What of the following PPE do you own, and use regularly? (or not, as the case may be)


  • ian 2 - 11 years ago

    First Aid Kit? Fire extinguishers?

  • ian (first one) - 11 years ago

    And an area that contains potential of exploding home brew glass bottles. ( I know why they explode) 1" MDF on 3 sides and 4th side is shed wall. Worth seeing the mess when ONLY one bottle explodes among 10 crates. (a big "distribution" of glass ! ! )

  • ian (first one) - 11 years ago

    A few after thoughts regarding PPE. and today's weather in Vic. in shed. Heating!
    Also matting/cushioning standing areas.

  • ian - 11 years ago

    I work in a timber mill so you get to know all to well the rules that apply so I use them at home in the shed as well.( PPE, guards and isolation )
    A good survey would be to ask how many people mow the lawn in thongs or have they ever seen anyone do the same.

  • ian - 11 years ago

    Prescription glasses with safty glasses over top... both of which fog up when using a variety disposable face masks.( I have not tried soaping them.)

    Safety glasses over prescription glasses is satisfactory if safety glasses are big enough .ie. it is a matter of size/fit.

    Leather apron is a great thing. Likewise leather gloves for specific jobs. .eg. mounted/fixed up-turned belt sander !

    I am fairly conscious of having short/rolled-up sleeves when using machinery. (a place for gauntlets? velcro or zipped?)

  • Chris Wong - 11 years ago

    Good to see nobody voted for the "nude" options...


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