Should the Oilers trade the 1st overall pick for Jordan Staal?

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Poll posted 7 years ago.


  • Eric - 7 years ago

    Could the oilers trade the pick for Luke Schenn and Torontos #5? That would add 2 quality D to the roster.

  • jimbo - 7 years ago


    perhaps if we can throw in horcoff, i would change my vote

  • Jayson - 7 years ago

    This suggestion is ludicrous! Look at it this way, you can trade the first pick for Staal now and lose the top pick, or draft Yakupov and just sign someone like Staal. In the first scenario it basically seems like the Oilers gave the pick away, when they could just as likely sign a free agent like Staal. There is only one scenario here, and that is draft Yakupov and trade the asset, or one of the assets Yakupov essential bumped down our impressive forward depth charts.

  • Cheryl - 7 years ago

    Oilers need defence. Getting a centre for Yakapov doesn't make sense. Yakapov can be better used than signing just Staahl.

  • LP - 7 years ago

    I believe Nail Yakupov has more upside than J. Staal, but Staal on the Oilers would give them a lot more depth and strength down the
    middle; but I'd still pick Yakupov instead of trading for Staal.

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