Should Marine have been discharged for criticizing Obama?

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  • T - 7 years ago

    If we start charging soldiers for misconduct or putting them in jail for critizing the government, this will be a stepping stone for the rest of us who are not military. First amendment applies to all Americans and anyone on US soil. This very incident will make Americans fear critizing the government for sure. I will include myself. I have to think carefully about what I say for fear of being put in jail. The small number of the elite who plan for a NWO want us to fear the government and it is slowly... working. Thomas Jefferson stated .".If the government fears the people you have liberty, if the people fear the government you have tyranny."

  • Paul Blackburn - 8 years ago

    A person in the military that talks like that , and have feelings like that shouldn't be in the military. He should have left of his own free will. His sentiments should have been kept to himsel untill he was out.Statements like that is like having a Nazi flag posted in the barracks during W.W.two .It's just not exceptable. He is saying he wouldn't protect his commander and chief. If he wouldn't do that , he is like a double agent or spy for another nation,and can't be trusted by his fellow Marines. Yes, boot him out by all means ,and the sooner the better.

  • Bob - 8 years ago

    He was warned. When you join a group you agree to the rules. The military is under the president. He should be gone, when we can not control our military we are in big trouble. He should be booted out

  • Mark - 8 years ago

    Demoted, yes.............discharge less than honorable, i.e. dishonorable, no.

  • Doug - 8 years ago

    I am a 28 years Veteran serves as both an Enlisted and Officer. This Yahoo had been warned and disobeyed his superiors therefore, he got what he deserved.

  • Lenny - 8 years ago

    A reprimand was in order but throw away an entire career that' wrong. It's dopes like this that watch out for there buddies and we need them. He made a mistake but what they to him is wrong.

  • Cadre - 8 years ago

    If the members of our Armed Forces are expected to risk their lives to defend our "rights", they shoul be able to enjoy the protection of using those rights..JJG

  • Ron Johnson - 8 years ago

    Freedom of speech as guaranteed by law should supercede any policy regarding speech that the military puts in place. A constitutional challenge of his free speech rights would now appear to be appropriate and I'm surprised the ACLU has not made itself available for this purpose. This Marine has served honorably and it's a disgrace that he be tossed aside in such a crude manner over something so basic as free speech. Whether or not the occupant of the White House is there lawfully would seem a much more important matter that the media and courts have pushed under the rug.

  • Ed - 8 years ago

    When they take away our freedom of speach all others will soon be gone. This Preident does not deserve any respect, I don't care what the rules are. Where do we send some $$$ fot his defense.

  • Ed Lynch - 8 years ago

    When they take away our freedom of speach all others will soon be gone. This Preident does not deserve any respect, I don't care what the rules are. Where do we send some $$$ fot his defense.

  • Jeffy - 8 years ago

    Look at the near-illiterates defending the raping of a serviceman's rights because he doesn't like our crappy president.

    Besides, the guy didn't say that he wouldn't obey ANY orders by the president. He said that he would not obey ALL orders. That means that he may obey some but not all. That could mean that he knows that he doesn't have to obey orders that may be given that are ILLEGAL.

  • The Truth - 8 years ago

    I agree with the guy! Yes, he should be punished, but definitely not lost ten yrs worth of benefits. If he was black no one would be bitching........

  • Toni - 8 years ago

    He got what he deserve. President Obama is the Commander in Chief, which makes him the Marine boss. I don't know of any job in this country in which you can this kind of things about your boss and keep your job.

  • H - 8 years ago

    You fight for are country and do whatever the president says. He's an idiot in got what he deserved. Should have kept his comments to himself. Marines no better!!

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