Who should play Christian Grey? (Poll Closed)

  • Alexander Skarsgard
    4,485 votes

  • Ian Somerhalder
    47,804 votes

  • Henry Cavill
    36,811 votes

  • Matt Bomer
    229,166 votes

  • Jessie Pavelka
    247,663 votes

  • Tom Welling
    371 votes

  • You didn't list my choice so I'm voting in protest...
    2,645 votes


Poll posted 7 years ago.

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  • gr - 7 years ago

    Matt Bomer should play CG he look like a CEO & is a good actor just watch White Collar. He plays a very charming & mysterius con man. He is the best fit for the part jus tlook at him

  • denise - 7 years ago

    Matt Bomer! Don't give a damn if he's gay. He is hot, amazing body, the eyes to a tee! And don't get me started on the hair and how handsome he looks in a suit!!!!! Perfect CG

  • jody flowers - 7 years ago

    Colin Egglesfield IS Christian!!!! No question!!!!

  • Juh Caffrey - 7 years ago


  • Sheree - 7 years ago

    Bull shit, this poll was rigged and you know it. Matt Boomer is GAY. How can he know how to depict the lusting for a woman? He is into MEN not WOMEN.
    IAN deserves the role. He has the acting abilities, he has the look and the majority should show that that's who the vast audience would like to see. This poll of yours was CLEARLY rigged!!
    Piss off!

  • Sandy - 7 years ago

    Your all delusional!

  • tracey a - 7 years ago

    i was just watching 1 of my fave shows supernatural and gotta say they have to cast jenson ackles in the film maybe ethan or elliott ?. but on the off chance our jessie does not get role of christian grey ( which i might add would be utterly devastating and heartbreaking ) i think jenson would fit best as cg as my second choice ( back up actor ) lol has anyone else got a second choice (jessie is the only 1 cg if they have any sense ) #teamjessiepavelka

  • Linda - 7 years ago


  • sara - 7 years ago

    Judgemental? Wanting the right person to play the part in the movie is an opinion. I don't care that he's gay, but I'm sure most women don't want a gay man portraying their fantasy man in the most talked about book. Even if he is the best actor. Go Jessie Pavelka!

  • TT - 7 years ago

    So what if he is gay Sara?! Stop being so judgmental! Being gay has nothing to do with his ability as an actor. If he is a good actor, which he is, then he will be convincing even though he's gay!

  • sara - 7 years ago

    Why would women want a gay man to play the part of Christian? Yes he's good looking but women need a manly man like Jessie Pavelka to make us swoon!

  • salx - 7 years ago

    surely these polls should be based on unique votes? seems like more of a poll of who's fans have more time on their hands.

  • Kath - 7 years ago

    Matt Bomer 100%

  • Dee - 7 years ago

    I'm just sayin... Christian Bale!! Maybe bcuz of all the Dark Knight stuff... But the man is gorgeous and would for sure make a dark and mysterious Christian Grey.... Think about it ladies!!!

  • jamie - 7 years ago

    and also matt bomer isnt only hot and handsome... he looks "elegant" or "classy" as well...

  • jamie - 7 years ago

    definitely matt bomer...that guy is so charming and gorgeous... he can surely pull off CG.. so excited for the movie...yey

  • alyx88marie - 7 years ago

    Wow! Jessie and Matt exploded right into this poll didn't they? Its definitely spammed to hell. Ian and Henry were neck and neck for a while and then Ian got the edge (reasonable amount of votes in a reasonable amount of time.) But seriously!!! If you get on this site and vote JUST ONE vote for Ian, Henry, Alexander, Tom, or the protest vote- you see there vote go up by one or two numbers... Regardless of who you vote for, Jessie and Matt jump up by AT LEAST 60 votes. Go get a life spammers. It's not going to change it. Gay or straight, known or unknown. The legit mass of the votes are on Ian and Henry. And Ian is Christian. And for those of you who say he cannot act- I'd love to know what makes you an expert on who is an exceptional actor/actress and who is crap.

  • MrsGrey - 7 years ago

    I can believe people are actually taking this poll serious. It should be just for a bit of harmless fun but your all like crazed fans arguing over who should play the part.

