Virginia Beach City Council voted to put the Light Rail referendum on the ballot this November. Are you in favor of bringing Light Rail to Virginia Beach?

  • rick davis - 9 years ago

    it needs to go from naval base norfolk past odu downtown to the ocean front . if you thought about reducing traffic and gas consumption the price of gas might even go down but with the light rail going to harbor park train trips out of town on amtrak can be fun and it would advance tourism and more tax money ya know if we raised enough money from it and the new businesses popping up along the way who knows maybe we could even lower our overall tax rate in the future for our future generations think growth and forward to the future it will be here sooner than you think

  • Bob S - 9 years ago

    There are many cities that have light rail today. I'd like the light rail naysayers to point to one city where light rail failed. Why is Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads so special that it would work everywhere else but here?

  • WILL - 9 years ago

    Small minded people will vote no for the Light rail in Virginia beach , not knowing the economic impact mass transit will bring the the Hampton roads area. I m from Chicago , so I cant exspect small town people with no vision to imagine the big picture and the opportunity for fortune 500 companies to migrate to an area where there are close to 2 million people in 7 cities and no mass transit.. SMH..

  • john fitzgerald - 9 years ago

    traffic has been backing up going to the base for what ? 40 or 50 years now ?
    I might not be to bright but there's your riders to pay for it . We sugested years ago that the route should be from Janaf/Airport/Norview/Southern/Wards Corner/Camp Allen/Naval base. Chesapeake could have tied in going down Military to Greenbriar and the Beach could have run down the blvd to Pembroke an maybe Lynhavenn to Oceana .
    So... we have what ? we still have the 10 mile backups goikng to the base every day and Norfolk has a big bill to pay for the showboat to ride thru down town.
    If the current tide is extended to the base via ODU it would take so long to get there you would be better off driving.........

  • Joe - 9 years ago

    The news agencies, Radio and Television need to present ALL the facts both PRO and Con.

    I'm for the Light Rail coming to Va Beach. It should go all the way to the beach with good shuttle bus connections to all the neighborhoods as well as Oceana and the Shore Drive area.

    The city MUST monitor and minimize costs.

  • Scott - 9 years ago

    It needs to go from the oceanfront to the Naval base in Norfolk.

  • Betsey - 9 years ago

    To Bob...the same people will ride The Tide in the winter as in the summer...those who work! It is essential that something be done to eliminate some of this traffic on the roadways.

  • bob - 9 years ago

    Who is going ride it inthe winter when the beach is basicly a ghost town.seems like a big exspense we can't afford when we have to raise taxes just to keep our schools functioning.

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