolate that's going. I've pretty much phased it out anyway.

  • Melissa - 10 years ago

    I've already given up butter because it's not vegan, but oh my, is there ever some tasty vegan chocolate in the universe.

  • Jennifer McGuire - 10 years ago

    :covetously eyes bag of half-price Easter candy under the desk:

    Butter. Because there is no substitute for chocolate.

  • Fred - 10 years ago

    I'm diabetic, so for the most part I've already given up chocolate! (Sugar-free chocolate may or may not be included as part of the 'give up' option, but although I do indulge in it now and then, I could give it up without too much concern.)

  • katharine eliska kimbriel - 10 years ago

    I had to give up all dairy, even the oils, and work my way back to them. I find that I miss chocolate a lot more than butter. Ghee takes care of most dairy allergies, and I use sesame and EVOO for most sauteing. Coconut oil works very well in baking, as does safflower oil.

    I'd miss butter, but I'd miss good dark chocolate more!

  • Derek Weese - 10 years ago

    Butter: Because I honestly don't use it that often even in cooking, so it wouldn't be that hard for me.

  • Adrienne - 10 years ago

    Butter, b/c I think my arteries would thank me. You can still cook with lots of other animal fat laden things (cheese, heavy cream). I love chocolate but I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I don't eat it all the time.

  • Mike - 10 years ago

    Chocolate Butter

  • David Hobby - 10 years ago

    Butter, since it's easier to replace with oil, etc. Carob is definitely NOT chocolate.

  • Migraine - 10 years ago

    Chocolate. Because toast.

  • Jason Cordova - 10 years ago

    See, I can live without butter. But chocolate... there is no life worth living if I can't have the sweet, sweet morsels that are uber-deliciousness and help with the prevention of domestic doom and despair.

  • Eithil - 10 years ago

    I already gave up butter and not chocolate by going vegan, and honestly, it's not that difficult. I like carob, but I imagine I would still find the opposite choice a LOT more difficult.

  • bookmole - 10 years ago

    Cooking options with chocolate are very limited.

    Butter? Scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms, creamy pasta sauces, gravy... mmmmmmmmm!

    And - @Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey - butter is not MERELY anything.

  • Taylor - 10 years ago

    I'd have to give up chocolate even though it would BREAK MY HEART. But butter is used in so many different things that I think I would miss it more. I want to be able to have cookies, stuffing, butter sauces, etc. Although chocolate is amazing it's just not as versatile as butter.

  • Curtis - 10 years ago

    chocolate, it negatively impacts more human lives than butter does.

  • Teresa Jusino - 10 years ago

    Chocolate is chocolate. But butter is in SO MANY OTHER THINGS I LOVE TO EAT. I would gladly give up one really good thing to continue to have a million other really good things. :)

  • Jean-Claude - 10 years ago

    Chocolate is one of the most complex flavors in the world. Dark chocolate is one of the most revered food items in my world.

    Good quality olive oil, schamltz, lard: several things can be substituted for butter.

    There is no substitute for good dark chocolate. None. Anywhere. At any price.

  • Alycia - 10 years ago

    I can give up chocolate but I can't give up creamy pasta sauces, cupcakes, decadent Italian food, cookies and green beans pan fried in garlic butter.

    Maybe it's just me being sick of chocolate after a very sugary Easter.

  • Nancy - 10 years ago

    Give up BUTTER??? Are you INSANE?

  • Heidi S. - 10 years ago

    Chocolate would have to go, because for me the best part of a Heath bar is the buttery goodness of the toffee inside.

  • Cat Hellisen - 10 years ago

    How do you cook without butter?

    Fare thee well, chocolate.

  • Hairless in Gaza - 10 years ago

    Give up butter? Do you REALIZE what you need butter for, in order to do it right?! Bread and baked goods; finsh for all kinds of meats, especially grilled; compound butters, to spread on your breads and grilled meats...

  • daikonpan - 10 years ago

    I actually don't like chocolate.

  • Memory - 10 years ago

    I chose to give up chocolate, since abandoning butter would mean NO BAKED GOODS EVER AGAIN, and I can't live like that.

    Three seconds later, I realized that I could've been uber-literal and decided to give up butter because I could just use margarine in its place.


  • Robin - 10 years ago

    I can live without butter but wait - are some chocolate candy bars made with chocolate?

    Have to have my chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. My day isn't complete without it.

  • Cairsten - 10 years ago

    If I kill the person imposing the choice, do I get to keep them both? Because I'm fairly sure I could live without that sadistic soul much more easily and happily than giving up either of these...

    But if I had to, I'd give up butter. I can live with margarine. You are not sticking me with carob for the rest of my days, however.

  • Mer H. - 10 years ago

    It's butter or chocolate... well, pie crust is actually better made with lard, but absolutely nothing you would normally use chocolate on is better with carob. Or whatever devilspawn you might try to substitute the chocolate with.

    Once I got my head around substitutions the decision was easy, but if you posited it as "butter and all butter like substitutes" versus chocolate, butter would blow chocolate away.

