Do you think Blacks should receive reparations for the War on Drugs?

  • ElCorbo - 9 years ago

    For me it depends on what those reparations consist of...and how it is delivered. I would not support anything that looks like a handout, or a payment, etc. If the money is used to improve education levels, then yes. If the money is used to fix the sense of entitlement, then yes. If there will be no over-site like the welfare fiasco, then absolutely not. If there is a chance that the money could be spent on drugs or weapo0ns, then absolutely not. It is not desirable to take away guns and drugs, and then subsidize the purchasing of more guns and drugs. We are close enough to a welfare nation as it is. Let's help each other become self sufficient, not further dependent.

  • IKate - 9 years ago

    People can choose not to do drugs. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Making cannabis legal is not a good idea because it is now known to affect brain function and DNA. In particular, it has been shown that cannabis use can precipitate bi-polar or schizophrenic episodes in young people with a genetic predisposition to those mental illnesses.

  • Ifraj Schkoor - 9 years ago

    Slavery did more damage to our race because it affected "ALL" Black people. We have a choice when it comes to takeing in the drugs, even though they're there in our communities MOST of us don't use them.

  • mlc harris - 9 years ago

    Make Cannabis a states right issuse. If the citizen vote to legaliez Cannabis, then the federal goverment, should "NOT" be allowed to come into these States and Raid them! Taxes from Cannbis/Hemp should be earmarked to pay for health and education.. if companys still wish to "Drug screen" I see no reason not to allow this, it up to the citizen to work for a company that screens. I also believe there should be an age limit, also a license from the state with Cannabis, Alcoholo, Tobacco, endorsments.( costing 15-20$ for the license, 20-25$ for cannabis,20-25$ for hashish, 20-25$ for hash oil, 10-15$ for beer, 10-15$ for wine, all alcoholo over 20 proof 20-25$ ,all tobacco products 10-15$) renewal every 4 years. First time DUI will be a fine plus double cost to renew your license.. three DUI in a five year time period could lead to jall time, fine and a five year lost of endorsments. all Cannabis clubs should have a 1$ fee to get in half of the fee goes into the health/ education fund the other half the club keeps, and 75% of all endorsment should go into health/education fund.... The time is now! to end this robbing, (one trillion$ 1980- to now) "just say yes grow your own" and vote pls.

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