    I dont mind who plays CG and I bet none of the above will be casted lol

    Get a grip ladies lol

    I think Matt, Jessie and Ian are all cute lol

  • Carolyn Lensch - 7 years ago

    Thank you for adding Jessie Pavelka! He has the perfect look for the role

  • Courtney - 7 years ago

    Why are so many people talking about how Matt Bomer is gay? YES, HE'S GAY. whoop de fucking doo. I've seen plenty of gay actors play straight men. So you saying "oh he's gay he can't be Christian" is like you basically saying "I don't want him to be Christian, because he's gay." So can we throw sexuality out the window? Because it doesn't really matter.

  • Emma - 7 years ago

    DPowell its just a bit of fun for Matt and Jessie fans, don't look into it too much :)

  • christina - 7 years ago

    Jessie Pavelka fits the bill for Christian all the way!!! he could make anyone swoon and turn beat red! tats can be covered and he has acted before.TeamJessie!!!

  • DPowell - 7 years ago

    TO ALL FIFTY SHADES FANS: You Pavelka and Bomer people are STILL spamming this poll I see. Ridiculous. FYI no one else is paying any attention to it anymore so it means nothing. You people are being so ridiculous. It's not like this will determine who gets the part anyway. That's the only reason Bomer and Pavelka are winning! NO ONE ELSE CARES AND WE KNOW YOU ARE SPAMMING IT!!! Let's all just take as step back, breathe deeply and realize the whole reason for this is the BOOKS! Put the movie on the back burner and focus on the reason why we all got interested in the first place, way before we ever knew there was going to be a movie and we loved the books just because they're incredible and touching and a beautiful story. Stop the bitterness and the nastiness when someone else's guy is ahead. if Im was E.L. James I would be smh at all of you in pity and shame! Can we PLEASE try to agree that we will respect her decision no matter who it is?! PLEASE!? This is all becoming too much crazy mean behavior and not enough good natured fun! Come on,let's agree to support the books and E.L. James and support our guys if we choose but calmly and respectfully and shun the ones who want to be nasty and unkind.

  • Sarah bailey - 7 years ago

    I'm with Jessie all the way, he is everything as described in the book, right age etc!! Matt bomer is gorgeous, but is also an openly gay man with a partner and children, what makes anyone think, he would want this roll, let alone play a straight man with the sex drive of a rabbit, and he would need to be an outstanding actor to make the chemistry believable with the lucky lady who gets the apart of Ana!!

  • leanne - 7 years ago

    jessie pavelka all the way xx

  • Team Bomer - 7 years ago

    MATT BOMBER ALL THE WAY.....................HOT HOT HOT ;)))

  • Pam Williams - 7 years ago

    Jessie Pavelka IS Christian Grey #teamjessiepavelka WOOP WOOP...

  • Gemma - 7 years ago

    Jessie pavelka all the way. He is christian grey! Perfect for the role. #Teamjessiepavelka

  • emma - 7 years ago

    MATT BOMER is Christian Grey.... #Bomerette #Bomerteers #TeamBomer

    PS...When does this poll end??

  • Bellavaleta - 7 years ago

    Matt Boomer is ok, but I always imagined Chris Hemsworth as Christian Grey. He has a smile to die for, a smokin' body, unbelievably gorgeous eyes and basically he is sex on two legs!!!!! Yes he doesn't have dark hair but that is easy fixed! CHRIS HEMSWORTH AS CHRISTIAN GREY!!! ;)

  • Courtney - 7 years ago

    Jessie should play Taylor... he looks like he could be a body guard. Don't get me wrong, he's hot but he looks like he could really pull off Taylor. Besides she said Taylor was hot lol.. I say Alexander should play Jack... he has that look.. lol but I think Matt should play Christian, Jessie should play Taylor and Alexander should play Jack.

  • lisa - 7 years ago

    Armie Hammer all the way ...... check out his facebook page ( Armie Hammer as Christian Grey ) plus is voice is deep..

  • lisa - 7 years ago

    Armie Hammer all the way ...... check out his facebook page ( Armie Hammer as Christian Grey ) plus is voice is deep..

  • Emma - 7 years ago

    Matt bomer is too skinny muscle to play Christian grey anyways! Christian is supposed to be muscle and well built, Matt is TOO scrawny muscle......JESSIE ALL THE WAY, HE HAS THE EXACT COLOUR EYES! CHEEKY YOUNG SMILE, BODY, THOSE HIPS, MUSCLE, STRONG JAW, HE'S NOT JUST HOT HE'S THE PERFECT FIT X

  • leanne - 7 years ago

    come on jessie pavelka,.sexiest man ever,defo christian grey!!!!! and YES he acts,we need an unknown ,not a glittery ex vampire,or just soemone who is already welknown in another role,jessie p is perfectx

  • Amber - 7 years ago

    IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN IAN.....PLEASE IAN..................................................................