  • Jen D. - 10 years ago

    I would have to keep the butter. Even if cocoa is ruled as falling under the chocolate umbrella, butter is far more important in my cooking and baking. Now, if it was between butter and sugar I might have to think abut it a lot more.

  • Roshan - 10 years ago

    Tied at 50-50, shows you how bitterly divided this country is.

  • Caris - 10 years ago

    Butter is needed in baking while no chocolate just limits you baking options

  • marc sobel - 10 years ago

    There are substitutes for butter. Schmaltz for one.

    There is no substitute for chocolate

  • RoseClover - 10 years ago

    A simple choice, I already don't like butter ... so it's easy to give it up

  • Angie - 10 years ago

    I love chocolate, but I love the stuff butter goes in more.

  • Jo Crowfae - 10 years ago

    Organic butter is a key ingredient in so many of my best recipes that losing chocolate would be much, much, much easier. In fact I think my lemon curd is the only reason I get to reprise my cast roll at AZRF, LOL

  • David Michaels - 10 years ago

    It would be bad to live without chocolate, but you know what uses butter? Cookies, cake, and pie. Seriously guys, I can't go without those things. Also pancakes, and bagels...

    Yeah, I can't deal without butter.

  • sleipnir214 - 10 years ago

    It's a no-brainer for me: I'm allergic to chocolate.

  • Michael - 10 years ago

    Cocoa butter is still ok isn't it?

  • Ralf T. Dog - 10 years ago

    When is the last time a guy got lucky because he gave a girl 12 roses and a stick of butter. Chocolate can be much more effective.

  • Michael Johnston - 10 years ago

    I don't much love Chocolate, but butter is important. For one thing, chocolate spread over warm bread isn't as wonderful to my taste buds as warm bread & butter.

    Great. Now I need to make some bread. Dammit.

  • Thistle - 10 years ago

    Sigh... I'll give up butter. Not for margarine *shudder* -- but I can live with olive oil on my bread or jam on my toast. Not sure what I'd use for chocolate. Unless I can still have cocoa powder! No? Didn't think so....

  • Jeff - 10 years ago

    Chocolate. Triggers cold sores, so I stopped eating it some time ago.

  • tea - 10 years ago

    Oddly enough, I don't love chocolate all that much, but as others have noted, there are myriad substitutes for butter, and nothing yet matches chocolate. Unless, we're splitting hairs and can still have Dutch process cocoa? Then, I'll dump chocolate and keep butter and make those lava brownies...

  • yvonr - 10 years ago

    Either way, I'd have to be consoled, so must go with chocolate for it's anti-depressant properties.

  • Dylan Fox - 10 years ago

    Butter. It has many substitutes. Chocolate has none.

  • mgb - 10 years ago

    Don't care at all about butter. Don't even like it. Want my salty margarine back, but those days seem to be long gone...

  • Frank LoPinto - 10 years ago

    I don't eat chocolate

  • Jay - 10 years ago

    I'd give up butter. Yeah, I know - toast, sauce, creaminess, margarine kills you, etc etc etc. But we have a wonderful vegan bakery around here that makes me believe there are good butter substitutes, even for baking, but chocolate - well, chocolate. Just - chocolate. Chocolate fudge. Chocolate chips. Mocha drinks. Peppermint patties. Really, really good dark chocolate with really, really good Cabernet - mmmm.

  • Kevin - 10 years ago

    I have trouble binge eating a stick of butter.

  • Russ Cross - 10 years ago

    I've rarely used butter, just margarine. I'd never completely give up chocolate, even though I'm diabetic. As long as I get a little bit of chocolate once in a while, I'm good.

  • Lynne Thomas - 10 years ago

    I'd give up butter. There are replacements for it that create a reasonable facsimile for butter that I can live with (margarine, butter-flavor spray, etc.).

    There is no reasonable facsimile of chocolate that I can live with.

  • Zan Lynx - 10 years ago

    I would give up chocolate. I do like it, but I hardly ever eat it anymore because it usually comes along with a huge load of sugar.

    Butter makes everything better, as they say. I like to sautee things in butter, put butter on toast and make macaroni or other pasta with butter sauce.

  • Stace Johnson - 10 years ago

    Chocolate: Meh.

  • alumiere - 10 years ago

    I occasionally eat chocolate, but I doubt I could live without butter. Since I can't have anything containing soy, corn, coconut, most nuts or most preservatives when I need fat for cooking I can use olive oil, butter, or lard. And butter makes the best 'toast', fried eggs, and sauteed vegetables, so I eat a lot of it. Even before the allergies were discovered (a mix of testing and eventually an elimination diet) I couldn't stand the flavor of butter substitutes so I used real butter. Now I know the substitutes are one of the things that makes me sick so it's a no-brainer.

  • Shirley - 10 years ago

    Weirdly, I'm not that big of a chocolate fan (I say "weirdly", because my other female friends seem to think I should turn in my chick card).

    I cook a lot, and butter works better in both baking and stovetop cooking than any substitute that man has come up with (although I do use Smart Balance on my toast to get more omega 3's).

