Do YOU think the Kardashian family has ruined Lamar Odom's career?

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  • Mich - 8 years ago

    Lamar ruined his own career. Khloe has went out of her way to support him, his basketball career, & his personal ventures. She can not go to the gym & play for him....his game started slipping with he was with LA that is why they traded his butt & his time with the Mavs was not impressive at all. I like Lamar but if he wants to make it in the NBA he needs to refocus on his skills & stop punishing Khole for his shortcomings.

  • biby - 8 years ago

    He is a grown man, and has his own mind, no one makes you do anything you dont want to do. He has a supporting wife. Everyone has the ability to make their own life decisions. If the decision is a bad one then learn from it and move on.

  • Melinda - 8 years ago

    I am a huge fan of Lamar and i am an even huger fan of the MAvericks. I was so excited when i found out he was coming to Dallas. No matter what Lamar dont let any one still your shine. Even though you're not a Mav anymore i still have much love and respect for you and Khloe. I will keep them in my prayers.

  • Elma - 8 years ago

    I agree totally with Mari!!!!! he is a grown man with a mind of his own.
    How can anyone blame Khloe - she has always had his back.

  • Mari - 8 years ago

    Lamar ruined it himself. Khloe has been there for him all the way; supporting an loving him.

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