Who is your MVP?

Posted 7 years.


  • bo$$ - 6 years ago


  • dharen - 6 years ago

    no doubt that LeBron James is the best player in the NBA now. he currently holding 3 MVP crown plus the last year MVP championship. If you will going to see his statistics, he is fantastic player.

  • Javier García - 6 years ago

    I´m not saying Tim Duncan is better than Lebron James and I´m not even saying he is more important to the Spurs than Lebron to the Heat, but I´m almost sure he is playing like the most valuable player of the Spurs all year long, above of Parker. I think Duncan has to be in the top five this year of the race. 18.5ppg, 10.9 rpg and 2.3 bpg in the second best team in the LEAGUE (10-3), most have to do it.

  • James - 6 years ago

    Agree with alot of the other comments. These rankings seems to be based more on Buzz and exceeding expectations rather than actual value to the team. Its not a most improved player ranking, its an MVP ranking. So all this buzz about Melo is out of control. Yeah hes playing well, and so are the Knicks, but its not like hes one of the better defenders in the league all of a sudden, or that valuable on D for his team. And his stats otherwise aren't nearly as good as the rest! Sure he deserves recognition, but 2nd place is ridiculous. There are other players who've been playing on both ends of the floor for years so they aren't as sexy to talk about.

    1. Lebron is a beast and his number 1 is understood.
    2. Durant is way underrated on this ladder. His team is one of the best, just like the Knicks. He plays harder D than melo if you watch the games, both on the stat sheet with more Rpg and off with the versatility. On top of this, hes improved in passing and running the offense. His numbers in your previous week category are proof enough. Hes had better stats than lebron. But hes been a stat filler for years now, and OKC is expected to be at the top so Durants behind Melo.
    3. Kobe. Same argument as KD above, but to a lesser extent considering the Lakers early troubles.

    There tends to be a trend in the NBA media to flock to the newest and hottest story or buzz without much of a measured and thoutful approach. Understandable when youre trying to draw atention and draw readers, but certain things shouldnt be so easily swayed. Like MVP and other rankings for one.

  • Big Tim - 6 years ago

    Kobe goes down after a 2-0 week and after he gets a triple double while he leads the league in scoring shooting over 50 percent. Maybe this article is more on expectatons then actual stats

  • Dre Suav - 6 years ago

    I beleieve they were right about how the media shows LeBron favoritism year-in and year-out, and it's not just this year it's been every season since he arrived. It's clear LBJ is the best player hands down, that's not even the arguement, the arguement should be obvious HE'S NOT MOST VALUABLE!! Not now and i don't think he was last year. The player who should've won it last year is the same one who should CLEARLY be number 1 so far in this year rankings......CP3...... Chris Paul is overdue for MVP, he has become a victom of being the most valuable player on less talented teams over his career, he's had much better years than the two years Nash won MVP and he doesn't get the credit he deserves for the leadership, clutch ability, & all-around skill he brings every night on the court. Where would the Clips be without him last year? Home watching the entire playoff campaign with a fired VDN, but if you take the other top candidates from their teams last year in Kobe, Kd, and LBJ their teams would still have a legit shot of being a playoff contender, and it has been like that for CP almost his WHOLE CAREER. If you looked at the many 4th quarter numbers he topped the league in, along with leading in Game Winners, and bringing the Clips their best winning percentage in franchise history nearly winning the pacific division he was the most valuable peice. Clippers were 1-0 vs MIA, 2-1 vs OKC, (2-0 when Paul played) and 1-2 vs LAL and he performed well in those games, one Game Winner vs OKC. This year he has the depth to finally win one but i just hope y'all media members don't find a way to rob him again to give it to Durant, or LBJ. CLIPPERS HAVE BEATEN EVERY CONTENDING TEAM THEY'VE PLAYED INCLUDING MIAMI AND YOU STILL HAVE LBJ RANKED AHEAD OF CHRIS PAUL? Wins against MIA, SA, LAL, & MEM should have the Clippers being mentioned as best team right now, their 2 losses came in close games against mediocre GS & CLE, but the Clippers have been on a roll lately in their 4 game win streak and for the majority of games they are blowing teams out. The MVP has been handed out the past years to the most valuable player on a team with a top 1 or 2 nba record these past seasons, so as of now LBJ should at least be in 3rd place behind CP & Melo. The MVP is not for LeBron to lose, this is a new season. If y'all wanna give it to him based on his numbers then Kobe deserved 05-06 & 06-07 MVP and CP should've won 07-08, & '08-09 MVP, some of the best single saeson performances in the last decade. So yeah i agree with the critcism on the LeBron favoritism until i start seeing other players get the credit for how VALUABLE they are to their teams, & i will hate to see a player as skilled that plays as hard as CP get robbed for another well-deserved evasive MVP award.

