Should unions be forced to disclose their spending to the public?

  • John B. - 8 years ago

    I believe that this is simple and blatant attempt to make unions more vulnerable to the damages that can be caused by rumour and to attacks by their adversaries.

    As a union member, I already have access to all the information I need concerning the activities of the officials I have elected to represent me and the means to obtain answers for any questions I might have about any matter of union business that should concern me.

    I am aware of the meetings my Business Manager attends. I know who he is talking to and I know what they are saying. I don't care about the details of his salary and transportation expenses but none of this information is kept from me. I don't think that Mr. Harper understands that most unions are democratic organizations. I don't need the counterfeit protection from my elected representatives that he is offering and I don't feel I will be helped by legislation that provides details of my union's business to the Temporary Foreign Worker Specialist firms, "progressive" labour contractors and union imitators who are attempting to destroy us.

    I am more concerned that I have no knowledge of the persons and organizations with whom the Prime Minister is conferring.

  • William Burr - 8 years ago

    The Conservative Government is running amok and destroying democracy in Canada!! Is there no way to rid the country of these fascists before 2014??

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