  • Claire - 7 years ago

    Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt...this is all :-)

  • yashnapeerthy - 7 years ago

    matt matt matt matt matt matt matt matt ♥
    he perfectly fits the image! he is perfect for the role! he's so HOT ♥
    he's so CG ♥ he is Christian ♥
    he's the one!
    jessie is my second choice.. but has he done anything in this field yet?
    matthew bomer alllllllll the wayyyyyyyyyyyy ♥
    GO MATT ♥

  • Menzie - 7 years ago

    No one, and I mean NO ONE IN THIS WHOLE WIDE WORLD, can play this role better than Ian Somerhalder. He is Christian Grey personified, with his smoldering greyish blue eyes, killer smirk and defined cheekbones and his sexy, domineering personality. So dear writer/director/producer, please listen to your audience's plea.

  • Katherine R - 7 years ago

    Anyone to them can take Christian Grey's role . just dont disappoint us when the movie is out.lol. but i really like Ryan Guzman to be Christian grey.lol

  • Melissa - 7 years ago

    Matt bomer MATT BOMER all the way he is who I pictured and he FITS the looks he have EVERYTHING e l James describes christian grey as With the Chisled chin, slender nose, thin lips, perfect hairline, tousled hair, perfect check bone and come ladies MATT BOMER body is better than CG lol Matt bomer is Christian Grey no matter if he is gay or what! And come on el james we wanna see Christian side of the STORY and we wanna see it nasty style just saying ;)

  • kayla - 7 years ago

    What about channing tatum he fits the role perfect and is the right age

  • Christine - 7 years ago

    My first choice is Henry Cavill. Second choice Matt Boomer. Butt I am all for Henry Cavill.

  • TT - 7 years ago

    Ok so what if Jessie is an a actor? That's not even
    his main occupation is it? Even as an 'actor' he's not as accredited as the other ACTORS listed in the poll!

  • LINDA - 7 years ago

    Is this pole hacked or what! when ever me or my friends go in to vote for anyone but Jessie's his numbers go up by five every single time! check it out ! FYI I VOTED FOR MATT!

  • Mandy - 7 years ago


    He is a fantastic actor you only have to watch white collar to see hes perfect for the roll of CG, who cares if hes Gay he is still bloody hot to watch and after all its only a fantasy not like we would get him anyway lol Vote for Matt

  • Emma - 7 years ago

    Ha ha seems a few Matt bomer fans are annoyed that Jessie is winning. I'm not against gay men but come on ladies, its not gonna be believable if Matt plays our o so sexy and females answer to all that is holy Christian grey. JUst imagine the interview in the beginning where ana asks Christian in the interview n if he's gay and how that point in the book plays a small but also big part of the first book? How unbelievable is it gna be lol he's a good actor and he was hot in magic mike but with a story like fifty I think for ALL our fantasies we NEED to believe that its true. Jessie all the way tho come on! :)

  • Chelsea - 7 years ago

    He's the only one with the looks that match the character exactly, he's a much better actor, and plus it doesn't hurt that he's insanely hot. :)

  • tracey anstey - 7 years ago

    Um just to point out to some ppl jessie pavelka is a actor as well so fits the role brillantly

  • leanne - 7 years ago

    oh for heavens sake,...DO ..YOUR ...RESEARCH... jessie has DONE some ACTING,,,,, HE WAS IN 12 men of xmas film,hes in 'the charon incident' which is coming out, PLEASEEEE get your facts right before commenting,yes his main job is fitness/and fitness modeling but he has also done acting,thankyou xx may the voting commence x

  • tasha - 7 years ago

    Jessie isnt a actor but hes used to being around cameras as hes on tv quite a bit i personally think he fits the role to a t but thats my personal opinion

  • Rachel - 7 years ago

    Jessie isn't an actor but fits the role perfectly and just looks the part. Who knows maybe he has some hidden talent!! Other than looking amazing and having a rocking body!! Not to mention he is extremely nice to look at.....

    Enthralled with Jessie!!