    I agree with the "butter has more uses" ... but truthfully, "buttery" is a taste that I'd miss more than "chocolatey".

  • Iris - 10 years ago

    I can give up butter, but not chocolate. I eat chocolate every day.

  • Keith - 10 years ago

    While chocolate is quite delicious, butter is so much more a multi tasker that I have to give molé forever. Besides, I figure the deforestation effect of the cow flatulation (since I'll be subsisting strictly on butter) will kill all the cacao bean trees anyway...

  • Eric - 10 years ago

    Butter. I've been much more satisfied with fake butter than fake chocolate. :)

  • Amelia - 10 years ago

    I use butter substitute at home anyway because of my husband's casein intolerance. Carob, on the other hand, just sucks.

  • Owen - 10 years ago

    I love chocolate, but I use butter for a wide variety of things in my cooking. I guess that chocolate would have to go.

  • Beth - 10 years ago

    Butter is easy to buy from local producers and easy to come by. I could even make it myself. It's also essential to a lot of cooking, and far healthier than margarine. Chocolate is from far away, and is often produced unfairly and with a lot of human misery involved, not to mention all the environmental costs of processing & shipping. I love chocolate. But it's not a staple food, and it's not from here.

  • Amanda - 10 years ago

    I don't use butter a whole lot, but could never give up chocolate.

  • WaywardScooterGirl - 10 years ago

    Life without chocolate is just not worth living!

  • Michelle - 10 years ago

    I eat things with butter every day, chocolate is an occasional treat. No contest.

  • j.r. murdock - 10 years ago

    I don't cook with chocolate. It's more a nice to have.

  • ChrisWalshNYC - 10 years ago

    I like chocolate, but there are waaaay too many wonderful things made with butter.

  • Fogeyman - 10 years ago

    I can give up butter. Chocolate cannot be replaced. Carob? No thank you.

  • Mage - 10 years ago

    Diabetic as well. Very easy to give up butter, particularly since I didn't grow-up eating butter. It was too expensive. Chocolate though, particularly dark chocolate doesn't have that much in the way of carbohydrates and not nearly as much fat weight for weight as butter.

  • Miles Archer - 10 years ago

    Hmm. Tough one.

    I think we could come up with an acceptable butter substitute more readily than a chocolate substitute. In fact, we could probably come up with an awesome butter substitute using the fat in chocolate.

    So I vote butter.

  • Nicholas Martin - 10 years ago

    Butter has far more uses than chocolate, so I would give up chocolate.

  • Tim Keating - 10 years ago

    Chocolate is terrible for your health, whereas butter is GOOD for your health. Easy.

  • Dave Bush - 10 years ago

    Butter is to some extent substitutable - Chocolate is unique.

  • DMC - 10 years ago

    I could always use some type of butter substitute but there's not substitute for chocolate.

  • Keri - 10 years ago

    No butter? There's olive oil. There IS NO SUBSTITUTE for chocolate.

  • Crystal - 10 years ago

    Lactose intolerant. Pity me!

  • Beth Reid - 10 years ago

    Oh god oh god oh god ... chocolate. I love chocolate, but without butter? No buttered toast with Marmite (mmm Marmite!), no toast with butter and cinnamon sugar, no buttered popcorn, no shrimp in garlic butter, etc. For baking purposes you could substitute lard in most things, but there are too many delicious applications where there is no substitute. I would miss the chocolate though.

  • Ron Grant - 10 years ago

    That is easy for me. I can't eat butter.

  • Risa - 10 years ago

    Allergic to butter so don't cook with it anymore - food tastes just as good. (with the exception of toast.)

    Also diabetic, but really gochocolate does not spike my sugar.

    Chocolate also has stress-relieving qualities and butter does not.

  • Jon Chaisson - 10 years ago

    I consider chocolate one of the major food groups. Plus it goes well with the other major food group, coffee. Butter? Not so much. [One of my friends actually made the mistake of using butter as a cream substitute for his coffee once, with unfortunate circumstances. Don't ask.]

  • Mule Face - 10 years ago

    Chocolate is an occasional treat. Butter is a basic staple. For those who think margarine is an acceptable substitute, try googling "excess omega-6 fatty acids"

  • Don - 10 years ago

    Tough choice, but I'm going to have to go with the "butter is in everything" camp and forgo chocolate. Now I'll banish all ponderings on a world sans chocolate FOREVER.

  • Matt in PA - 10 years ago

    I'll give up butter. If life is no longer worth living, I'll just use some margarine and die of heart disease.

  • Jeff Spindler - 10 years ago

    Not a dessert person, so I'd give up chocolate.

  • Dave Trowbridge - 10 years ago

    Should I answer this sitting in a lifeboat?

    I would rather give up surveys like this.

  • Sihaya - 10 years ago

    I would keep the butter. I could happily live my whole life without chocolate if there are fresh oatmeal cookies, snicker doodles and shortbread in the world (and a good shortbread needs real butter).

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