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Posted 7 years.


  • Paparazzi - 7 years ago

    Why the hell did Ben choose Courtney!!!!?? I hated her sooooo much. He had lots o other women to choose from. He should have picked Nicki or Kacie.B. Courtney was such a bitch!!! There marriage won't last. Shows like this are the worst way to meet people. You don't get to know the real side of people. Boooooo Courtney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz - 7 years ago

    They deserve each other!

  • Artemis the Great - 7 years ago

    A marriage can't last with lies a deceit. A true marriage is based on honesty and trust. She has told so many lies it is amazing that she can keep them all straight. You can tell she is after money and looking for a sugar daddy. The poses with Ben are all for show. In real life (except celebs) most people do not pose that way for the cameras. If they get married I hope he has sense to do a prenup so that she does not take everything he owns. I can see her doing that.

  • Laurie - 7 years ago

    I cannot stand her! Never could. And quite frankly, since he could actually choose (and stay with) someone like her, the other girl in the final two is BETTER OFF. I can't remember her name now but I liked her and she reminded me of Tenley.

  • Lara Lawson - 7 years ago

    Hasn't poor Ben seen the show?
    She's an amazing and clearly practiced opportunist.
    Stunning woman, but...., so many buts.

  • Wendy Parker - 7 years ago

    She's obviously f@c&(n nuts mate, get a grip... !!!

  • BEVERLY - 7 years ago

    Does he not have a close friend, perhaps someone from the show that can sit with him and talk to him openly about what a liar she is...even her poses with him show she is only for herself. I've NEVER seen such a foney..feel sorry for him. Hopefully someone will be albe to wake him up !! Before this foney make a fool out of him.

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