  • James - 6 years ago

    LaMarcus Aldridge should have his name on the list. He is the best PF in the west. Better than Griffin, Love, and Nowitzki. He makes the Blazers better.

  • kram - 6 years ago

    Tony parker? are you kidding me? hahahah LBJames Haters Sucks.., until now can't move on..., bwahahahaha(devil laugh) LBJAMES still the MVP in many ways.., LOL...!!

  • Lisa - 6 years ago

    Considering all that Lebron James has been through, he more than deserves all the praises he is receiving. Ms. Eileen needs to learn how the NBA works...If you work as hard or harder than King LbJ, then that player will get credit for it. #stophating.

  • SpkiedBlue - 7 years ago

    Dirk Nowitzki.

  • Alexander - 7 years ago

    Fuck lebron james.. Kobe all the way..

  • hardip - 7 years ago

    Lebron is the best player in the NBA and the world
    3rd time MVP

  • Fhepz - 7 years ago

    Unquestionably, LeBron James s d best player n d world.

  • Fhepz - 7 years ago

    Unquestionably, LeBron James s d best player n d world.

  • Fhepz - 7 years ago

    Unquestionably, LeBron James s d best player n d world.

  • Fhepz - 7 years ago

    Unquestionably, LeBron James s d best player n d world.

  • Rafael Timerman - 7 years ago

    I am from Miami, I am a huge fan of NBA, I love Wade, Lebron and Bosh.
    I have high hopes that Lebron will win the MVP.
    But, maybe not getting the MVP, I believe that Tony Parker deserves a better recognition that a 5th best player. Come on, who else can make a team without much hopes at the beginning of the season and carry to the end of regular season as the top team, making the Spurs able to go all the way to the finals with Home Court Advantage. (Parker carried the team during the whole year on his sholders and made the first place overall).
    Parker for MVP would not be wrong.

  • cherry may castro - 7 years ago

    , i vote kobe bryant.
    hes such a good player ,, i want his moves and skill
    s in playing basketv
    ball .
    go black mamba
    4 me ure da best
    da best among da rest
    i love u kobe bryant,,

  • jono - 7 years ago

    lebron will be mvp, no doubt
    and if he stays healthy, i cant see anyone beating him for mvp for many years to come...
    he could get a record for the most mvps without a championship hehe

  • Lebron James - 7 years ago

    Just vote for me, I deserve it, I promise.

  • Sway - 7 years ago

    I say Kevin Durant all day Lebron yea hes good but KD is not scared of thje pressure he will take the last second shot for the win Lebron will pass it off so all the talk about Lebron is the next MJ no hes not because Mike will take that last shot. And right now first round playoffs Lebron is gonna be highlight reel COME ON HES PLAYING THE KNICKS.... KD got some comp but he still showing up when they need him. Look Hands Down MVP KEVIN DURANT. WHOS WITH ME.

  • jla24 - 7 years ago

    Lebron James should get this mvp, but everybody should recognize that kobe desverved more mvp's on the past.

  • AucTaVo - 7 years ago

    Im a Kobe fan, but LeBron clearly dominated this season.......NoHate!

  • resty - 7 years ago

    w/o a doubt LBJ is the MVP! hoping that he will be the finals mvp too.

  • jef - 7 years ago

    both kd and kobe can surpass the ppg but i dont think they can surpass the defensive side of LBJ. LBJ is a complete player.

  • TJ - 7 years ago

    Lebron for MVP, His numbers on the offencesive side and defensive side prove it all, okay so Kobe and Durant average like 1 point more but what about rebounds steals assists, Kobe scores a lot bc he takes 25 shots a game, Durant also shoots a lower percentage that Lebron, when was the last time durant or kobe guarded 1-5?? what about scored 17 straight? Lebron without a doubt is the MVP and im not sure if anybody could honestly take that away from him,,,,, Dont be surprised when Lebron gets his ring this year,,

  • CoachAiree - 7 years ago

    LeBron James has been having the best overall season and has extremely amazing qualities as a scorer and defender.
    He's the MVP without a shadow of a doubt.

