Are you happy Giuliana and Bill are finally having a baby?

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  • Susan Nkala - 7 years ago

    Hey Bill and Gulliana wow wow guys im so happy for u .U ve been thru a lot guys im happy that GOD has finally blessed you guys may your family grow bigger u are so loving parents ,i m loving ur show im happy n happy for u

  • Saskia Leysner - 7 years ago

    Hai Giuliana and Bill... We wish you guys the most beautiful and best moment with your son... The best wishes and many hugs from Rotterdam- The Netherlands...

  • Bolajoko - 7 years ago

    Am so sure u guyz wuld make awesome so apy for u tw0..all d way from Nigeria,hope to c u one day..God bless baby Duke Rannic and his parents!!luv u!!muah!!

  • Tami Shell - 8 years ago

    Dear Guiliana and Bill,
    As a woman that was never able to have children, I wanted to say how happy I am for you both to be having your first child. I know that there will be some with negative comments, as we faced some of these negatives as we explored alternative ways to become parents. You two are truly blessed to be able to bring your dreams of parenthood to reality.

  • Garrison Rochelle - 8 years ago

    Giuliana and Bill!!!!! I think that you baby news is amazing!!!!! After what you both have been through and being very open about it, you both have my vote as pre parents of the year!!!!! Giuliana!!! Vivo a Roma e anche io sono un personaggio televisivo e capisco cosa vuoldire non avere privacy ma so Che per te e Bill era molto importante educare sopratutto le Donne Get those boobie checked!!!!! I just saw the new years eve show when you found out that you were pregers and I cried with you!!! Bill you touched my heart!!! Soooo way far away in Roma ITalia you have this American boy rooting for you!!! Is there any chance we will have twins???? Okokok fai cazzo tuoi right!!! I work on a very famous TV show called AMICI di Maria di Filippi!!! Ask your mom who I am !! I'm sure she knows me!!! I a big sucker for crying!!! And today I cried forGiuliana e Bill Ransic!!! Buonafortuna belli!!!! Love to hear from you even if it's "God your spelling is bad!!! Ciao e a presto!!!!!

  • Sharon - 8 years ago

    Love you guys all the way from The Bahamas. Hope one day to see you in The Bahamas

  • Jennyfer - 8 years ago

    I find you to be such an REAL, awesome, supportive, loving couple. You are so lucky to have each other and soon you will have a little one who will be very lucky to have you both in their life. I always look forward to watching your show.

  • Diane - 8 years ago

    Congrates- you will make awesome parents.
    Thank you for sharing your highs and lows with us and you have shown
    me how to be vunrable in life

  • Shirley - 8 years ago

    I am overjoyed!!!!! Just watched the show and I cant stop crying! God bless them both and they are going to be AMAZING parents.

  • meredith - 8 years ago

    I actually cried when I heard the news. such an amazing couple. I admire their strength and courage. Such a true inspiration for us all. God bless. I am so very happy for them both

  • susan - 8 years ago

    been watching the episodes from kenya and am overjoyed for the news. Its amazing how God works in miracles and comes at the right time. U are blessed and wish u good health and God bless u as u wait to welcome ur bundle of joy.

  • Eden - 8 years ago

    I am Happy For Both of you. You are a true example for being a perfect couples. You been through so much but with the happy end. God is Always there and enjoy your baby at the end of this summer .I wish I can just give you a squzzy Hug.!!!!! My praeyr is for you always!!!!

  • yanick estime - 8 years ago

    Im verry happy for her I know what she been through cause I had 3 misscarages my self but now God finaly give me a baby girl

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