Who do you think should have been fired on "The Celebrity Apprentice" tonight?

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  • Dolores Hayward - 7 years ago

    Absolutely dispecable, Lisa and Clay are such bullies.......and what really funny, Aubrey's charity,,,,,,against bullying, that is soooooo hilarious, she is the biggest bully with her bully friends Lisa and Clay!!!!!!!! I can't believe Donald Trump did not fire Lisa because of her awful tongue and degrading someone in the manner that she degraded Dayana.......but Dayana good on you for staying the classy lady that you are........I am a fan AND YOU ARE SOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  • Dobbs - 8 years ago

    Lisa rocks, Dayana is a vapid retard, Aubrey who? Never heard of her and I hope Arsenio wins. Thank you and have a nice day

  • Intellectual - 8 years ago

    I cannot believe that while all the people who commented here saw THE TRUTH about all the abuse that Dayana got from Lisa who was so envious of her and even proclaimed her hate for this wonderful and professional Ms Universe, Mr Donald Trumph , did not fired such an EVIL, UNPROFESSIONAL ABUSER called Lisa. Many people told me that they are NOT going to watch the show anymore. The public deserves respect and Lisa was DESPICABLE. Besides, to our surprise , Clay got contagious.... and joined the EVIL, rejecting Dayana by pushing her in every intent that she tried to work in that project. THE INTELLIGENT AND A CLASS ACT WAS DAYANA.

  • workinghard - 8 years ago

    lisa should have been fired or both lisa and dayana to be fair. clay was not happy but he tries to work with dayana. i think towards the end, dayana just got fed up trying to please both lisa and clay who have been badmouthing her and outsting her from the project which she is in charge of. i know this is just a reality show however if it is an actual project, the project manager would have fired lisa from the group and got someone else to take over...too bad.

  • Jane - 8 years ago

    Dayana did the best she could. She would have done better if they would have tried to involve her. They shut her out from the first. Lisa L is a disgusting foul mouthed pig. And Clay Aiken wasnt much better. Dayana showed a tremendous amt of class dealing with their bullying. It was quite ugly. Very disappointed that the Donald kept Lisa "Low Life" Lampenelli. She needs to take some of that money she claims she makes so much of and buy some decent clothes and do something to her ugly self. Can't do anything abt ugliness on the inside tho. She is an irrational bully who was so jealous of Dayana all she could do was push her around. Kudos to Dayana. A class act all the way.

  • fran - 8 years ago

    I dont know who is worse lisa or clay, lisa claims to be doing so well pre apprentice i never heard of her. i find it hard to believe that donald trump would want such a non professional vulgar employee such as lisa. and clay is a total waste of space he is so stuck on himself he is not capable of fixing his hair. aubrey is a backstabbing know it all who i think would step on her own mother to kiss donalds butt.

  • Star - 8 years ago

    Clay and Lisa gang up on bullying Dayana.....

  • judy dutin - 8 years ago

    The worst Celeb Apprentice show ever! I hate Lisa Lampanelli and cant wait til she gets fired! Dayana was at their mercy and Trump should have fired Lisa for her behavior alone, so he lost my respect. Clay sounds just like Lisa now....so they are both pathetic know it alls.

  • Todd - 8 years ago

    With all due respect I cannot believe celebrity apprentice I am new this season watching and if this group is typical I cannot believe that the Donald didn't fire Dayana before. Lisa is overly emotional and rude but she had a very big point also why didn't either Lisa or clay say her response to the music was can't you add a little "pink,or yellow" to the music. Wow I understand she was translating words in her "brain" and music is comprised of colors but come on. And Aubrey my lord I don't find her insinuations and down right lies that she is the brains behind everything. She is intolerable and no wonder she was ousted from Diddy I see she has ideas but she would never work for me or anyone I even liked a little she runs ruffshod on everyone she would destroy even mr trump of she could get away with it. She's a terrible person and not even like able she's horrible. Arsenio has been in business before she was born now that's a man with a plethora of talent and she bats only her eyes like a second grader . Yech! I propose this do a task with only Aubrey and Lisa and see how the lovers come out on each other. Back stabbing anyone!! That I would pay to see honestly. But all in all the show is fun but not with Dayana and Aubrey they don't bring fun or entertainment only Fear and actually walking away from the tv or fast forwarding the DVR please don't bring a person like her back because I could not watch anymore as it is I am done with this season but I will try next season to see what celebrities are on it was fun most of the time)I'm gone outta here lol

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