In your experience, what kind of "mobile websites" do you create most often?


  • sobhi - 12 years ago

    Responsive webdesign is best for web based as well as mobile device. Responsive design is good for SEO perspective.

  • d0riZ - 12 years ago

    I think that if your website is functionalist with good UI experience, it works on all different devices. To achieve this, it's probably easiest to start from designing for mobile.

  • Steve Fenton - 12 years ago

    As a consumer I HATE being redirected to a mobile website, but I LOVE it when a website displays nicely on my phone. If responsive is done correctly, you get a tidy mobile layout and bigger text - if you have to zoom, it is a responsive fail.

  • QwikMobi - 12 years ago

    I agree, responsive is > no mobile presence....especially given the cost/effort associated. My problem is "responsive design" has become too mainstream and seen as "the" solution for mobile websites. In my opinion, if you have to use your fingers to zoom in on an item to see it is not "the" solution. A lot of responsive sites still need to be "zoomed".

  • VanHove Graphic Comm - 12 years ago

    We like the 320 & up philosophy. We just designed our first responsive site and plan to continue that way. We believe that all devices need to be considered as we build the site.

  • Martin Pagh Ludvigsen - 12 years ago

    Depends on the budget. Fortunately our clients often have a budget dedicated to the mobile part, which will allow us to create a custom mobile solution. Creatively this is better, and it's a better UI experience for the user.

    If the budget is or if there is no budget dedicated to mobile, responsive design is a really good solution.

  • QwikMobi - 12 years ago

    Responsive website is a short term solution. If you really want to give the client a pleasurable experience, the UI has to be custom/spot on.

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