Which Do You Like Better?


  • Paul - 11 years ago

    Things have substance! Things have character! Stuff is fluffy, inconsequential. They never made a horror movie about stuff, did they? Or a superhero?

  • Dave Bergfelder - 11 years ago

    I tend to buy Things and collect Stuff. It also seems that I always have more Stuff. I think that in time, Things will turn into Stuff, but the reverse doesn't seem to happen.

  • BJ - 11 years ago

    Stuff is more fun because it can stretch to multi universes, include other levels of reality, hide out in the cloud, include feelings and meaning, whereas things, though dazzling, are Generally confined to 3 dimensions. I like multidimensional stuff.

    Had any visits from other universes lately?

    What do you think about Heinlein's idea in a couple later books that when authors invent a character they exist in an alternate universe, either in a Pygmalion creation way, or maybe that the writer was just picking up on them with help from a muse. I like to think Oscar Wilde is hanging out with Earnest and Ernest. That's good stuff.

    Speaking of which, I am female, over 40 and I loved John Carter. Why do you think it did poorly? I am flummoxed about that, even though I do not own Disney stock. You have probably blogged about this but I haven't seen it.

  • Cel - 11 years ago

    Stuff, I mean come on, how cool is that? We're *made* of star-stuff right?

  • bjgger - 11 years ago

    Stuff is stuff, but Things are THINGS!!!

  • Kelly - 11 years ago

    I'd like to be able to say I like things better than stuff, but since I have so much STUFF in this house, it's obvious I prefer stuff. Or that stuff just shows up in my house and I don't know what to do with it. Things... I know what to do with things.

    Dang, maybe I should change my answer.

  • Eric - 11 years ago

    It's obvious. Stuff's cool.

  • Bill Leisner - 11 years ago

    Have you ever heard of Double-THING Oreos?? I rest my case.

  • Todd Lucas - 11 years ago

    I prefer Things. They are the objects that I touch and use every day, the objects that I might think about when I don't have access to them, objects that "count". Stuff is the garbage that's cluttering my house that I wish I could just sweep directly out of the closets and off the shells and into a Dumpster, but can't because someone feels it needs to be sorted through, lest we accidentally lose any forgotten Things camouflaged by the Stuff.

  • Jean-Claude - 11 years ago

    "Things" are more finite and are countable. "Stuff" is more wide-ranging and can include non-tangibles.

  • Joyce - 11 years ago

    I'm with Melodee. Also, you need stuff for stuffing.

  • Eamonn McQ - 11 years ago

    Things aren't what they used to be, and besides, you can have the stuff of legend.

  • Peter Snede - 11 years ago

    "THINGS can only get better", but as Shakespeare wrote, "we are such STUFF as dreams are made on."

  • Melodee - 11 years ago

    Stuff makes pillows fluffier.

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