Would You Like to See Virginia Wine Served at Charlottesville Fridays After Five?


  • Tricia Traugott - 11 years ago

    I wish they had left it open air as well. I miss the trees for shade and the kids dancing in front of the stage and actually being able to hear the music! Ah, those were the days...sounds like it was even more fun before we moved here.

  • Mark D Simpson - 11 years ago

    We went faithfully each Friday to the "original" FAFs when it was all "open-air." When they started charging an entry fee, we stopped going. I understand there's no longer an entry fee but they spoiled it for us by taking it "indoors" and giving special attention to the elite rather than the real fans. We need an alternate event that features rising local talent just like Dave Matthews was when we listened/watched him perform at an early FAF. We were there when DMB won the local Budweiser "Battle of the Bands" and got their first recording contract. The FAFs were once alternated between the opposite ends of the downton mall. We stood just feet away from DMB performing near the Omni hotel end of the mall. You could bring your own "refreshments" in those FAF days.

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