Is Dave Aronberg playing dirty politics in state attorney’s race?

Posted 7 years.


  • richard briant - 7 years ago

    politics is a dirty job,dave should have been more careful.he not a person to fill such an important position.

  • patsy jawdy - 7 years ago

    I am very happy to give my opinion because this was a truth...not a dirty campaign.

  • Reginald A. Penney - 7 years ago

    Sick and tired of politics by the party(s), instead of by the people.

  • OBIWAN - 7 years ago

    Palm Beach County deserves the Dumbocraps they elect...

    ... no one got indicted for those voting machines found in the car trunk... oops, did I accidentally take them from the precinct and hide them in my car trunk???

    The property taxes keep going up ...

    ... with no effort to close the obvious disparity between Police and Fire making twice as much and getting four times as much pension as Teachers - who have twice the education and work twice the hours babysitting Generational Poverty Welfare Entitlementor 'GOVT kids' paid for with cradle to grave income redistribution!

    AND... good ole Dave will do nothing 'bout any of that either... just like his totally undistringuished 'career' voting against mainstream Florida Legislative accomplishments...

  • Substantiated - 7 years ago

    Did you last two posters read the same article that the rest of us did? Do you really believe that Aaronson and the rest of the corrupt power brokers acted on their own, without Aronberg's knowledge, to attempt to destroy Judge Krista Marx? I am so disillusioned by our local government after seeing such blatant corruption in action.

  • Nancy Parker - 7 years ago

    I could not agree more with "The Real Truth" response and believe the unsubstantiated attacks on Aronberg's character are the epitome of dirty political tactics.

  • The Real Truth? - 7 years ago

    If there is one thing that Dave Aronberg is NOT - it's stupid. One would have to be stupid to play dirty politics with record breaking fund raising numbers, all the important endorsements, enviable name recognition in the county and the strong support of grateful former county constituents for three terms as a caring, responsive state Senator. To do it against a Republican for a historically Democrat-held seat would be lunacy. Coming from a newspaper family with an award-winning journalist for a sister, I find it amazing at how consistently The Post has gone after Aronberg based on nothing but innuendo. In the meantime, the interim Republican State Attorney confirmed the problems Aronberg said existed in that department all along and The Post has been unable, or unwilling, to find out why McAuliffe left the way he did. Even to have this kind of poll without anything in the article attributed directly to Aronberg speaks volumes. Now if someone could just investigate The Post's agenda in all of this, maybe we'd have a real story to read.

  • Finally the Truth - 7 years ago

    Finally, the truth comes out. Next it should be reported that the Pill Mill "job" is just an empty position. Was Bondi's payback to Aronberg for Aronberg feeding her info on Gelber that won her the AG position. Local, state and federal cops and prosecutors, are the people who took down the George brothers and ALL the pill mills and bad doctors in PB county. It's despicable that Aronberg blatantly takes credit for this. Not the behavior of a someone we should elect.

  • Dave is a User - 7 years ago

    Dave Aronberg is a user of the worst kind. Before McAuliffe was out of office, he was talking to the Cop Talk radio show host Rick Sessa, the web host Mark Dougan and the Banner Man. He was also the guy who encouraged the newest Sheriff Candidate, Joe Talley, to run, because he didn't want to be the first to announce. now, now that he has announced, he hasn't called any of them to my knowledge. And once McAuliffe dropped out, he told Joe Talley he didn't want it to be known that he was talking to Talley because he didn't want to get the Sheriff mad at him. Yes, Aronberg and Sheriff Bradshaw are two crooks that are in bed with each other. If you need more information, just go to or to see the culture of corruption in Palm Beach County, go to - you will see the corruption at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Did you know Sheriff Bradshaw steals guns from evidence and commits other felonies? It's all documented there.

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