Should the city of Hailey approve the proposed annexation and development of Quigley Canyon?


  • Barbara Dargatz - 12 years ago

    My husband and I who live in a subdivision adjoining Quigley ask that the City Council reject this proposal to annex Quigley to Hailey. Reasons: traffic congestion, added costs to Hailey to pay cost overruns on sewer and water, impact on schools, police, crime, competitive property values against existing Hailey properties, the fact there is adequate vacant houses and vacant lots to satisfy orderly Hailey growth, plus the boondoggles which now exist and for which Hailey is paying the costs and resolving the issues. these are iffy enough times without Hailey incurring what is unseen debt and financial destruction of the city. 440 houses is a lot of houses; if we had wished to live in a metropolis we would have stayed in Chicago almost 60 years ago. Boise where we moved to was ok for nearly 20 years but deterioated from a nice town to congested traffic and population density. We respectfully ask that the city officials deny this project. What happens to the wildlife there ... another issue not addressed adequately.

  • JRoth - 12 years ago

    I agree 100% with the comment above (withington), including the ridiculousness of the $1.54 million spent on the auditorium upgrade. I voted for the levy: I will NEVER do so again due to the continued proof that the leaders asking for such levies cannot be trusted. They say one thing to get the levy approved and then, after they get the money they go wild, spending it not on what they promised but on outrageous, unnecessary pet projects that we would never have approved, given the chance.

    As to Quigley and the north/south division: this project is a disaster for Hailey citizens to the enrichment of the developer and north valley citizens are apparently clueless or enjoy seeing harm come to Hailey. No way should this be approved as currently proposed. IF it is, look out - the city (citizens) will see the problems mount steadily, year after year for the forseeable future from their poor decision and the costs will be passed on the the citizens, as they inevitably must.

  • Withington - 12 years ago

    Just a brief five-minute glance at Friday's online MTE reveals a possible source of division between north and south. The cartoon of a 'nimby' with his dog peeing on the Quigley sign is as divisive as it gets. Mickey Garcia still attaches that tired 'nimby' label to citizens of Hailey opposed to this annexation, without any clue of the disaster to the financial viability and quality of life this proposal represents to citizens of Hailey. Can we all get along? Obviously not when north valley interests are willing to throw citizens of Hailey under the bus to try and perpetuate a failed malignant growth paradigm.

    I support the arts, but $1.54 million for an auditorium upgrade? Bond initiatives and levies will fail from now on because of the excess and waste observed by working folks who have struggled to earn a place and remain in this valley.

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