If You Get A Baby Of The Wrong Race From The Fertility Clinic Do You Return It?

  • E.Long - 8 years ago

    I would keep that baby. Show it so much love and tenderness.

  • @SotaSlim651 - 8 years ago

    NOPE, there is not a return policy on these kids. Wasn't their a reson your doing this whole infetrual fertilizing non-sense.....YOU CANT MAKE A GOT DAMN BABY YOURSELF. So 1st. Mugs needs to stop feeling like they can mold their lives into what they want with their own 2 hands. Shit happens you got bad plumbing, your soliders dont work etc, and now something that was never going to happen do to ur body chemistry can now be made possible, and you got the nerve to say nope that kid aint from geno-code. Welp, if this isnt the best way to find out who is a racist and who is not, this would be the test.

  • DH - 8 years ago

    GOT DAMN!!!!!!!! Not only is this shit close, but the babies are fuckin' LOSIN'? Thought your barren ass was hurtin' to see an innocent life you could be a part of shaping. The FUCK?
    We doin it up Burger King style now????? Can someone, plase, tell me where all that "lookin out for the child's bes interest wandered the fuck off too/

  • Dennis McMurray - 8 years ago

    I voted keep the baby without listening to the episode. I reserve the right to change my vote later.

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