  • TT - 7 years ago

    Why are peoPle voting for Jessie ? He's not an actor! He's a bodybuilder/ trainer if people are just picking someone they think are good looking then there's heaps out there but does that mean we are voting for People who aren't even actors ? Might as well pick an olympian/doctor/vet to act in the role!!!

  • CJ4MB - 7 years ago

    I've read the books 3x each- - -before I even knew who Matt Bomer was- - -saw Matt Bomer for the first time and knew he was the one I had pictured- - -it will be a HUGE disappointment if he is not casted in the role of Christian Grey (assuming he wants it of course!).

  • D. Powell - 7 years ago

    And shut up about looks dammit! Whoever is chosen will get a new hairdo and all that anyway! It should be about intensity and who embodies the Christian Grey spirit the best. Come on guys it's Ian. Please E.L. James just do us justice please. And Cavill is sooo overused right now. Let him go be Superman or whatever and give us a fresher sexier face for Christian Grey....IAN

  • D.Powell - 7 years ago

    This is the most corrupted poll ever!! Ian was winning by a landslide and the rest of you went and started spamming it like crazy. You're so desperate for your guy to win 1? Please, we know good and damn well not this many people want and are voting for Jessie. I demand a re-count! I see dangling chads!

  • Fiona - 7 years ago

    Matt bomer is the best looks wise!! But the role needs a amazing actor who is willing to be naked on tv and I thing the film should be cast as a 18 as if my 15 year old sister was reading the 50 shades books, I would kill her!!! Don't down grade the film to a 15!! All us girls want it to be pure filth just like the books!!

  • Ali - 7 years ago

    Matt Bomer has the looks but don't know if he is hot enough!! Jessie or Ian are NOT Mr Grey. I like Colin Egglesfield but to be honest an unknown might be better - CG has got to be hot, fit and have that dark edge but also be vulnerable!

  • SexyGirl - 7 years ago

    It looks like I may be the only one to say this but I think Matt & Jessie would both look good playing CG! SO as long as its one of them .................I am going to be a very very happy girl :D xxxx

  • Lynne - 7 years ago

    Jessie Pavelka is the only man for the role of CG, he's perfect in every. Grace14 if you want to see Jessie go to facebook.com/ChristianGreyFansForJessie and I'm sure you will agree with me and the rest of the Jessie fans

  • Claire - 7 years ago

    Jessie and Ian are ugly ducklings if they are cast ill be raging!! Henry is ok but matt bomer is the only man for the job perfect in every way!! Come on get voting for matt he is Christian grey!!

  • Claire - 7 years ago

    Jessie and Ian are ugly ducklings if they are cast ill be raging!! Henry is ok but matt bomer is the only man for the job perfect in every way!! Come on get voting for matt he is Christian grey!!

  • Mandy - 7 years ago

    MATT BOMBER ALL THE WAY.........the only reason Jessie is wey ahead is because sad people are sat there voting over and over and over again.....dont get me wrong Jessie is a very good looking guy but he is not CG.........Matt is 100% perfect, looks, manners, you only have to watch him in his films to see he is the man for the job. :D

  • Sharon - 7 years ago

    We need to see a Jessie pic up here please......... 20k votes in 24 hours can't be wrong so will ya? Pleeeeeaassee xxxx

  • tasha - 7 years ago

    Can we have a picture of jessie up so everyone can see how he was made for the part

  • Lisa Holzemer - 7 years ago

    Matt Bomer. That's it, that'll be that and that's the end of THAT! Just watch the trailer. Dear Lord, that should be enough to sway votes!

  • Janelle - 7 years ago

    I think Ryan Gosling would make the perfect Christian Grey.

  • Grace14 - 7 years ago

    First off, who is Jessie Pavelka and secondly, I don't like Ian's eyebrows! He looks more like a molestor than a Dom!

  • Ali - 7 years ago

    I'll say it a million times if I have to, MATT BOMER! Not a single flaw on that gorgeous man's face. And I'm to think its pretty funny that so many people think he isn't right for the part because he's gay. I think Hollywood should know about this because I think a lot of actors who you all THINK are straight and god's gift to women are never going to come out of the closet. Matt is the only man who doesn't give a damn what people think! Now that is what I call a MAN!!! Millions of fans love him more than those who don't!