  • henry - 7 years ago

    LBJ is d most versatile and all-round player in d league......his inputs on both ends of the court are amazing....he makes good basketball decisions even at crunch times...n though he gets beat up every time things do not go "positive",he does not let it affect his good decision making...I think he should be the MVP...no disrespect to Durant who is definitely a worthy candidate

  • Leo - 7 years ago

    Just look at the votes LBJ haters!,LoL.,its a landslide for LBJ!.,ur probably the hundreds or lesser who vote for kobe and durant.,LOL.!.sorry losers! Go HEAT!

  • Yose - 7 years ago

    Everyone needs to understand that lebron should win the mvp. His the best overall player in the nba. Durant & kobe they all about scoring only.

  • Badong - 7 years ago

    Lebron James must be the MVP for this year..i dont want to campare him to michael jordan but the feeling when his playing the game is so much the same as like michael was playing during 90's..Lebron is Michael Wade is Pippen and Bosh is Rodman..Thats why everybody wants to beat these guys because of the skills they got and impact to the game..

  • lippip - 7 years ago

    LeBron will be the MVP this year.....haters....stop...nobody can LBJ....lolz

  • CECC - 7 years ago

    LeBron James is the best, right NOW... Who more??? I'm sorry, but he's Number one...

  • LBJ the best player of the world

  • Peter - 7 years ago

    I think that Rajon Rondo or KL should win th MVP i mean who has the most triple-dubbles and who has the most dubble-dubbles.....

  • jeboy24 - 7 years ago

    kobe must be d MVP,,,,lebron could make it to d Finals but cannot get d ring...KOBE can do that both the Finals and the Ring

  • epod - 7 years ago

    i think Kevin Durant is the most deserving MVP of 2012 NBA season, numbers show it and he's the scoring champion,Kobe every time wants the ball and he likes to win games,LeBron?? he always passes the ball when the game is on the line so D Wade takes over on crunch time haha

  • KDurant.KBryant - 7 years ago

    Oh? But he can't bring his team to the Final! His skill? NO WAY! Compare to Kobe bryant, his skill are to low! MVP must good in shooting! SHOOTING! if your not good in shooting ofcourse your Score will be so low and the team score will be low! That's why lebron can't be the MVP... Kevin Durant and Kobe bryant! Any of those must get the award!

  • zzbz - 7 years ago

    LeBron has been playing amazing this season. he obviously deserves to be MVP. Durant is good.. but LeBron is better

  • jayvee - 7 years ago

    Lebron James should be MVP for this year. Not only this year but also last year, He also was the most best nba player in the world like michael jordan

  • derek - 7 years ago

    lebron will take home mvp, defensive player, and win his first ring this year

  • LBJ 1 fan - 7 years ago

    lebron king james is the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD

  • Yoann - 7 years ago

    Almost unanimous. Would KD not exist, it would be unanimous but he's so darn amazingly good he at least makes you doubt for a second.

    But then you think of all of Lebron's qualities, and the process stops there.
    Even a Pentium 1 could generate the calculations he's no.1.
    And the ppl who hate him, just cooooooooooome ooooooooooooooonnn for f**k's sake !!

  • Sea Pea - 7 years ago

    The league owes Kobe at least 2 more. Just because you don't like him or because he has had some legal problems shouldn't have caused the blackballing he got.

  • Ksandros - 7 years ago

    Lebron James is nvp no doubt this year he has shown that can take the game out on his own without d wade in the line up on the other hand what has Durant really done other than get help from westbrook all the time. Durant he is an amazing player but he is still young and need more experince, he needs to show us how good he is without westbrook in the lineup because its not about how many points you score lebron sat down the last couple of games and even some games where they blew out the other teams and he didnt play in the fourth quarter so in my opinion LBJ gets his 3rd mvp this year.

  • Adri - 7 years ago

    LeBron is absolutely Nr 1 pick for MVP. Durant is good but not even close.

  • shayan - 7 years ago

    Who can stop King james
    he was MVP he is MVP and will be MVP

  • angel - 7 years ago

    lebron james should be the mvp

  • Nikos - 7 years ago

    I don't deny that lebron is this years mvp... And I understand he was the best player... My question is why kobe between 2005 and 2009, in this 5 nba seasons where he was the arguably the best player in the nba and had had monster years did get olny one mvp award? This is a little unfair... Don't you think???

  • Martin - 7 years ago

    Kevin Durant should be MVP this year

  • Ric - 7 years ago

    Hate him or love him, LBJ plays exceptional this year...hoping that media people will look for the stat sheets and impact for the game not for anything..

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