Do you like Purdue's new logo?


  • Mark Roy - 12 years ago

    The asymmetry of the old logo is much more appealing, and it gives the impression that it is roaring forward. That movement is lost in the new logo. The darker gold in the old logo has richness, while the new obe looks like a bad blonde dye job.

  • Paula - 12 years ago

    I'm probably older than most of those that have commented. However, I do not like the new logo either. It doesn't even look like a train and the smoke does look a little weird

  • chris - 12 years ago

    @John - y0u're wrong to put hundreds of thousands of people into one giant bucket. I'm a fan of Purdue sports and, GASP, change. However, the new logo is too whimsical a representation of a university, and the smoke looks vaguely phallic.

    You're also wrong to put Nike on such a tall, untouchable pedestal. If 84% of a fan base doesn't like something, it's obviously not a great move.

    For the record, I'm a progressive city-dweller who works and lives in one of the largest cities in the world. Purdue grads aren't as out-of-touch as you so ignorantly think.

  • John - 12 years ago

    Typical Purdue Fans; old, backward, behind the times, hesitant to change. Why am I not surprised this logo is not received well by Purdue fans? Let me guess, you guys are all traditional in your approach to everything and you don't embrace new ideas or changes.

    Don't you think if Nike came up with this idea, it's actually a GOOD idea? After all, Nike is pretty much on top of the collegiate apparel world. Ever heard of Pro Combat uni's? Ever heard of the throwback uni's these days? Nike has the most up to date fits, their jerseys/apparel are the sharpest. The old fat bald guy with his belly sticking out of his shirt sippin' on a pabst blue ribbon sitting on his 1990 la-z-boy should NOT be able to voice their opinion on this topic.

    I suppose most of you wouldn't realize if Purdue's athletic teams were outfitted in Russell or New Balance for that matter (like Georgia Tech and Central Michigan). Purdue is lucky that Nike is one of their sponsors.

    Nike is on top of collegiate sports and they know what they're doing. Leave it up to them, and not the hill billies that still think overalls are "in".

  • Dave Wilson - 12 years ago

    F-ing Nike. First they changed the color of our uniforms from Old Gold to Vegas Gold. Now they redesign our logo and further get rid of our official school color and replace it with that washed out pee yellow. WTF! Who's running the marketing at Purdue; Nike or the School?

  • Boiler UP! - 12 years ago

    "Slight revision" does not even begin to describe this monstrosity...

  • Aaron - 12 years ago

    Don't do it! I agree, Nike shouldn't be telling anyone how their logo should look and if they can't accomplish what others have been able to do then Purdue needs to look at getting someone else to do it. I will be highly disappointed in Purdue if they allow Nike to change it.

  • Boilermaker - 12 years ago

    Looks like a giant smoke-stack.

  • mike - 12 years ago


  • mike - 12 years ago


  • Logo fail - 12 years ago

    Not good. Definitely loses the identity. I agree that it no longer looks like a train. Big mistake. Nike should no better unless this is just a publicity stunt to get some attention. It's really that bad.

  • DontDoIt - 12 years ago

    This is horrible. You can't even tell its a train anymore. It needs to be on the angle so you can tell it is a train. This logo has been embroidered and printed on millions of items. If Nike can't handle it, find someone who can. Don't make this change.

  • RAD - 12 years ago

    It looks like the train is smiling. You want the train to be intimidating! Ready to plow anything in its way a good distance. Maybe Purdue should start with telling Nike what it wants, not what Nike wants Purdue to do. This is time to HAMMER DOWN!

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