  • claire mc grath - 7 years ago

    Matt bomer is the only christian grey seriously!! those grey eyes, he looks so hot in a suit and serious!! he is christian grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • claire mc grath - 7 years ago

    Matt bomer is the only christian grey seriously!! those grey eyes, he looks so hot in a suit and serious!! he is christuan grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lou - 7 years ago

    Jessie defo gets my vote - I didnt really imagine anyone playing the role until someone pointed him out to me, now I cant picture anyone else playing the part - give him the chance he HAS TO BE MR GREY!! xx

  • ellen - 7 years ago

    Matt Bomer,
    is the ONLY Christian Grey, All others are pale by comparison...

  • Tamie - 7 years ago

    Only one man fit to play Christian, and that is of course, JESSIE PAVELKA!!!!

  • Donna - 7 years ago

    Jessie for Christian Grey!

  • Aimee - 7 years ago

    I said Ian Somerhalder when i started to read the books about 3 weeks ago! Hes Christian ALLLLLL over!! I really hope hell play him!

  • Nadia - 7 years ago

    What about Chris Hemsworth?

  • Lynne - 7 years ago

    Jessie Pavelka is perfect in every way to play Christian Grey

  • Jessica - 7 years ago

    The character was literally written with Robert Pattinson in mind and to me no one else will ever come close...

  • Denise - 7 years ago

    It has to be Jessie Pavelka!!! He fits Christian's description so perfectly!

  • tasha james - 7 years ago

    #TeamJessiePavelka only just added and nearly 9000 votes

  • emma - 7 years ago

    Jessie Pavelka all the way he is the perfect mr grey he has everything that i imagine hes a man who you would never ever turn down

  • Tiffany - 7 years ago

    I see jessie's 9 other fans are here!! Hello ladies! Wow jessie has nearly 9000 votes and was just added...woopwoop #teamjessiepavelka! And as far as acting goes...everyone has to start somewhere!! Ian is a teeny weeny lil man eewwww....nothing against the other guys, but jessie is def my version of 50!!!!!

  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    Jessie pavelka is the perfect mr grey no one else comes close.

  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    Jessie pavelka is the perfect mr grey no one else comes close.

  • CJ - 7 years ago

    Can someone show me proof that EL James used Jessie as her muse? Honest Q.

  • tasha james - 7 years ago

    Personally i am team jessie i must admit i did think ryan gosling but one look at jessie at he fits perfectly he is christian grey i mean look at him!!! Whats not to love! I definetly think he should be given the chance not all the other actors who have loads of big films under their belts already!!! Go jessie!!!!!

  • tracey anstey - 7 years ago

    Um jessie has alot of fans for one. he is a unknown actor so it would be better than a big name also he was e l james muse for the character cg was based on jessie so it should be jessie that gets offered it first and as for matt bomer he cant play cg he is gay so would ruin every ladies fantasy moments xx

  • stacey walker - 7 years ago

    I agree Somerhalder is creepy looking .. People saying "Jessie Pavelka's not an actor" therefore he doesnt deserve a spot on the list is ridiculous just because someone calls themselves an actor doesnt mean there any good (Ian Somerhalder cough, cough).. Jessie Pavelka all the way. The guy is Christian Grey! I dont see anyone else when i think of christian.. Jessie Pavelka is perfectly fifty!

  • emma - 7 years ago

    Jessie pavelka first choice or henry cavill

  • Kat - 7 years ago

    JESSIE PAVELKA is the ONLY man worthy of the role. He has the full package. VOTE JESSIE

  • jessie pavelka fan - 7 years ago

    jessie is THE christian grey.. no ones else compares......

  • Tracy D - 7 years ago

    Jessie Pavelka....he is Christian Grey....

  • sam - 7 years ago

    it just has to be jessie pavelka for me he is everything

  • Tori - 7 years ago

    Look we all know E. L. James was watching white collar when she came up with Christians Character. Therefore the only pliable option would be for Matt Bomer to play Mr Christian T Grey! That is all Laters Baby x

  • alexa - 7 years ago

    Matt bomer is the only one to play mr grey!

  • Jessie palvelka fan - 7 years ago

    Jessie palvelka!!he has the smokey grey eyes!!!mmm and the body...well,if he was Christian grey I wouldn't say no!!'

  • TT - 7 years ago

    Jessie is not an actor. Why is he even considered????

  • Deborah - 7 years ago

    Jessie...just has to be...

  • Lauren - 7 years ago

    Matt Bomer was born to play this role. There is no one else who could do it justice.