Send an e-mail/letter to your Congressmen asking for an investigation into Obama's eligibility, then click on your state and "vote" at bottom to register it.


  • Roger - 11 years ago

    It's not about his citizenship, but whether he is a natural born citizen, as the Framer's intended the term. That is, both of his parents have to be American citizens, which Obama's father was not.

  • Matt Morgan - 11 years ago

    Are you really this dumb? Republicans are so anti Obama, it isn't funny. Do you think with all the political and money power Republicans have, that if he wasn't really an American he would still be in office? Or if he did something that was so impeachable he would not have been impeached. He is a black man in power so I guess he is untouchable. Feel free to go her to debate me on any subject:

  • M. J. Owen - 11 years ago

    I ask you to Please investigate this matter thoroughly! Our constitution applys to Everyone!!

  • Roger - 11 years ago

    If we can get a fairly large number in every state to write in, we will have contacted pretty much all of Congress, just from this group "Impeach Obama Tea Party."

  • ed - 11 years ago

    the constitution is clear and must be obeyed and respected. POTUS does not obey it or respect it neither does the the socialist democratic party. anything and every thing he has signed or appointed into laws or mandates should be disqualified and or removed.

  • Anthony Baldin - 11 years ago

    He who makes the laws best follow the laws!!!!

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