Should all Canadian cities have public sex offender registries?

Posted 7 years.


  • Janet - 5 years ago

    I can't believe 87 people have voted no! Must be pedophiles!

  • John Schwarz - 6 years ago

    Canada's laws and penalties for sexual predators are ridiculous! I for one believe that all sexual predators gave up there right to privacy as soon as they willfully committed these acts, the lives of there victims will never be the same and they have to deal with this for the rest of there lives, it effects there relationships and how they feel about themselves, most often leads to depression and drug or alcohol abuse, while these scum get ridiculously short jail terms. So yes I believe that without a doubt every town and city in Canada should a public data base listing any and all convicted sexual predators!

  • Brian Rushfeldt - 7 years ago

    The inability of the public to have ANY info about child sex offenders feeds into the power of pedophiles. They operate in secrecy - expose who they are and it changes their game If the repeat offenders were kept incarcerated that would protect children even better.

    We don't even know if the sex offender registry is up to date or accurate because of ITS secrecy. Canada is in the dark on this one . Lets change that.

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