Real talk, are you team Deion or team Pilar?

  • Danny - 10 years ago

    I am so disappointed with both Deion and Pilar, but to strike out against him in front of the kids is inexcuseable. So was the media, getting involved and photographing the kids making out the police reports. The kids are not going to lie and protect anybody. My kids didn't protect my wife when she did her dirt. Pilar needs to get away from the situation and focus on cleaning up the situation with the children, as does Deion. Nobody wins from this, and the children are the biggest losers. I don't have sympathy for no one except the kids.

  • Hen flo - 10 years ago

    As always society over looks the part of her abusing Deion.. Had he best her ass this would be way different.. He would be called all types of cowards and every name in the book. But since she was the one to get violent it's no big deal. I hope he Chris brown her ass next time

  • Vanessa - 10 years ago

    My heart was saddened by the recent turn of events of this couple. I was saddened because just a few years ago I remembered seeing Deion on TBN on fire for the Lord. I was deeply inspired by the brother and his stand for Jesus Christ. It was real---he was transparent. What happened? How did it get to this point? I pray this situaton can be resolved in a peaceful manner---in a way that God will be glorified.

  • Anea - 10 years ago

    Pilar just needs to move out of that house so they can both move on with their lives because this is just ridiculous.

  • mr. lee - 10 years ago

    she needs a job she needs to focus on herself leave prime time ALONE!!!! focus on somthing else like porn or go on basketball wives!!! and really act like a dam fool!!!

  • Lynn Jackson - 10 years ago

    How do any of us know what the kids said in their statement. Pilar is a good mother who loves her kids. That is evident in the factor that she is seen at their schools more than Deion is. Divorce is a ugly thing and there is always three sides to the story. Don't crucify her out of a dysfunctional loyalty to him. Deion is just as guilty in this situation ! Shame on him for having someone take pic of him and boys filling out paperwork. What person who loves their children does that? Team Deion, you really don't know your boy like you think you do and truth will prevail in end!

  • oneal - 10 years ago

    i dont care if he is hall of fame for five different sports, children will not lie on their mom for just saying...her ish is catching up wiyh her

  • Kasandra - 10 years ago

    How can she still claim to be an innocent victim when HER OWN CHILDREN witnessed the incident and signed Police report leading to her arrest?!!! She gets NO sympathy from me!!

  • Milton Byrd - 10 years ago

    I think she is very dumb & stupid. She fabricates everything! Also think that she needs help (medically)! A gold digger! A woman that can't keep a man, & does whatever to keep his money & fame for herself cause she knows she f*cked up royally.

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