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Posted 7 years.


  • toni van der merwe - 7 years ago

    OMG i have fallen in Love with these books, im not much of a reader if im ho est but i decided to read 50shades and it took me only a week to read all 3 and when i had finished the third book i felt gutted there was no more to read! I want more of 50shades, its the best book i have ever read and i dont want it to end. The story really moved me and i felt like i knew ana and christian. I want more and would love to read the story again from Christian's side, how hot was the last couple of pages from his mind! Please please please do more!

  • caroline - 7 years ago

    I love the books. I have read them twice in the month. Sooooooo good. I think we should get all the books done from christian side. It was so much hotter reading his mind. Thanks for the great sex!

  • Helen Lilley - 7 years ago

    I loved all three boxes three times over, i can't wait for more please don't end the story part way from chrisitians side ...
    I have never felt such a connections with two charactes in a book before.. amazing...

    MORE PLEASE???????????

  • Mel - 7 years ago

    I loved ready all three books! I read them all in less than a week, I could not put them down!! I felt very connected to Ana and Christian as if I knew them it has really brought out some feelings in me! I would love a fourth book!!! Its like I can't get enough. I can not wait for the movie and I am positive that whomever they cast to play Ana and Christian will be completely wonderful! Thank E L James, absolutely brilliant!!

  • Constance - 7 years ago

    I love theses books i read all three in a week and a half.....i don't think Kristen and Robert would be do these characters much justice being that the are already Bella and Edward in everybody's mind. i think these character should be new fresh faces so that the story gains it's own super fan base rather then leaning on twilight.....but i definitely want more it would be nice to know what Christian is thinking to have the story from his point of view

  • k - 7 years ago

    I loved this book series. I would love to read from Christian's perspective. Please write more. Loved these books.

  • Ana - 7 years ago

    I never loved reading more! Thank you for the brilliant love story! Please write more!

  • karen - 7 years ago

    LOVED the books.I fell for Mr.Grey right off.hope to read more....

  • Stefanie - 7 years ago

    The movies should star Emma Stone and Jake Gyllenhall or Ryan Gosling. I definitely hope there are more books to come. Would love to read story from Christians perspective.

  • Rachelle - 7 years ago

    I have read all the books and i loved them i am attempting to read them all again :) I hope they can make a good film out of the books and Rob + Kirsten who play in the film.

  • Pam Pruitt - 7 years ago

    The three novels in the Fifty Shades Trilogy were definitely a must read. Exciting, strong story line, and hard to put down. I am on my third reading of all three books and each time I find something more within it's pages. This trilogy brought out alot of feelings, emotion, and a strong connection with Ana and her strong love for a man who felt undeserving to be loved. These were books you could definitely put your head around and I loved them. Great work Ms. James. Hope to see more from you. And yes, Kristen and Robert would be an interesting mix with this and an intersting fantasy to put faces to.

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